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I made child theme, because its more useful than, your options panel. But it’s don’t work. How can I disable dynamic css from theme ?


Please be more specific about what is not working. Submit a ticket on our help desk and make sure you offer enough details for us to understand what can be your problem. If it is easier, please provide your credentials there so we could take a look at what is not working.

We offer support exclusively on our help desk here: http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

Greetings! I have a pre-sale question:

On the main navigational bar, under Features….there is a link for Camera 7 Photography and Photoform Photography. Is this the Tempest theme? Or are they a different Wordpress theme that would need to be purchased. Or is this an all-in-one? Thanks so much!


No, those are other themes produced by us and for sale on ThemeForest, different themes from Tempest.


Presale Question: Does this theme allow Podcasting? Such as posts for audio? If so, can you show me where in the demo? Thank you.


You can have audio post formats and there you can include any embed from your podcast. Also, you can add videos and audio files from big media websites. Check this: http://demo.touchsize.com/tempest/2014/01/09/look-theres-a-rhythmic/


You’re themes are very beautiful Makes it hard to decide. Last question: For the Tempest Wordpress Theme is there a way to have the “Availability Calendar” like you have for the Camera 7 and Photoform themes?


The availability calendar is a plugin, so you can have it with any of our themes, no problem. The only problem you’ll get is with the colors, since the theme is does not support the plugin.



On my author pages, the tabs widget does not resize its image. You can see an example here: http://hevria.wpengine.com/author/matthue/

Please help!


It seems you might have the outdated theme version. Please update the theme from ThemeForest.

If you have any questions, please use our help desk here: http://support.touchsize.com to get fast and reliable support.

Thank you!

I need help please , i’m using wordpress 3.9.1 with your tempest theme and i got the notice to update the redshortcode to the latest . So i removed the old plugin files and replaced theme witht new ones i downloaded from your site but it didnt take any effects , i still get the same notice to update the plugin


This might be a bug from the updater. If you updated to the version from our help desk, just dismiss the notice.

We’ll have a check and see why you might get such notices and fix the issue.

Thank you!

Okey thanks a lot.

You’re welcome!

Hi there, why wouldn’t you add a sticky menu to such a great template?


If you have the latest version of the theme – go to header settings in theme options panel and there you’ll find the sticky menu option. Just set it to yes, and that should be it.

If you have any questions regarding the theme – we’ll be glad to help on our help desk. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you!

It seems that there’s a bug in the post panel ! when i edit a post and check all the possibilities in the screen options , everything seems to appear fine , but when i refresh the page or save the draft , or leave the post page and then get back , the ” Galllery images” section and the “Post embed” section doesn’t show up again ! although they are still checked ! so i need to deselect them and re select them in order to show up ! plus there is also another bug , when i preview a post and re edit it , it previews back the old editing ! so everytime i need to preview something i’m forced to save it as draft and then preview it ! which is really annoying ! I’m really looking forward for your help , thanks !


That is really strange, we never had such complaints till now. Please submit a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will have a look. Do not forget to include your credentials in the ticket and describe the issue that you are having. http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you.


I really like the template, but I have some pre-sales question that I apreciatte you could reply.

1 – Does it includes the “Disqus” comment system, like you have in the demo? What do I need to do in order to have it setup like that?

2 – In the demo on “Homepage 2” the letters go out of the menu field, do you plan to fix it? When?



We are really glad that you like our product.

The Disqus plugin is available to download in the directory any time you need it, no need for the theme.

As for the menus, that might have been a cache problem, the issue was fixed already in the previous update.

Have a nice day!

Hi, Someone asked the question but you didn’t really answer. Is it possible to caption each image in a gallery? Right now, if you click on the image to enlarge it, the caption doesn’t show. I know you can caption the whole gallery in the text editor but what about individual images?

Thanks Mark

Hello Mark,

Unfortunately there is currently no way of adding captions to images in the gallery. I wrote that to the devs, we’ll see what we can do about it in the next updates I hope.

Have a nice day!

In the envato toolkit i noticed this under available themes : Tempest has not been installed. View version 0.5 details or install automatically. This means that i should update my theme ? how can i know which version i’m currently using ?


You can check the version of your theme by accessing the theme menu panel, you’ll see the version on the right side. Check this: http://i.imgur.com/34hyBBi.png

If you have any more questions – please submit a ticket on our help desk here: http://support.touchsize.com

Thank you.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to drop a short THANK YOU to Upcode and its team for helping us build a great looking website using Tempest for our client, More to Life Magazine and todate has been exceptionally well received:


Out of the box, Tempest looked and worked great and we added a few plugins to help with layout and performance which were all compatible and worked without a hitch:

Visual Composer Revolution Slider Gravity Forms

The support from the super-friendly Upcode team was EXCEPTIONAL and nothing was too much trouble. 10/10

Code and Theme functions 10/10

Flexibility 10/10

Thank you Upcode for making us look pretty cool and I can assure Theme forest purchasers you can buy Tempest with 100% confidence.

Thank you for your feedback. Really means a lot!

Hi. Tempest is great, best WP theme I’ve used by a long shot. I just have the same issue as Mr_Cosmic from six months ago (see below). Can you please provide me with the custom CSS that would make the images clickable? Thank you.

“Mr_Cosmic 6 months ago Flag Hi this theme looks great and I’m very interested in buying it.

I just had one question: Is there an option to allow all posts (especially on the home page) to link directly to the when you click on the image rather then displaying the share options.

I know many people click only on the images rather then the heading when they are browsing websites. upcode upcode AUTHOR 6 months ago Flag Hello mate,

currently there is an option to disable the social icons, but no option to change that to a link. BUT I can provide a mini-customization for you if you want to. I’ll give you some lines of custom CSS which will make the images clickable if you need them.


Good to know everything is fine. I’ll write that to our features list, maybe the guys will implement it. Thanks for the feedback!

A pleasure, thank you

You’re welcome!


Thank you for this theme. I have to short questions: 1. How to remove the featured image to appear in post pages? 2. How can I make random images to appear at refresh or every hour in the home-screen image.

Thanks again, Gabriel

Hello Gabriel,

You can hide the featured images by using some custom CSS if you need it. Write down a ticket on our help desk and the guys from support will help! http://support.touchsize.com


Hi, I purchased the Tempest theme and I’m having some problems with the documentation and trying to layout home page. I can’t send a support ticket because I have no idea where to find my themeforest purchase key which is a required field to send email to get support. Please help, I’m very frustrated seeing how this is getting way more complicated to get answers than I expected….


You can check our knowledgebase with articles on how to get the Purchase Key – http://support.touchsize.com/knowledgebase/How-to-get-the-ThemeForest-Purchase-Key-3.html

Please describe your problems in a ticket and we’ll help you asap.

Thank you.


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there are 2 very annoying issues we are having for in a very URGENT process. I have created a ticket with the details.

Thanks in advance


The guys from support should get on your ticket asap. We’ll check the issues and come up with a fix for them if they exist.

Thank you.

does it support buddypress ?


Unfortunately Tempest theme does not support buddypress.


hi. pre sales question a) unlimited sidebars ? b) most important . I am hosting offshore so any google-cloud-stuff is no-go .. is there a possibility to get rid of all google-fonts and use a good range of system fonts with options to set pixel sizes and colors by color-picker and different line-heights for different font-sizes ? I saw on your testsite that the line height for the big headlines is the same as for the small text – looks horrible .. typo is the most important thing of a blog and security the same .- both are not given when using google-cloud-fonts .. so how does the typo-panel look inside ? thanks in advance


Yes, theme comes with unlimited sidebars so you can create as many as you need. Custom fonts come only from Google Fonts for now, and the line-heights are not adjustable from theme options. If you want to change them – you can write to our help guys and they will provide some custom CSS for you. You have a typography options tab which provides options to change your font (Google fonts) and the size of elements on the website.

Hope that helps. Cheers!


Pre-sale question:

To what extent would I be able to imitate the lay out of M&S: Style and Living website using your Tempest theme? Can I custom change the layout/fonts etc?


Thank you. -HS


You might get some similar layouts, yet that is a very custom project. As you can see from the demo, you have the same articles with different layouts, you also have the shop. The mega menu – you’ll need to adapt it.

The layout with Tempest is changeable via shortcodes plugin. As per fonts – you have a library with Google fonts for you to choose from.

Hope that helps, Cheers!

Thank you for your quick reply.

As per the M&S site I want to have:

1) A CONTENT section, with the slide over feature (showing an image) 2) Below that I would want the EDITORS LETTER 3) Below a GALLERY ARCHIVE of past articles 4) CONTRIBUTORS

Of 1-4. which would I be able to achieve with the theme itself and shortcodes? Which would I need to hire a web developer to customize?

I appreciate your answering my question again.

Best regards. HS

Hello again,

Not sure what your content section will have. Will it be text, images, or the content of a certain article maybe?

Editors letter – you could use the list view and showcase the articles from a certain category or tag – “Editor’s letter”.

Gallery archive – if those would be posts, you can use the thumbnail or grid view to show them nicely.

Contributors – yes, you can also see how they look on the bottom of the demo homepage.


Hello, how do I remove the social media icon overlay on the homepage posts? I want them to link directly to the post content. Also, what is the default image heigh and width for the featured image on a blog/content post?

site: http://champagnejesse.com

Thanks for your help.


touchsize Author Team

Hello! On our demo it’s 720×480! About the overlay, you can find how to hide it and many other things you might need by following this link: http://support.touchsize.com/knowledgebase/Tempest-hiding-elements-12.html . Also if you will have more question for future it will be much better if you would adress them to our support dashboard: http://support.touchsize.com!