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How can I pull the projects by category on a page to create a category oriented drop-down from projects?


I will submit an update within a month that will provide this feature.


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Hi, where can I find the shortcodes? The documentation does it say anything and old questions here in the comments have not been answered yet.


When you install the sample content you will have the shortcodes as a content page. I’ve placed a link so you can paste the content in a page so you don’t have to install the sample data.


Hope this helps you.

Anyone have any hints to mod the contact form names??

Hi everyone,

Just an update to say that we haven’t forgotten you. We’ve recently implemented a new support pipeline for all active themes under the On Top Of The World banner. This will allow us to answer your questions much faster, and to put out bug fixes and content updates in a regular timeframe.

What this means for you is that you can expect to have all of your questions and concerns addressed within the next month at the most, as we go theme by theme and make sure everyone has all of the features of their team working perfectly.

The On Top of the World Team

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Hi, I have been using this theme for more than one year, and suddenly some default template pages are missing. Is this because I update the wordpress to 3.4.2? It would be much appreciated if you could advise me on this.




That is correct. We are in the process of upgrading all of our templates to be fully compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. You can expect an update within the next month at the latest.

Live preview appears to be broken…?


It is now working fine.

Hey there, I’m having some trouble with the theme’s front page. The default text from the template is not showing up for some reason, and when I try to add text or columns, nothing shows up. Before, the only things that were at the bottom were the different categories instead of the text ( meta, recent posts, etc. I removed them in the widgets). Do I need to do any special command to add text to the front page?


Great theme!

Cheers and thanks.


Please make sure you are using a compatible version of Wordpress. This theme has not yet been updated for 3.4. This should be done within the next month.

The live preview is not working.


What browser are you using? I have no issue with the live preview button using Chrome.

The live preview on safari and firefox are not working…is there any other way to see it ? Need to buy a template as soon as possible.



I’ve been able to have the live preview function on Firefox, Chrome and IE 9 without any issues. Please try viewing the live preview 15 minutes later if it doesn’t work. Unfortunately since this preview is hosted through Envato’s servers, I don’t have direct control on it’s uptime.

Hello from spain and sorry about my english. My dropdown menu is doesn’t work. I’ve updated the latest version. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. V.


The theme is compatible up to Wordpress 3.3. It is not yet compatible for Wordpress 3.4. Please make sure you are running the correct Wordpress version. If you still experience the issue, please open a support ticket at http://ticksy.ototw.co

We will release an update to this theme shortly.

You don’t provide any support. This is a scam! If you’re reading comments, don’t buy this theme. It’s a setup to fail!


We do provide support for this theme, however please note that the theme is currently compatible up to Wordpress 3.3 only. Please make sure you’re using that version of Wordpress (and not 3.4) and if you still have issues submit a ticket through ototw.ticksy.com

We will release an update to this theme shortly to make it fully compatible with the latest Wordpress.

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Hello, when i see the website on PC the fonts are different and thw website dont look fine… can you help me?


Please submit a detailed ticket through ototw.ticksy.com in order to get the fastest support. You’ll need to validate your purchase on the ticksy site using the order number you received from Envato, and provide many more details (URLs, browsers user, different as opposed to what, etc).


I’m still waiting for the theme updates promised two months ago. Thank you!


An update for this theme is currently being coded. It should be released before the end of the year.

Thanks! Will the new version be responsive?



Hi, I loaded the sample data but cannot find the sample contact page you have in demo.

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Please ignore… see below.

airship1 Purchased

Quick question… Is there a way to prevent preloading in the site? I’m having issues with pages that have lots of images. They take too long to preload.

So, can the jquery be turned off somehow or avoid for preload?

Great theme btw. Many thanks.


You can comment out the preloading code in script.js. The file is documented with comments, so you’ll be able to find the section easily.

I’m helping someone build an architecture website and they like this theme, but please answer the following first: Will it work in WordPress 3.5? Does it come with documentation or anything to quickly get it working like in the demo? Is the contact page built in to the theme? Thanks. :)


Actually we have WordPress 3.5 installed and I’m not sure how to downgrade. Will it work, at least partially, and then we can just install an update to the theme in a few weeks when you have it ready?



Just overwrite your current WP3.5 install with the 3.4 files.


Overwriting the WordPress directory with an older copy of WordPress won’t mess anything up in the databases or anything?

Bonjour, Je suis désespéré, mon site www.black-trombone.fr a toujours bien fonctionné mais depuis quelques heures la sidebar ne fonctionne plus et reste figée sur la 1ère Photo.

Pourriez-vous m’aider à régler ce problème ?

C’est très important car il s’agit du site Internet de ma société.

Merci d’avance, BlackTrombone

Hello, I’m desperate, my site www.black-trombone.fr has always worked well for a few hours but the sidebar is not working and remains frozen on the first picture.

Could you help me solve this problem?

This is very important because it is the website of my company.

Thank you in advance, BlackTrombone


Je vais donc attendre fin janvier en priant pour que ça résolve mon problème. Je tiens à vous remercie pour votre aide et vos réponses rapides.

Y-a-t-il une démo ou un explicatif de ce qui va changer sur la prochaine mise à jour, en ligne ?

Merci Simon !



Je continue malgré tout à chercher… J’ai désactivé toutes les pluggin présents dans “extension”. Y a t il d’autre chose à désactiver pour vérifier si il n’y pas de pb de conflit de script ?

D’avance merci, www.black-trombone.fr

Hello OTOTW,

The company I’m working with bought and installed your theme.

I’m having a problem with the projects page.


Sometimes the projects are showed OK and sometimes It shows a 404 Error. How can I solve it?

Maybe a quick solution could be to link the projects to an external website, instead of to a individual project page. How could I do that?

Another question (the last one). This is the blog/news page:


How can I reorder the posts preview? I would like to order them in chronological order, but the first one is the oldest one, and not the newest.

Thank you in advance for your attention.



Hello juan,

1) We can’t reproduce this issue here and on your site everything seems to be OK. It is also not possible to link your projects to an external page. You need to link it within the project details page by inserting an link.

2) I will submit an issue to our dev team to fix this problem. Please follow us on Twitter to know when it’s ready.