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Hello Brother, man, in this layout, in update 3.6 of Wordpress, the submenus dont work. U can help me at fix this bug?

Sure, I can help. Your profile is not coming up with a “purchased” note though. Have you bought the theme?


Not me, I believe the old web designer has bought For the company I work. But if u can help.. I Understand.

In order to be able to verify the purchase, I need a purchase code. The old designer should have received that, so hopefully you can get it from him.

Cheers, Eric

Hi, I am planning to purchase your theme. Will it work fine with 3.6.1 ?


Yep, it works with 3.6.1.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

I am having a font problem. My site will be in turkish, I have problems with special characters, as you can see in the link

thanks in advance

It looks like some of those characters may not be supported in the fonts used. What I would suggest is searching for fonts that support the specific characters you require, and then changing the font styles in the child theme’s custom.css file.

Cheers, Eric


Ok I found how to fix it. Now i need to search for nice fonts.


For translation I am using “CodeStyling Localization” which works nice. I have one problem, I can not change the text on the “Share” button. Any idea ?

I’m submitting a fix for that to ThemeForest now. Thanks for pointing that out!

Cheers, Eric

“If Textural is missing that one killer feature you just can’t live without, tell us! If there’s something stopping you from choosing Textural, we would love to know so that we can improve the theme.”

Sticky header.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see what we can do :)

Cheers, Eric

Thanks so much.

Hello! I’ve read through all the comments here and don’t see an answer to my particular query. I have found where to customize the height/width of the logo, but I cannot figure out where it’s getting that teal background color. (I’m using the dark theme.) The logo I’m using is just white, so I want it to float on the background texture with no color behind/around it. Can you point me to the correct spot? Thanks!

Could you send me a link to your site via email, so I can test this out?

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

I am having a problem with font color of .more-link ’s color. I have updated it in child theme somehow dark.css overrides it. background-color seems to work fine. Am I doing something wrong ?

You could try adding the !important statement to the CSS rule, which should override the dark.css rule.

If not, send me a link to your site and I’ll take a quick look.

Cheers, Eric

thx a lot, ?t worked.

Hi Eric,

I am having a problem with the columns shortcode. As you can see here , the 2 columns do not show up alongside each other. I used the shortcode as mentioned in the documentation file. Thx in advance for your help.


Hi François,

That looks like a bug in the CSS. I’m uploading a fixed version now.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric – I really like this theme, but I can’t commit to purchase without knowing if the fonts are customisable. I would prefer to use a sans-serif family. I know the headlines are sans-serif, but they are too compressed for my taste. Thank you.

You can certainly change fonts using custom CSS. The theme includes a child theme skeleton so that you can install that and set your custom font styles inside that.

Cheers, Eric

Can I place the title of each post above the images?

You can, but it requires a little override of the default templates in your child theme.

Cheers, Eric

Is there a way to insert a simple “like” button from Facebook below each post?

There are plugins you could use to do that. However, there is already a little sharing widget at the bottom of each post, so it may not be necessary.

Cheers, Eric

HI Eric, I recently updated to the latest theme version and some of the formatting on my site has been affected. The footer right is now displaying in the centre column Any ideas how I might fix that? Not sure if it’s related to the “Written by” field which I had previously hidden, but that’s now showing up again post updating. Thanks!

Thanks Eric. It looks like the Firefox display issue only happens on my Mac, running Windows 7 – and Firefox 26. Seems fine on a desktop, so no worries about that one. As an unrelated issue – is there an easy way to hide the “Written by” content that appears under posts and pages? I’ve tried a few different CSS methods but none seem to work?

The best thing to do with that is to just remove it from the template. If you’re using the child theme (which is the recommended approach), create a copy of after-content.php in your child theme folder and remove everything between lines 5 and 11 of that file.

Cheers, Eric

Thanks Eric – that worked!

Hi There, I am looking to purchase this theme, but I have a question… Do you really have to click on the post title to get to the comments section? Usually on a post, there is a link or some sort of icon that let’s folks know to click on it if they want to leave a comment.

Thank you so much!


Hi Lisa,

That’s correct, you have to click through to the post. You could use the child theme to override the template and add a link in.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

When I use max-width: 100%; for the logo (for mobile issues) , it just does not show half of it. Is it possible to resize it instead of cropping ?

thanks, bager.

Hi Bager,

max-width doesn’t work because the logo is added as a background image. However, the code below should fixed the issue.
.logo {
-webkit-background-size: contain;
-moz-background-size: contain;
-o-background-size: contain;
background-size: contain;

Cheers, Eric

I am not sure if I did it right, now it does not crop, but it does not resize either.

You also need to have max-width: 100%; on the .logo

Cheers, Eric


Thanks for a great theme.

My “Share” button (on each post) aren’t showing how the shares are distributed among the different channels. Only the total appears. It’s also a little too discrete and easy to forget.

So I want to use the sharing tool provided by Wordpres instead. Is that doable? If so, how do I remove the theme sharing box?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Marcus,

We’re actually working on a total revamp of the theme which will integrate support for Jetpack’s sharing module. You can add that easily enough now by installing Jetpack.

To get rid of the sharing bar that’s added in the theme by default, create an override of after-content.php in your child theme and get rid of the first line:
<div class="sharrre" data-title="sharrre" data-url="<?php the_permalink() ?>" />