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COOL WORK friend!! Good luck to you!!

Good luck with sales!

Congrt ! webPentagon. It is really nice template.

Could you tell me which framework do you use?

thanks :) we used T3 with our custom modification.


One of the best work from WebPentagon. Really like it. Good luck.

nice theme, gud luck :)

I am unable to view your template demo as it give the following error message:

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Could not connect to MySQL.

please check now.

Hi There,

Where are the PSD files for this template?

They were not included in the download.

Please let us know ASAP.

we didn’t mention here about psd file. it has psd item from another author.

Hi!! The template is compatible with the following extensions: k2 component?? roksprocket and phocadownload component?

yes. all things are supported. we have already used k2 and roksprocket.


amigo pues a comprarlo! agradezco la respuesta! =)

Hi. Does it work on Joomla 3.3?

we didn’t test yet. we are planning to give update. thanks

When will the update for Joomla 3.3 ready?

by this month. try to by next week.

Just bought it, great template, one question. Is it some how possible to add a different image for the pop-up image in the RECENT WORKS module? Now it pop-ups the same image as the one in the slider.

please put different portfolio article with different image. if you need any more help, please send us mail using our TF profile.


Hello. Template is great but: - Updating T3 and few other – breadcrumbs looking layout - Theme wizard is not working. Have to reinstall quick start 2 times because of this - There is no way to use custom.css?? I have to edit blue.css to be able to customise template. Its not the way, right?

Yes, but template wizard just freezing. Nothing helped: clear cache, switching browser…

What about link on logo to home page?

base url is set to logo.

I installed the quickstart package couple times with no luck. The portfolio component doesn’t work properly. I am not sure whether it’s conflicting with the latest Joomla version or what. I installed many times with different downloads, but no luck. I also am so frustrated not getting the right support from the team.

It’s sad.

we have send you mail with asking cpanel so that our support team can give setup. Actually there is no problem in our quick start. may there are missing something at your end.

Please send this information to our mail.


Hi there, my compliments for you hard and good work! I have one problem, I have in mainmenu, 6 menu item, 1 of 6 menu items has 3 sub menu items but…don’t show submenu item.

How Can I work to show these 3 sub menu item? Thank you

please send us mail with your site link using our TF profile to see the output .

Mega menu doesn’t work. Was trying to add an icon..

please mail us using our TF profile so that our support team can give answer by mail.

Never mind about icon menu. I made little hack. BUT logo doesn’t have link. I’ve checked the code and is there but doesn’t work… Weird… Help.

we will send you support mail by tomorrow.

Hello, what ecommerce platform using this template? virtuemart??

we used joomshopping