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Love the theme! So easy to setup and so clean looking! I have a quick question. On the theme demo, the images are lined up with the box (as in same width as the lighter content box). On my file, the image is reducing in size automatically. I sized it to 800 pixels wide, selected full size and it is still reducing. Here is the link to my site… any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance!

Thanks Eric! I really appreciate it! :)

Do I just add this in the style.css? Any place?

Hi fueldesign,

It should be added in the child theme’s custom.css file. That will be loaded after all the other stylesheets, so it ensures it overrides other settings.

Cheers, Eric

Hi, very nice theme! But I still have some problems with two things:

1. The external links into the article don’t work, they aren’t highlighted. The links work only if I look at the articles from the homepage. Try to have a look:

2. Sometime the twitter widget crash.

Thanks for your answer! :)


Hi Ale,

These both look like issues caused by one or more of the plugins you have added. The issue with the links not being clickable appears to be because of the SEO Facebook Comment plugin.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Twitter widget is crashing, because I can see a bunch of Javascript errors and warnings cropping up. Try disabling plugins until the errors go away to isolate the problematic plugins.

Cheers, Eric

Everything ok now. THX!

No worries, happy to help :)

Hi again,

The Instagram widget was working out perfectly but suddenly it’s not working anymore. The error message is:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/kakafoni/public_html/wp-content/themes/textural-wordpress-theme-1.7/textural/inc/instagram/instagram.php on line 54

Is this a bug or something that happened because of me?

Thanks a lot!

Hi m_sjoberg78,

That will be an update for the whole theme.

If you’re making changes to your theme, the best way to do that is to use the child theme that comes bundled with the theme package. The documentation has a section specifically about setting up child themes. Basically, if you’re using a child theme, you’ll be able to update to the latest version of the theme without any issues whatsoever, because all your customizations will be kept separate.

Cheers, Eric

Thanks for the tip. I did setup the child theme and most of the changes weren’t affected when I updated the theme.

I did not put any functions in the child theme because my coding skills are nonexistent. So the only things I have to do after an update is:

1) Drag and drop the widgets back to the footer 2) Change from light theme to dark theme 3) Re-enter my social media links

1) Drag and drop the widgets back to the footer 2) Change from light theme to dark theme 3) Re-enter my social media links

All of those things are stored in the database, so upgrading the theme shouldn’t have any impact on these—so you should be good to go.

Cheers, Eric

Hey Eric, Just setup the theme, the twitter widget displays links, but they are not clickable.

Hi mustafatayyeb,

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like that’s an issue with Twitpic links. I’m working on a fix and will upload an updated version of the theme soon.

Cheers, Eric

Another thing, my posts are showing up as full text and not summaries even when I change it under the reading tab from “Full Text” to “Summary”

Hi mustafatayyeb,

Yes, it’s designed to show the full content unless you use the More link in your post somewhere. You can insert the More link anywhere to divide the page into what appears on the index page.

Cheers, Eric

Hey Eric, The Google Analytics is not working either. I had to manually inject the code into the header.php for it to work.

Hi mustafatayyeb,

Thanks for letting me know. I’m submitting a fixed version to ThemeForest now.

Cheers, Eric


Is there any way to get a breakdown of the shares for each post? As of right now only the total number is shown. It would be interested to see the number for each social media.

Many thanks!


Hi Marcus,

I think that may be possible. The sharing button uses a plugin called Sharrre, and you can take a look at their documentation to find how to customize it:

Cheers, Eric

Hi. I’m interested in purchasing this theme but first I’d like to ask a question. I usually like to show everything in the blog page, all images, all text, without having to click a ‘read more’ link. Can it be done with this template? Thanks.

Hi junodoran,

Yes, that can definitely be done. The ‘read more’ link is only inserted where you manually insert one of Wordpress <!-- more --> tags, so if you omit that then you will have the full text on the front page. The only exception is comments—people would have to click through to comment, or you could integrate the comments into the front page through some template overrides, using the child theme. I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction as to how to do that if you purchase the theme.

Cheers, Eric

Bought it today. Probably the best blog-theme here on themeforest for people who want to expose their writing instead of pictures/movies. Thank you! Will rate once I put it online.

Wow, thanks for the lovely words! It’s sincerely appreciated. I’m sticking this on the Textural product page :)


Hey, so I got it uploaded – works brilliant. Love the post patterns like quote etc., social media icons and this beautiful stylish look. 5 stars. Very easy to learn and follow, and the customization options are endless (at least for me). Thank you guys!

Hi! I bought your theme today but I can’t install it on wordpress. I can’t find the right .zip file. Where do I find it?

Thank you! Graenslandet

Hi Graenslandet,

First of all, thanks for choosing Textural! You can find the zip file inside the main folder you download from ThemeForest. It’s called

Cheers, Eric

Thank you! I found the zip file, but when I try to install it on wordpress I only get a “Page could not be found” message.

Hi Graenslandet,

Try re-uploading the theme, just in case something went wrong. It doesn’t sound like an issue caused by the theme.

Cheers, Eric

Please Help me!

For some reason , I can’t include or edit anything on the post… When I try to create a new post it won’t let me enter any text or any image in the copy/body box.


Hi gbalexandra,

Could you send me a message via the contact form on our profile, with a link to your site and login details so I can take a look at what might be going on?

Cheers, Eric

Hello have a side bar? If had can i post video widget? Thanks

Hi ozzyperro,

The theme doesn’t have a sidebar at all I’m afraid—it’s full width.

Cheers, Eric

Hey love the theme!

Just got one problem. The logo is becoming oversized when viewed on a mobile. Is there anyway I can force it to shrink down on a mobile without shrinking the logo in the standard view?

the site is –


Hi jimmyrogers,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. The solution to your problem is to set the max-width property for your logo to 100%:

.logo {
   max-width: 100%;

Cheers, Eric

Just purchased the theme today. After installing the theme I try to customize the theme I am getting a 404 page saying customize.php cannot be found. Any ideas?

Hi WakeUpNow,

Could you get in touch with me via the contact form on our profile page? To investigate this further I will need to be able to log into your site.

Cheers, Eric

I have been in touch with WakeUpNow via email, so this reply is for anyone else who comes across this thread and is experiencing the same issue:

The most likely cause for this is that you are using an older version. Textural requires Wordpress 3.4 at least. Upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress will fix this issue.

Added to FAQ:

Thanks so much for you reply and help.

Hello, I’m having a problem similar to Cheryl’s post at the top – I am making my image the featured image, but it is still not the full width. I’ve tried scaling it and cropping it, using the biggest size etc, but still it is small! Here is the post I am working with:

It’s above the text, but not the full width like your examples…what gives?

thanks in advance for your help!

hmm – is this too advanced for someone new to wordpress? I copied everything written on the style sheet of the textural content-archive.php. Then pasted to the child-theme style sheet, counted what lines 17-83 would be, deleted, and added in your code. Is there something more that needs to be done? because now my website looks completely strange

Hi Kavitha,

It’s mostly just cut and paste, so hopefully it’s not too advanced.

I just took a look at your site and can see that the problem lies in style.css in your textural-child folder (i.e. the child theme). It should just say this:

Theme Name: Textural Child Theme
Theme URI:
Author: Studio164a
Author URI:
Description: A child theme skeleton for Textural.
Template: textural
Version: 1.0
@import url("../textural/style.css")

Cheers, Eric

To clarify what I said before about what you need to copy over: You’ve copied over the correct content, but you put it in style.css—that’s why the site looks strange.

Instead, create a new file in your child theme called content-archive.php and paste the content into that.

Cheers, Eric

Quick question: How do I set a featured image to be a Video like on the demo site?

Hi WakeUpNow,

You can do that by using the Video post format. There are instructions in the documentation under the Creating Posts section.

Cheers, Eric

Hi! I’m interested in buying this theme, because I am searching for a clean and simple responsive theme for my blog. The one I’m using right now isn’t responsive, so I’m trying to find a new one. I have a few questions about the Textural theme though!

1. The logo in the demo version is round. Can it only be that shape or how large can the logo or header be?

2. The background from the demo version is black. Is it possible to have a white background?

3. My blog has different categories. Will they be shown as a page? Like: page Categories and a drop down menu with the category names? Or how?

4. What does a quote look like in Textual theme?

5. Does it work with most plugins (and Disqus)?

6. I have absolutely no understanding of CMS and HTML and all these things.. I wouldn’t even know where to place some code or anything. Can this theme be used by leeks like me?

Sorry for all these questions, I just figured it’s best to know before I’m buying the theme so I’m sure it will fit my needs instead of finding out after buying it. :)

Hi RosalindeMarkus,

Thanks for your interest in Textural.

1. The logo in the demo version is round. Can it only be that shape or how large can the logo or header be?

Any shape or dimension is fine.

2. The background from the demo version is black. Is it possible to have a white background?

Sure, there is a light skin. At the top left of the demo version, you’ll see a little arrow. Click that and you can toggle to the light version.

3. My blog has different categories. Will they be shown as a page? Like: page Categories and a drop down menu with the category names? Or how?

Since Textural doesn’t have a sidebar, you’ll either want to list your categories as a widget in the footer, or link to categories from your navigation menu.

A category page looks like this:

4. What does a quote look like in Textual theme?

If you take a look at, scroll down to the Blockquote section. The quote there uses the standard Wordpress quote facility.

Additionally, there is the Quote post format, which you can see on the main demo page by scrolling right to the bottom and clicking the Load More button. Right down the bottom is a Yogi Berra quote.

5. Does it work with most plugins (and Disqus)?

It should work fine with any properly coded plugin. I haven’t tested it specifically with Disqus.

6. I have absolutely no understanding of CMS and HTML and all these things.. I wouldn’t even know where to place some code or anything. Can this theme be used by leeks like me?

If you’re happy with the way it looks out of the box, you’ll be fine. If all you need to change is the logo and accent colour, you’ll be fine. If you want to make broader changes to the way the templates are laid out or the way they look, you’ll need a little CSS and HTML knowledge.

Cheers, Eric

Beautiful theme. I have a few questions:

I’d like to automatically add tweets to the blog and have them look similar to a quote post format. It seems like Textural doesn’t currently do that. Is that a feature you’d consider? If not, do you think this would be hard to do?

I’d also like to automatically post Instagram and Flickr photos as photo post formats. Possible?

I know there are plugins that could add them as posts, but not sure how I might map them to the post types you have in the theme.


Hi Daniel,

All three of these ideas are great! They should be implemented via plugins. After a quick search on Google, I’ve found Instagrate to Wordpress (, which should work perfectly for Instagram. Haven’t found anything similar for Flickr.

Tweets as Posts ( looks promising for Twitter, but the key thing is that you need to be able to set the post format of the posts created for your tweets—they all need to be defined as quote format.

Same goes for the Instagram and Flickr integrations. They are just created as regular posts, but should be assigned the Image post format.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

After a few months of using Textural I’m still deeply satisfied with the theme. My hats off to you!

I have a few things I would like to implement though:

Some of my readers have requested a language change on some of the buttons and search fields. More specifically they are:

1) Search Bar (top right corner) 2) Read more link (says “Continue” as of now) 3) Headers on Archive page (also changes the name of Categories and Tags) 4) Comment Form

Can you help me out with that.

Finally, if you could help my displaying the comments on both the start page and inside the post I would be very happy.

Thanks again! //Marcus

You should be able to translate all of those bits of text using the .mo/.po files, which are included in the theme. Using those, you can create a localized version of the theme by translating the English strings into your language. The tool I use to do that is Poedit (, but there are others out there.

To show the comments form on the homepage, use the child theme and copy content.php, content-video.php and other files starting with content over to the child theme folder. In each file, look for this block of code:

<?php if ( is_single() ) : ?>

    <?php get_template_part( 'after-content', get_post_format() ) ?>

    <?php comments_template('', true) ?>

<?php endif ?>

Replace it with this:

<?php get_template_part( 'after-content', get_post_format() ) ?>

<?php comments_template('', true) ?>

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply.

I can not get the translation to work out. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

1) Replaced the .mo and .po files with translated ones in the language directory. I named them “” and “sv_SE.po” just like every instruction told me to do.

2) Added this line in wp-config-php: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘sv_SE’);

But it still doesn’t work. I’ve googled for hours and every instruction is saying this is the way to do it. Do you have any clue as to if I’ve done something wrong?

If you think I’ve done everything right, could I consult you to access my control panel to search for the solution? Of course I’d be willing to pay for your time if it comes to that.

Thanks again.


Hi Marcus,

Have you added a Swedish language .mo file for the main Wordpress installation? This needs to be inside wp-content/languages. Without that, Wordpress will not translate the theme.


Cheers, Eric

Any way to remove the drop shadow behind images that are in the content section of the post?

There sure is. Just add this to your child theme’s custom.css file:

.content_wrap img {
    box-shadow: none;

Cheers, Eric

Hey guys,

Got a few questions for you:

1. Can I make Social Media icons bigger? 2. Can I place them somewhere else? (at the top of the page) 3. Can I make my menu centralized instead of having it adjusted to the left? 4. Can I make my search button a part of the menu bar instead of having it at the very bottom of the page?


You can certainly achieve all of these things, though it will require working with HTML & CSS. Be sure to use the child theme.

If you’re not familiar with HTML & CSS, I’d suggest hiring someone to help with customization from or

Cheers, Eric

Hey, thank you very much :)

Got 1 more question ^^ Is it possible to hide tags from posts?

Sure, though again it requires a little bit of working with HTML & CSS. Look at the after-content.php file and copy that into your child theme folder; you can easily remove the tags section then.

Cheers, Eric