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Hello Fellow Montrealers,

We love the theme but are having an issue with is – we have posted the question on your forum but have not yet received a reply and this is kinda urgent.

Recently we’ve noticed that the site the template is used for is having some bugs. For instance the main slideshow is not showing up (should have 3 sliders and navigation buttons, as well as a black box with title at bottom right)

Also, the “quick updates” are all weird, cannot navigate them and 2 updates are showing up on the main frame…

Please advise why this could be happening and how to fix!

here’s the url www.esthermorin.ca/fr

Thank you for your quick reply, KA

Bonjour à tous,

Je rencontre un problème avec mes permaliens. Quand je bascule en ’”Nom de l’article”, ce qui semble indispensable pour le SEO, mes pages “projets” (en bas de la page d’accueil) ne sont plus cliquables ou en tout cas, accessibles.

Avez-vous une réponse à ce problème ?

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Hi there, the twitter feed doesn’t work after the recent api changes. I downloaded few different plug ins to solve the issue but those plug ins don’t seem to work with the agency theme. I have solved a similar problem yesterday with a different wordpress website so I am probably taking the right steps. Anyway, just wondering if there is any update from your side about this issue. thanks


Je rencontre un sérieux problème. En effet, la homepage de mon site ne fonctionne plus tandis que toutes les autres fonctionnent. Je n’ai rien modifié sur le site… Quelqu’un pourrait-il m’aider ?

Merci d’avance, c’est très important il s’agit d’un site de société.



Pour information, je viens de réinstaller le thême. A présent, le slider n’apparait plus du tout. Pourriez-vous m’indiquer pourquoi ?

Merci d’avance. Encore une fois, c’est très important.



Si vraiment quelqu’un peut me répondre… Je suis désespéré, je ne comprends pas ce qu’il se passe !

Je n’ai pas de retour sur le forum wordpress non plus !

Black Trombone


Is this theme compatible with wp 3.6? I’ve updated and no images shows.

Best regards.

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I have installed wordpress 3.6. It seems that the Slider is not showin on the Hompeage. There is no option to choose a slider in Design > Theme Options > Home Page. Whats up? Which Wordpress Version is working perfect?

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Hi Simon, I have upgraded The Agency theme to v2.1 and its produced some errors. After much investigation I have fixed most of them but one remains, and I would like your help on how to solve this as soon as possible please – I’ve emailed a few times and no response.

On the homepage the ‘featured work’ won’t appear on the lower section of the page. In Theme Options, ‘Display Featured Work’ is enabled, yet it won’t display on my website. How can this be rectified as soon as possible? Thank you

krasivaya Purchased

No response still… via email, comments, forum, no answer. You don’t support your customers??


interested to purchase this theme. would like to know is the possible to change the dimensions of the portfolio items to appear portrait (like posters)?


I would like that a page of my web was a blogpage but I don´t know how assign to a page crated by me the blog template I saw in the Life Preview of the web. There isn´t page template and I don´t know how do it.


Was anyone able to fix the slider problem? can’t seem to find out how to put the slider back in my page. It doesn’t show any slider I create on the theme options

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The featured work function is not working. I am not sure how to initiate it. Do I have to insert any code? I am basically trying to get it as the live demo version as I am quite happy with that.

I installed this theme over the top of an older theme. Please advise on what to do.

Is there a way to display more than 6 featured projects? :S

Really needed!


Solved. For anyone wondering: find and edit “inc-featuredwork.php”.


Pourriez-vous m’indiquer comment intégrer plus de 6 “projets” sur la Homepage ?

Merci d’avance, Johan www.black-trombone.fr


Trouvé ! Merci ! A quand la prochaine mise à jour ?

I am really interested in this theme, however the luck of support and comments have me worried.

Can anyone please let me know if the issues that people have with the theme are getting resolved either by updates or by some other means.

Many thanks,



J’ai un nouveau problème… Mes pages “projects” ne sont plus accessible, pas de 404 mais elles sont blanches…

Pourriez-vous m’indiquer pourquoi ? Merci d’avance !! www.black-trombone.fr

Hello Simon,

Merci pour ce thème !
Je t’ai envoyé un email avec quelques questions. Je les renvoie ici au cas ou. Nous aurions besoin de ton aide pour modifier 2 points dans le template “Projects” :

> bloc “case study” : nous souhaiterions pouvoir gérer le contenu avec quelques options de mise en page basiques (via insertion manuelle de balises html, br, strong, h1, ...). Comment rendre ce bloc un minimum administrable ?
> dans le bloc “Détails” : nous aimerions pouvoir ajouter deux autre champs comme Rôle et Year. Quel fichier devosn nous modifier ?

cf. http://weareyoung-agency.devdistrict.fr/modif-way.jpg

Peux tu nous aiguiller stp ? Cela nous serait très utile.

The twitter widget not founds… And if I use another twitter widget, the width isn´t ok

We’re having the same problem as kaagency and have already emailed a request for help.

The “quick updates” are all weird, cannot navigate them and 2 updates are showing up on the main frame.

Help, please.

We’re having the same problem as kaagency and have already emailed a request for help.

The “quick updates” are all weird, cannot navigate them and 2 updates are showing up on the main frame.

Help, please.

Hello. I really like your work. Before buying the template i’d like to know: is it possible to create different 2 filters for my works (portfolio)? I mean, i’d like to create one filter with the type of project (websites, brochures, logos …) and another one divided by type of client (food, cars, travel, glasses, finance….).

So every project would have two categories like “brochure” and “food”.

Thank you very much. Bruno