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once again…. lovely!

Love the idea behind this and the design is fantastic! :)

Sweeeeeet :) Thumbs up


Thanks a lot guys, feedback is really appreciated.

great work mate, ;)

thanks guys

Good style, have a good sales!

great work, even the thumbnail looks great :)

apple rip off

Good work mate! :)

Not to piss you of, but did you used apple’s email template for inspiration?

Looks a bit like it.

this is only psd or html included ? if no html , i cant buy…but looks awesome…


The archive contains HTML ’s for all the variations, tested in all the major email clients.

COMPATIBLE EMAIL CLIENTS Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail

Is this really working in latest outlook ? Far as I know there’s no support for background images on body …


Yes tested in Windows mail on vista, and it looks great, don’t now if its the last version though.

Let us know if we could be of any more assistance.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

MurrayAC Purchased

I’ll definitely add this to my business arsenal. Thanks


Great, Thanks a lot for the support.

We are back from vacation and ready to rock.

Happy New Year.

I really Like This! Would like to see it as a Theme for WordPress.



Thanks a lot for the support.

We are back from vacation and ready to rock :)

Hope you had a really great time in yours and we will see you on TF.

Happy New Year!

p.s. there are a couple of awesome projects we are working on just around the corner. Stay tuned.

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It doesn’t seem to be working in Outlook. I can’t get the ribbons to display.

It’s working fine in Mail and Entourage.

Are there any fixes to solve this problem?