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I’m having trouble with the JQ slider at the top and the small Quick Updates box. They both give me an extra slide that I don’t want. The Slider at top repeats the last of 3 slides and the Quick Update Box adds a black after my 4 slides I’ve created. I looked in the code and it seems that it’s searching for something different than just the Quick Updates slide. I looked in the XML and there’s a specific entry on the sample site.



I can’t get html in the sidebar. Is there a way around that?

TO ALL : An easier way to insert image logo is to upload via media, then paste the url of your logo image into the Agency control panel and then save. Running the latest wordpress, Installed using 3.1 then upgraded afterwords and am having no tech issues at the moment.

Hello !

I bought this theme but i have many problems with many things. And i need help. I am french and my english is not very good that’s why i will tried to be the most comprehensive as possible.

First, i have problem with the project page presentation. Actually when i use the “edit project” in te back office, several options are offered to me, like : “1/2, 1/2 last, ul, ol, li etc.” what is it ? Do it extists a dictionnary of this symbols. I would like using it but i don’t understand their signification.

Then, in the “showcase” of the project page, the pictures i uploaded are twisted. But when the slider is opened and it shows the pictures, there are presented on the good dimensions. How can i change the dimensions of the pictures showcase in order to have the same dimensions in the project page showcase and in the slider ?

In the home page, “the featured project” is presented with a small rectangular picture. It is strange because the back-office says that i need a “1024by683px” picture. But just a small part of the picture is showed. It’s not esthetic. Is it possible having the good dimensions of this small image to adapt the picture i have to insert in this field ?

Finally, what are the wigets or something else to make the fields “expertise” and “studio” in the demo presentation home page ? Where can i make the columns and the different paragraphs and sections presented in the “profile” demo page ?

Thank you so much for your help, i am lost.


This worked for me… I’m running WP 3 .3, no issues.

PROJECT PRESENTATION these are short codes for html. You can ignore this entire bar for the project pages. Using the provided dummy xml file that came with the theme, take a look at the html/source code on the contact page as well as the blog posts, you will see how the codes are used to make lists and columns.

1. For your home page to look like the demo you have to have to put at leaset one image in the Home slider.


A. In the Home Sidebar: add a LP Text Widget: Title: Expertise, one-third, Give a “Last” class? no

B. add another LP Text Widget: Title: Studio, one-third, Give a “Last” class? no

C. add LP Twitter, Title: Title: Latest Tweets, one-third, Give a “Last” class? yes

READING SETTINGS : Select: A static page:

front page: home

post page: News & Articles, or whatever you named the blog

HOME PAGE FEATURED /PROJECTS: 1. create new project

2. for project image use the image you want on the home page: upload new image, show the attributes of the image, make sure its set to full size, insert into post. ALL images must be 1024×683 this image will also be in your project gallery.

3. for project gallery images, if you want them to show as a grid, use 2 columns, update to save, then check the home page.

Hello, If anyone has figured out how to make a working contact form. I always have “sending”. Every message can not be sent.

Nice looking theme shame about the support! Shame.

Anyhow I just wondered if anyone had got to the bottom of why the slider doesn’t work in 3.3.1 and if they are able to add text to the slider?

I have placed 3 text widgets as you described above (1/3×3). It looks great. But now I’d like to replace one of them with a Recent Post Widget. But I can’t seem to control the width of the Recent Post Widget – how do you make it 1/3?

Thanks for a great theme.

Hi there

I’m having an issue at the moment with the theme and how it reacts with the latest wordpress release (3.3.1) For some reason the wordpress multiple file uploader fails to work. The single file uploader works fine.

When I deactivate and use the default wordpress theme the media uploader work fine also.

There are no plugins activated.

Any ideas?

Thanks John

Hello How to change the order of projects to make them appear in the order I want in the homepage. I archive old projects and I wish it will not appear on the home page. thank you

vivere Purchased

The demo is not working, can you fix the database connection? I would like to purchase this template.

like this theme, cool clean design

Hi! I have send you an message today, i have installed the theme and upload the dummy content but something goes wrong, would be nice you can helping me. Thanks!!!!

Hi There,

I’ getting a 401 if you click on any of the projects… Can you please HELP !>?

Thanks J

Is there any suport here? I have troubles with the theme, i have writen you a message few days ago about it. The Demo is also not working anymore..

Hey there,i’m customising this template and need to do something really simple, but it is foxing me.

I need to have the same BG image on all pages centered. This is working on the main front page, but some of the other pages shift the BG image up or down the page.

Could someone point me to where the mark-up is for this so I can have all pages uniform. Thanks


I was wondering if you have any updates on the Projects section that will allow us to add categories.

Thank you.

Can I make the reply content display in the comment list? and… why the Support Forum is always 404?

How do you turn off the Slidebox at the bottom of a page?