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my slider works only in the main page when i open home page and related it to the main page by clicking “home templet” the slider seems to be static.

please help!!!!!!

Many thanks, lironic

For some reason my comments arent showing up unless im logged out.

EVERYONE WITH SLIDER ISSUES I have solved the problem. The Nivo slider files are out to date. Go here to download the latest nivo slider: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/pricing/ Download the free j-query plugin. Then go to themes/theagency/ja/libs and replace the “jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js” with the new one you downloaded.

lironic Purchased

thank you duffywinston but it’s still doesn’t work. i tried to do what you said.

the slider is working in the main page. the problem is when it’s turn to the home page it’s doesn’t work

maybe someone can help me please please!!!

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Hi, again -

I’d like to change the Blog header from “News & Press” to my own blog title, does anyone know the answer to this? I’ve been scouring the php files but can’t find the location – and I can’t find it in the Dashboard area on WP.

Thanks in advance!

I bought this template today and even though the preview shows a working image fader on the homepage for IE 8 … the downloaded version does not!

Am I doing something wrong??

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I´m having problems with the slider as well. WP-install 3.2.1. The slider´s images is out of place within the frame (looking at the default from dummy.xml). And also, if I try to ad new slider all I get is “title” and “Slide custom URL ”, so basically I can´t add new slides.

When can we expect a working update?

Themeforest. Maybe its time to remove this author as he provides ZERO support and updates?

I agree,

He does not even respond to posts, the last update was done quite a while ago -

Lets give him his chance to respond …


I’m afraid that I agree with nzkulture; I’m having problems with this and can’t get it to work. It’s a beautiful theme, but if it doesn’t work…

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I’m using this theme—it’s nice. One issue I’m having is on the main page, the preview of 6 projects are not of the latest 6, but instead the first 6 that I added. I have more than 6, but with each new project added, the main page only shows the first six.

Any possibility to configure the display_featured_work(); so that the latest 6 projects are shown on the main page?


I’ve managed to sort the initial problems (as a non-coder I’m quite pleased with that…) and I now need to adjust the size of the text box on the slider on the home page; can anyone help please? (Turning it transparent would work as well, if that’s possible?)


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Hey everyone. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add text to the grey rectangle found next to the update box. Unfortunately, the text found on the preview page is missing from the dummy page. Can anyone out there help me! I have a feeling its an overly simple fix!

Thank you!!

Update with categories ?

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hello, i need help… i have a problem in widget and slide sections, in widget can’t open or close the tabs and can’t modify anything, in slide sections i can’t add pictures. the problem was recently, after all works perfect.


I downloaded this theme for a project, and potential purchasers should be aware that it’s rather buggy. But on the bright side, it did require me to expand my PHP knowledge…I just don’t think I should have to pay for something that requires me to do that to use it properly. Here’s one fix for those still struggling.

Fix for logo graphic to replace logo text (the custom admin menu won’t let you use a logo image, only text): edit the code to replace the dynamic PHP code with HTML code for an image link.

In Header.PHP replace:
<!-- logo -->
        <div id="logo">
            &lt;?php get_logo(); ?&gt;
        <!-- //logo -->
<!-- logo -->
        <div id="logo">
            <a href="http://www.yourURL.com"><img src="http://www.yourURL.com/uneka5/wp-content/themes/theagency/images/logo.png" height="60" alt="" width="250" /></a>
        <!-- //logo -->
Notes for the coding novices: <a href="http://www.yourURL.com" /> Makes the logo a link to your homepage. Remove if you don’t want it to be a link.
<img src="http://www.yourURL.com/uneka5/wp-content/themes/theagency/images/logo.png" height="60" alt="" width="250" />The url is wherever you want your logo to be stored (you’ll need to upload it outside of WordPress). The width and height values between the ”” should match the size of your logo.

If anyone has figured out how to make the text caption box on the Nivo Slider partially transparent, I’d love to know. There are several places that reference the opacity for it, but none seem to work. Thanks!

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You wanted to know how to edit the text in the grey box on the home page, to the right, below the slider, which says “We are a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Montreal. We believe in quality work and service.” in the dummy.xml.

This text is actually the WordPress Tagline for your site. Go to WP admin panel > Settings > General. Edit the field called Tagline (below Site Title).

Good luck.

Monkey Republic Design


You asked about changing the Blog header from “News & Press” to my own blog title.

I think you’re referring to the name of the fourth nav menu item in the dummy.xml. You can change this and any other nav menu name by going to the WP admin panel > Appearance > Menus.

On the right side of the control pane (under Custom Navigation), click the little down triangle and edit the field “Navigation Label” and save.

Monkey Republic Design

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Hello, i have a problem whit “quick updates” when i click on it appears 404 (page not found) error.

The links are:



how can i fix it?


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Is there a way to change the single project template details? For example, where is says “Role”, I’m thinking of putting “Art Director” instead.

Anyone know and can let me know?