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Is it possible to put a link in the slider_img title-tag or in the slider_img description tag? I want to use sie image-slider as a portfolio for different part of my jobs – so i would be great, if i could link to them. Thanks for response.

Site link:

Hello, unfortunately not without customization, sorry.

Every time I add a new page, as a standalone, it is in the template of the blog page. Is there anyway to have add a page so it’s not using the blog template?

So you want to have it full width, without a right sidebar, comments, Share it, post meta, etc, correct?

Replace the code of your page.php with

hello i am having troubles with the images that get displayed in my portfolio, it looks like the images get resized and i cant make the picture the same size as the webpage because the look ugly. can let me know the size of the pictures i need for the portfolio?

Hi, if you’re reffering for the pictures that show up once you click the “Enlarge” icon, something like 456px width and 340px height should be the best. Or even bigger width, just the height should be 340px

the images are beign scaled automaticaly? when i right click the image it says (scaled to 367px × 340px)

The height is fixed, the width is adjusted to 100% of the width that has that image

Hello, can you change the colors? I see the options for Light or Dark theme but can you choose another color besides green?

Hello, unfortunately not by default, just light / dark color schemes by default.

Hi and congrats for your work. Read there are two color variations, but is it possible to change the green areas from the control panel? Thanks in advance, Luca

Hi, unfortunately there’s no such option in the options panel, it can be changed only via the css files

I love this theme, and I think I can adjust the green, but I’d like to know how to take away the bold google font property. I only want to use thin fonts. Any idea on how to do this?

Hi, you can search for “font-weight” in the css file and adjust the “bold” values or the values that are above “500” or “700”

It seems there’s a problem I encountered:

I changed the Uncategorize to Information Technology.

After my 6th Portfolio:

It became like this.

Logistics doesn’t appear if I only make it like this

[filterable_portfolio categories=”1,2,3,4,5,6” number=”20”]

—if I do this [filterable_portfolio categories=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7” number=”20”]

It shows up logistics but it becomes like this :/

It’s finally fixed~ yey :D

Hi, glad you fixed it!

Hi, Is there a way to adjust the portfolio circle link button when hovering over one of the portfolio pictures. I tried to use the button URL at the bottom of the portfolio edit page, but when I put in a link it does not work go there it just goes into the portfolio.


Hello, I’m not sure what you want to edit, that circle link button should open the portfolio details, are you trying to link it to a separate page instead of loading the details for that portfolio item?

G’day I have been asked to do a quick bit of work on a site that is using your theme:

For the life of me I can’t see how to change the contact details. I need to put details in the section that says ‘New Stores – coming soon’



Ha! I have changed it – the previous developer had hacked the info into the core php files! Thanks anyway.

Great, glad you fixed it! ;)

Hi, I’ve recently launched a site using this theme here

Suddenly the blog post doesn’t show up in the Blog section. Is there some distinction to get them to show up?

Hello, the blog looks fine to me

Hey there is it possible to upload this design to my site?

Hi, unfortunately not

Hey, I have a blog-page integrated in my website, but now the guests have to click on the title of the blog to get to the blog page that shows my blogs and social media (FB en Twitter). Is there a possibility that this is direct visible on the blog page instead of clicking and then landing on the blog/social media page? everything else work just fine and is fantastic to tinker with!

Hi, for the social links add http:// before the URL’s.

For the blog page, not sure what you mean, the theme should show the latest 3 blog posts on the homepage all the time + a button View all posts… and you should be able to see all the posts by clicking on that button

Hi, soc media links work with the http! I would like to see my blog page showing the blogs and in a side bar the twitter & FB streams. Now I have to click on one of the blog to get to another page where the complete blog text is readable + the sidebar with the FB en Twitter stream. you can check it on on the blog page

You can create your menu in Appearance > Menus and, for the blog page, create it as an external link, don’t add it as a normal page. That should do the job.

Hi! Is it possible to make the graphic, as it appears at the top of your live demo, stay still while the next “section” scrolls up over it? Right now, the graphic scrolls up with the rest of the content, but I know more is possible as demonstrated by the parallax view lower on the page. Just wasn’t sure if the top featured graphic had options for different effects.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, not without customization, the theme has all its possible options already added on the demo

Hi there

I love the look and functionality of your theme and am looking to use it for my site, but have a couple questions

1. On Google Pagespeed it is getting a ridiculously low score (1 and 3). Am I missing something or is Google?

2. Can contact form be customized to add extra fields (e.g. company name, phone number)?

3. Is there any built in functionality for tabs or accordion to use on the site?

4. Can the first image actually be half screen height?


1) Those are just tools, it looks like it shows that low score because of the images, I’ve used very high quality images and didn’t compress them, you can use your own images and optimize/compress them and those “warnings” should dissapear. But that doesn’t really affect the loading speed of the website, you can check it yourself how fast it loads. I’m in EU and the servers are in US and it loads extremely quick for me. Right now most of the images are extremely large and that’s what takes most of the page size, but that can be easily adjusted on your own website.

2) Not by default, sorry, only with customization

3) not by default, but there are lots of plugins that add many such shortcodes :)

4) Not by default, it can be done but I’d recommend against that, as on small laptops there’d be no space for the text

so my main sticking point is contact form. How hard would it be to add some fields or use CF7 for example?

For a programmer it’s quite easy, it’s basically just duplicating the code that’s used on the default fields. I could integrate CF7 for you, but the styling wouldn’t be the same as the default form

Hello! Love the theme. I have a few questions about the main home image (homepage-slider):

1) is there a good way to condense the slider to not fill the entire home page? It tends to mess up the text on the image whenever I try some basic CSS adjustments.

2) What’s the best way to manipulate how the image is cropped/displayed from the uploaded image?

3) When I use just the title and subtitle, it seems to not display properly on mobile (It cuts of the subtitle). When I had a button, however, it shows up just fine on mobile.

URL is Thanks!

K, had an issue pop up on my monitor but not others. On the “Ministry” section, mine is only 2 per column rather than 3 as it should be. My resolution is 1600×1900. I believe this started happening after the latest wordpress update..

Actually, I figured out it only happens when zoomed in to 110%. Definitely not as big of an issue. Is there a simple fix? It likely affects only a small percentage of viewers.

All the browsers are zoomed in at 100% by default so unless you manually zoom, it should work good.

Great theme! How can I make the Logo size larger? Been poking around in the css to no avail. Thanks!

Hi, please post your URL

Hello how are you? I bought the theme and it does not exist in the XML file to open the menus services on. how do I activate them

Hello, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out of country and couldn’t answer any messages.

I don’t understand your issue, can you please elaborate?

Hi, I’m using Teo responsive parallax single page theme and I would like to add social icons for youtube and instagram in the header. Is there any way to add this into my webpage? Thanks

Hello, unfortunately that’s not possible by default without custom coding them, as the theme uses its own icons for social ones and youtube / instagram aren’t part of the default included icons.

Hi, I’m having problems installing Teo Theme in my website using the Wordpress admin panel. I keep getting the following message every time I try to upload it [Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.] Could you please help me with this.

Hello, the issue is caused by your server, try uploading the “Teo” folder to /wp-content/themes/ via FTP directly


gmustuk Purchased

We are using the theme in “light” mode… with the testimonials slider. However the text is grey and hard to read on white background. I couldn’t find any place to change the testimonial quotes text color. Hoping you can help.


see quotes at:

Hello, sorry for the late reply, I see you managed to make the text darker, do you need further assistance?