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hi, how do I activate the language switching ?

thank you

Hi, Please contact me from my profile page. I will send you a file. because it : multi-language support has been removed. Best REfards

Hello, I really want to purchase your theme, but I have some questions I need to know before purchasing.

1. Does your theme also provides different fonts I can work with? 2. Are buttons colored in orange adjustable in different colors? 3. Can I also upload my Logo as an image?

Please provide the infos asap, otherwise I am running late. Thanks.

Turkish ? :)

Size yardim edecegim. Lutfen profil sayfamdan bana mesaj gonderin. Mail uzerinden halledelim. Saygilarimla mersin :)


I am really interested in buying the theme, I just need to know if I can have a product list page with the sidebar?


Hi thanks for good comments . available in the next update package. Best regards

Hi , Your theme is the best I have seen so far and I am really interested in buying it, Is there a link where I can see a demo of the mobile look from my mobile ? Thanks !!!

Thank you very much :) When you start to use the template update package will be ready.. Best Regards Thanks

Is it possible to purchase now and get an update next week when its ready ?

yes it is possible. I will added the files to a different folder update.

i want to buy your theme but i have 2 questions 1. It is compatible with version ??? 2. it is works for Slovak language


OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible OpenCart – tested: 100% compatible

I would recommend you do not use the version of Because There are serious security problems.

2-) Compatible for all languages

Best Regards

i installed theme and in home page, featured product section my all products gets showed in single product box…you can see this bug here

Also in product page same issue is occurring….this is product page

Please check!


Please using my profile page send me a message.

Best Regards

i have sent mail from your profile page…........please check!

If there is no price products, an error occurs. For you have not read documents, You do not see some of the important parts. ;)

Best Regards

hi there is no pagination code on the category pages so there are products not showing if there are more products per page.

can you fix please

Hi ,

Will be updated in a few days. Please send me e-mail , I will send the file

Best Regards

can you send me your email address, the email you sent me is from and I will email you the file. Guessing you only need category.tpl

should use the contact form on my profile. Send me a messeage please.

Best Regards

Help omrfrk! I have purchased your theme and have set up most of my website though I am only able to add one product to the featured products on the front page and in the shop. I have actually added heaps of products within wordpress and published them though still only one product appears on the website…... Please can you help me out asap?

Thanks, Emmalea

Hi Emmalea,

Please send me purchased code on my profile page.

Best Regards


Many thanks for getting back to me. I have sent you the purchase code through email on your profile page.

Kind regards, Emmalea


Ok Thanks Posted an answer

Best Regards

hi attibutes aren’t showing up in the product page. I have a product with several attributes which do not appear on the page at all. I have hecked everything in the admin panel to try turning this on but no luck. When switchig the theme back to default the attributes appear


Please send me a messega on my profiles pages. I can help you

Best Regards

Hello, I sent a support request on your main page a few days ago and I have not had a response. The current download package is missing the images directory and you have no install documentation when using vqmod. Please respond to my support ticket or I may look to ask for a refund.

Thank you,

Hi ,

I’m sorry for delay . I see a your message now . Please see your e-mail box.

Best Regards


Thank you for the response, but I didn’t see anything in my inbox. To give you some more detail about the issue. I was able to install the theme on a clean install of opencart so it must have something to do with the vqmod or one of the other two extensions I have installed.


I send a message. Have you looked ?


Can i make no responsive this opencart theme

Hi Almanzar ,

Yes is possible. Please send me a message on my profile page.

Best Regards

merhaba. kolay gelsin :)) son sürüm opencart kurduk ürün eklerken Notice: Undefined index: profile_id in public_html/admin/model/catalog/product.php on line 268Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/harem/public_html/admin/index.php:81) in public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 28Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at public_html/admin/index.php:81) in public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 29 ?eklinde bir hata ile kar??la??l?yor ve tema ana sayfas?n? bir türlü toparlayamadik. bu konuda yardimci olabilirmisiniz. tesekkurler.


Default temayi sectiginizde de ayn? hatalar oluyor mu ? Cunku bunlar sablon degilde sistem hatalari.

Lutfen profil sayfamdan bana bir mesaj gonderin. Web adresinizi de yazmayi unutmay?n kontrol edebilmem icin.

?yi Gunler

Thanks. That is an excellent template. That was a system’s error so w’ve solved. :)) W’ve just sent you an e-mail. Regards.

Y’re welcome. Thanks

Hi, I have purchased your theme, but have a little confusion. In the installation document, there is a screenshot showing Aqua control panel where you can define home page tab headings (used by Serenity tab module). I am using Opencart but I don’t have this tab in the Aqua interface where I can define the headings. I don’t know how to change those headers. Btw, I need to make the headings in 2 languages. Otherise very good theme.

hi. I am currently on vacation. I will contact you after 4 days im sorry please wait.

Best regards

OK, let me know if you’re back. I also have the problem that the ‘Add to cart’ buttons don’t work.

Please send me your the website adress, Must see.

Hi Is this theme compatible with the latest Opencart version, or are there any issues.



between these two versions is the same : 1.5.6 –

Best regards


hounds Purchased

will this be updated for opencart version

Not possible for the moment, I’m sorry.