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Thanks. A silly question. I’m new to this.

Q#2 – I am using OpenStock extension which uses vqmod. Is that supported in theme? the basic function of the extension works as advertised but small things, like an “active” check box does not seem to have an effect. This check box should inactivate products even though they are entered in the products section. The developers are confident that their code is clean. Thoughts?


I replied to your email.

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Hello Ravi,

Nice theme but have issues. On internet explorer the search result page, the search result bar has issues, it is shrunken… It’s thinner than the normal search bar (height that is).

Then also the shopping cart page, the quantity box is not the normal sizes on other explorers, please can you fix this or tell how to? This is very important.


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Also how do I get rid of this error? Tried all i could. Here is the image…


Please help out with this okay and I think I should be fine, thanks!

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I fixed the image issue… but pls reply to the search box not coming right on explorer and the quantity box on the shopping cart page. Thanks!


You mean IE? Which version of it?

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Internet explorer 9

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If this isn’t working I see no point for this theme, I really hate when a theme isn’t uniform in all browsers.


I will upload a fix for that asap.

Hello, I am interested to buy this one, but let me know, how to add arabic, french language, does this supports languages specially arabic.


Thanks for the interest in the theme.

You can search for your language packs here: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&path=2 Just download and install.

If you can’t find it, just copy the English language folder, rename it and translate the files.

can you add an option to allow the customer to indicate how many colors are in their image that they want printed on the shirt.


Yes you can add a text field in the option area for that.

q1: can the pricing for each item be set to adjust based upon the selection of options, i.e. a black shirt costs more than a white shirt, and a shirt with 3 colors of ink cost more than a one color ink shirt?

q2: is there a way to allow the customer to upload their own image. I am not looking for an interactive design, just want customer to be able to upload their image to basically an ftp that I can retrieve the image from. Also want the customer to be able to provide comments/instructions on what they want printed. Is all of this possible with this template?


1. Yes you can do that.

2. You can add an upload field as an option on the product page. The uploaded images can be viewed in the admin.

i see that the option for quantity pricing is set up on the tshirt theme. i.e the page said 10 or more 88, 20 or more 77 but when you put 20 in the cart the price is not consistent.

are you able to set quantity pricing up, if so can you fix the live view so i can see what this looks like.

Hi could you give me the code to fix this problem: http://postimage.org/image/y8pug22bx/

As you can see the checkbox is in the wrong place and could you make a space between the text (I have read the terms and conditions…...)

and the button “verder”

Oh ye and the footer on some pages is all wrong:

404 page: http://postimage.org/image/nsangh171/ My Account page: http://postimage.org/image/jjrxkfocr/


Sorry for the late reply. I will upload a fix for the issues you pointed out asap.

And i changed all the color and size words to my language in the /public_html/catalog/view/theme/teez/template/product/product.tpl folder (BTW you need to change the documentation because it is product.tpl and not options.tpl) but it only worked for the color and not the size value.

My website: http://tinyurl.com/d3rq3lx

It is a great theme but you still need to improve some stuff.

Hi Ravi,

I sent you a private message regarding few edits. Login details are also included.

Can you please get back to me asap.

How do I add products to homepage ?


You can use the latest products or featured products. See the documentation file for more info.

I found another bug when you add a product and don’t selected a category you get this error at the header of all pages:


Where are you getting this error? Frontend or backend?


On all front end pages, I fixed the problem but so that you know

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I have this theme installed and it has been running smoothly but ‘Options Boost’ is not working with it. I saw a comment you left from 8 months ago suggesting this problem had been fixed, and pointers for where I should look for problems or what to do?



Are you getting errors on the frontend? Can you please post a link to your site.

For third party plugins, I can’t really help since I’m not sure how they are coded but I can give you some pointers if you tell me exactly what is not working.

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Hey RavG, How can you display more than 30 items on the home page. Thanks, Glenn lilterra.com


You can set the number of items from the latest module.


I sent you the details for website and hosting while back. Were you able to check the issues out.

Would love to resolve them soon, and get the website going.

hello ravi, i have bought this template on another account, i could supply the details, could you please help me out as i cannot access that account no more thanks i am nearly up to date on this template just the newist update i have not got. thanks