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elyoop Purchased

Hi, We have installed The Agency Word Press Theme. We have found that when viewing on a mobile it does not constrain the theme to the size of the screen, it just bring you to the top left corner.

Is there a trick to this? Also any mobile version for the theme available? So much is mobile based now.




Hi elyoop

The Agency is theme is not responsive.


jeffamm Purchased

This theme is no longer supported. Do not buy it as it does not work with any current version of wordpress and the author has stopped supporting it.

Without a mobile and tablet extension this is not functional anymore. Also fixed width is a problem. I’ll search for something else.

I am sorry to say that, but I can’t recommend the theme. It looks great but it works awfully. I have my business website broken for 3 weeks now, because the theme doesn’t work as it is supposed to do. I am really fed up with waiting to get response from the author. I really appfreciate the hard work of other people and know that mistakes are a normal thing, but there is one thing that must be absolutely obeyed; it is responsibility, which in case of the theme author has no place!!! Think twice before you decide on the purchase.

I just purchased and tried to load this theme. Install failed. Here is the message I got:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

What do I do now? Themeforest says they don’t deal with individual themes, that you have to contact the writer of the theme.


Hi, It means that some files are missing. Try to download again the theme and to upload all files to you server.


Thanks for responding. I downloaded frpm Themeforest again. Then tried to load the themeforest zip onto WPEngine. Got the same message that the style.css worksheet is missing and the install failed. Then unzipped the themeforest file and found inside another zip called theagency. Uploaded that and it was successful, but graphically wrong. If you give me an email address I can send you an image of what it looks like on the screen—nothing but a black box with the logo text above it. This is very frustrating

Hello, you can change the font to make it look like the previous version, in designing this theme is exquisite.


J’ai transféré mon site chez un nouvel hébergeur exactement comme il était chez l’ancien et je rencontre un problème d’affichage avec la homepage et le slider.

Pouvez-vous m’indiquer où est le problème afin de le réparer ? www.black-trombone.fr



Sur certaines de mes pages, la sidebar est à droit alors que je souhaite qu’elle soit à gauche comme dans d’autres pages.

Comment configurer cet aspect s’il vous plait ?

Merci d’avance

Does any one know how to get the ” featured ” items/ projects to be on the home page like the preview ?


Edit the post and take a look in the right part you will see a box called “Publish”. Edit visibility and check sticky.



Thanks, i found that option but it dosnt change any thing, is there another setting or on the home page itself to allow it to show? The Title “Feature” is there but no images or selections come up. Thanks

IS there a way to set up the featured items so they link to- specific projects and pages?

How can I update to Version 2.0 this theme?

Do I need to pay again?


No, just download it.

I like this theme, and I am thinking about using it for a page for the architecture firm that I Work for.

I need to know if the theme actually Works, and if it will get updates in the furture…


Yes, the theme is working and the latest update was on APRIL 25, 2013. We can’t add broken themes here. All themes are verified by Themeforest staff.

Hi i. nice looking theme, i might have missed the info somewhere but is this theme responsive yet or not? It would be really nice


Hi, It is not responsive.

Hi, I have purchased and installed the theme; however, I am unable to make the slider work. I have created a slider and added few items. But when I go to theme options / Home Page, I don’t see the dropdown where I should choose the slider. I don’t know what I am missing, can you help?


You need to edit the page and to select the slider. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact our support forum.

quarless Purchased

Hi I just intalled your nice theme, but unfortunately I am not able to display the featured images on the homepage. Seems I am not the only one, is there a solution to this? I have already checked the box ‘featured image’ in the project / posts. They show up on the projects page so that works, but they do not show up on the homepage. When I create a slider it doesn’t display anywhere (also not on the permalink). Please assist, I like your theme and don’t want to change to another. tnx so far.

Any chance I can see some back end screen shots of this theme?


It is exactly what i’m looking for…

...so please make this theme RESPONSIVE! ;-)


Je ne comprends pas pourquoi mais que je suis sur la HOME page de mon site www.black-trombone.ft et que je clique sur l’un des projet, la page ne se charge pas. Par ailleurs, parfois je suis obligé de cliquer deux fois sur le dans le menus pour accéder aux pages. Avez-vous une solution ?

Merci d’avance, BlackTrombone

Apparently the portfolio smart filters dont work if the category name is longer than one word. Like “Paper Prints” while it has no problem if it’s a single word like “Websites”.

After a few troubleshooting I’ve fixed it by changing template-projects.php:

line 61 to: class=”<?php echo $term_slug; ?>” on both the list element and hyperlink

line 77 to: data-type=”<?php if($terms) : foreach($terms as $term) : echo $term->slug. ’ ’; endforeach; endif; ?>”

This allows filters to work on longer categories :) You may want to implement it on the next version

KhaledSQ Purchased

the top navigation menu doesn’t show the drop down items. I have added the sub items to the main items in the menu manager but its not working.