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Thanks for the great theme! Everything is working great except for the region/state drop down menu, specifically in the “estimate shipping & taxes” section. The drop down box does not display anything or allow me to open the list. This part works with the default theme, which is why I am coming to you for support. Let me know what I can do to get it fixed. Thank you

You can view the issue at www.MittenWear.com


I think this has been fixed. I will check the package again and upload a fix if need be.

I will keep you updated.


Was it a very recent fix? I just purchased this two days ago. Either way its not currently working on the version I downloaded, so let me know what you find out. Thanks for the quick response!


I just uploaded a fix for that. You will be able to download it later when the reviewer approves it.

I will put a note in the item’s description.

CLLYLMZ Purchased

Thanks for great theme.

But, I have a problem.

http://magaza.gardorap.com/index.php?route=account/register Go to the link, i have a problem there. What did you say to me?


My Opencart version

CLLYLMZ Purchased

So, ok. Did you send me Teez v. Theme ??

You said: “Send me a message from my profile page and I will send you v1.5.2.1.”

Waiting you message..! ;)

CLLYLMZ Purchased

Image link:

http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/9765/ekranresmi2012072920095.jpg <?php echo $currency; ?>

What is that

Teez/template/common/header.tpl 100-105

I find it and delete. But unfortunately don’t delete :/ What is that?

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OK. I don’t have any problem. I solved! ;)

Thanks for theme.

I am trying to integrate the theme with OpenStock, any chance you could assist with that?


What is openstock?

Hi, raviG.

Thanks for beautiful theme from my OpenCart.

But, I have a problem with you’re theme. Im install newest OpenCart to my hosting and upload Teez folder to catalog/view/theme and choosen Teez template in Administration.

This is the result: http://www.shop.deadproduction.com/

What is problem?

Thanks for help.


You did not set the modules properly.

Did you follow the installation steps provided in the documentation file?

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installed everything and it dont work, so can you help me with this???



Did you follow the steps in the documentation file?

I checked the site and the languages have not been updated. The modules also have not been set.

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the modules, which modules? because im sure I set them all, thanks for the reply btw,,

are these the modules we dont need?

1. Carousel Module 2. Category 3. Best sellers

I’m just going to borrow that image of yours as the banner, just for testing purposes.

Also where do I find the options.tpl file?


Latest and featured modules. There are no images for the products.

You can use those, but if you want it like the demo, you will have to disable them.

For options.tpl, I removed the file and added the code in product.tpl.

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Thanks for the reply,

carl2k2 Purchased

Do you do custom editing?

If you would like to take a look, :


So the issue I have is, when you select two different products, it adds the price of the page + the price of the t shirt, if you get what I mean,


I’m not sure if this is doable. I will have a look and get back to you.

Can you provide demo data?


Unfortunately I can’t provide that. There is a documentation file in the package in which there are steps to install the theme like the demo.

How do i change the background?


From the stylesheet.css file.

Does this work with paypal?


Yes it does.

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On the very top of the page, I have menus as follow: Wish List (0) * My Account * text_shopping_cart … what the f is text_shopping_cart?

When I make 2 modules for the front page, I get them one under another…I thought they were supposed to slide?

How to make menus like the theme preview has? Home Men Women etc…

Im using The instructions should be better in my honest opinion.


For the shopping cart text, you will need to update the language files.

The slideshow module? If you add two modules, they will display one after the one. If you want to add multiple images for 1 slideshow module, the images are uploaded at the banner section.

In opencart, to make your categories appear on top, you will have to check the “top” box at the “data” tab when adding/editing categories.

Hi raviG, I’m getting an language error Notice: Error: Could not load language product/category!

I made sure I uploaded all the languages files to the correct folder and I even downloaded the most recent version you provided and still does not work.


Not sure what else to do, please help me out.


You have probably overwritten the folder product completely. Upload the default “product” language folder again and update it with the file from the package.


You’re the man! Thanks

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Ravi, what if I want the front page to be structured like module slider, and under it full width 2 rows of 3 thumbnails displaying shirts, no welcome, no featured?

Here’s the sketch to see what I mean – http://i.imgur.com/hqDo3.jpg

Also, I cant get the product to show on the front page, under the module there’s a “Brands” box empty with left and right arrows, and I can’t get rid of it.

Kilroy4 Purchased

PS – is there a way to put some sort of custom text field right under the product, so the customers may select size, color and input text before they order?

Also, how do I remove “Add to Wish List – Add to Compare” options from the product page, since I don’t want them at all? Also the “Wish List (0)” at the top of the page isn’t necessary in my case.

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Hi! Fine work really but i have some questions…

In your PNG files show some icons like buy, favourite (heart) and “promo” product but how i can use it?


zinc1314 Purchased

Thanks, but that’s not asking.

I mean, if I want to put any item in the url attached, and the template does not come prepared? (blue items)


I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

zinc1314 Purchased

Can i use “promo”, “like (heart on features)” “buy” like your png with your theme? Or i need change the source code? png is nice, but if the theme is not ready for that…

sorry for my poor english xD

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Hi Ravi, Thanks for a great theme here. I am having a couple of minor issue that I would like a little help with.

  • I turned off all currencies other than USD as they are not needed, but a small white block still appears in the spot where the currency symbols were listed
  • On the home page, I don’t want a “column right” module, but rather want the “content bottom” position to extend all the way accross, left to right, what is the best place to make this change
  • The module “Featured” show the title “Featured”, but “Latest” does not show any title at all. I would like to have a heading on both sections and not appear as plain text like it does

    Thanks in advance.

  • raviG

    Please send me a message from my profile. I will help you from there.

    Hi mate, great theme, is there a way to make the slider smaller? I want to decrease the height.

    Thanks, Dan


    Thanks. You can set the height from the slideshow module in the admin.

    Do you know what image zoom work with this theme using vq? and i’m having some issues with the home page and the slider.

    Vision Climbing

    Thank you..

    I need some help with adding a Prev and Next product and Image zoom? I have VQ setup and it work on the default template but not on Teez. I change the default to teez in the xml section. The other problem is the main slider having resize issues. I have to load the page to show right.

    Vision Climbing

    Thank you,