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I’ve updated to the latest version of Wordpress 3.3 and the new media uploader does not work. I’ve tried to use the old uploader and that doesn’t work either.

Anyone had this experience?


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Hi guys, first of all sorry for this hard words. I read now the whole comments here and the result is that this theme won’t work in WP 3 .3.1, there’s no support from the developer and that this theme is absolutely buggy. Summery: this theme sucks. I waste my money and I spend a lot of time on to fix some stuff in the php files. So, Mr. LayeredPixels. Thank you for this great theme.


J’adore ce thème, par contre je n’arrive pas à mettre le logo… J’ai la valeur “0” qui s’affiche dans l’admin… J’ai bien implanté le logo.png dans le fichier image. J’ai tenté de l’uploader via l’admin mais impossible d’avoir le logo…

Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

Hi – I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have purchased this theme and am having problems with the project page. I can only get 10 thumbnails(projects) to load even though I have 12 that are meant to be published…has anyone else had this problem and if so do you know how to fix it?

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I just downloaded “The Agency” – does it come with the .PSDs?

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Hi there,

1. I’m having issues with the Blog section. I assigned the page as a blog in the general settings and did everything as said but I’m not able to get straight rows of three blog posts in all lines. In the first line there are 3, but in the second only one appears. Then 2 in the third row. I hope you can help me out with this one.

2. Easy one: Couldn’t find contact form titles here: /js/form.js and /includes/mail/post.php Where are the Full Name, Email and Message items?


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I too have problems with disaperaring images in the portfolio and it seems impossible to get hold of the any support. Why? This doesn´t sound like Themeforest!

: m


Nice theme – although could perhaps be better documented. I have bought it and am using it for my company. I was wondering how I can make the external Project URL open up in a new window, so as to not take traffic away from my site.

Thanks in advance, n

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Hi, i hop you could help me, i want to change the language of the Search form and the titles of the contact form, where could i edit FULL NAME , MESSAGE and EMAIL .

And i change in the language seccion of the theme optiones, inside blog the title READ MORE to my language but don’t translate.


are you working on making your themes responsive? i like your themes but can’t work with a theme these days if it’s not responsive.

hi Where can I change the wording of “Featured project”

I am having alot of problems with the creation of the portfolio projects and controlling how the featured images are being cropped.

The thumbnails within the project page are difficult to control how they crop, sometimes big, sometimes small. The previous uploading of projects was sufficient and its seems this is just not user friendly for the average/novice user (aka me… lol).

The documents are very difficult to follow and even when I do step by step, they do not look like the live preview. Can someone please give me a step by step instructional how to achieve the one and two column format shown on the live preview please, as well as effectively controlling the feature image cropping?

Everything was fine for me with the previous uploading process and now all this gallery importing stuff is so confusing… im sorry for the long post. I LOVE this theme and I cant wait to officially launch it.

Also how do I make the typography bigger if I have input widgets along the bottom portion of my site. The type seems very small but the font on the live preview seems sufficient to read. Can you also assist with this? Thank you again

i have problem setting up the new & press page, i have the dummy blog imported, and the news & page is on default template, i have a sidebar setup for the page, but i dont know how to set up the content area to look like the demo, i cant find any instruction in documentation about setting up news & press page. should use any shortcode? or i need to hardcode it on the page.php


I just bought this theme, and it won’t install into wordpress.

here is what it says:

“Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

gosh i was looking at this theme and it has almost no support at all, mistermoloney you may be imported the zip file, you need to extract it before uploading via FTP that might help.

The preview link doesnt even work :(


This theme is very nice. The use is easy.

But, how can I modify the tall of words in the home ? Particulary in the grey part in the middle ? Same in the slider…

Can i modify the tall of the squares ?

Thx, BT www.black-trombone.fr

Ughhh. Really struggling here. Everything works great in Safari, Chrome, Firefox (after dozens of tweaks). However, in IE9 and IE8 the Featured Project thumbs won’t load on the Front Page. Tried the fix where you change visibility in the CSS and JS. The thumbs loaded but only until the slider loads then the thumbs disappear. Major latency problems there. Totally frustrated.

Figures it is IE. It’s always IE.

Anybody figure this out yet? Desperate.

Simon – You said on some other page in here to email you directly for help. What is your email address?



I’ve submitted your issue to the bug tracker. I will submit an update within a month to fix this issue.


is it compatible with 3.4 ??

The support is an issue on this theme, but it states clearly no support. I do feel this is not in the spirith one should expect from a themeforest purchase. Nevertheless we as users can be a great help to each other by writing our problems here and check in once in a wile.

Im using this theme for over 8 months and had my start-up pains but it runs smooth! I had to mod some stuff in the theme to get it 100% and it took me days to get it right. I googled for sites that used theagency as a theme and copied some code left and right to get what I needed.

For now I’m using 3.3.2 WP with the 1.2 theme. But I would like to get to the new 3.4. Is there anyone that has this running flawless?

Also I did not manage to get the contact form translated (Full Name etc.) without changing the core files or thirth party plugin?



I will submit an update within a month to fix a few things here and here and will also support WP 3 .4.x.