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Hey! Bought this theme, like the layout. I’m having an issue with things showing up. On one of the pages, the project images show up, but they are cropped, and maximum size showing is 353 pixels. I would like them to be 653 px. On the other project, that is almost the same, I uploaded the images using the project gallery interface but nothing shows up.

Anyway, is there any way to make the images in the project gallery be 653px in height or at least not have the images get cropped? If I wanted to change it to be 653px in height, what would I need to do?

What’s going on with the other gallery? I uploaded the images the way it says on the howto.html file, but the images are not showing up!



You’ll need to modify a few files : functions.php and some CSS lines in screen.css.

Hi there, first of all thank you for wonderful theme. Now the problem, is there any way that I can change in the homepage where it says Featured Project? And then if so, can change in the page within features project where it says case study, client, role and type? Thanks in advanced!


Take a look in the custom admin panel – section “Language”. You can translate everything in there.

Here is my website: http://www.designsourcecreative.com/ I didn’t put it in the message above and I want to know if there is any way to edit the maximum project display size height to 650 px.

Hey Simon, having a couple small issues…

My “home” button is not having an active class. How to make the “home” button set to active state like the others when you are on their pages like on the homepage so the text will be the dark version?

Also, the blog is not coming up under the “news & press” page. Just the top news and press header, and no blog content below. The posts are there form teh dummy file. Do I need to set something to active the blog part?

Thanks really loving the theme and rated it 5 stars too!


For the home link, I’ll provide a fix in the upcoming update. For the blog, read the documentation, section “Installation”. You’ll need to set static pages for the home and blog.

Hi Simon,

Looking to buy this soon, but waiting for drop down navigation. Any estimate on when this will be released?


NO ETA at this time. Follow me on Twitter to know when it’s ready.


Update is in the queue, stay in touch!

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I’ve place in three LP widgets, like you explain in the “how-to”. I have wrote some information inside, but it to be size 9px instead of taking the 13px body text set. Can you suggest a fix?




Check the box at the bottom of the box where you type your text, it say something like “create paragraph…..”.

Thanks for getting the update up! Can you tell us what has changed in screen.css? I have made quite a few edits to that file myself to customize the colors and such and don’t want to overwrite the changes I have made. Thanks again!


Added dropdown navigation CSS codes and fixed the a.square anchor properties.


So no fix yet for the active state for the home link in the nav? .sqaure is just the buttons, right?

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Thanks for your theme, I really like structure and design of my website with it. I just have a problem with the slide. I do not have Title, Featured Image & Caption and Image Size area in the Home Slider panel. Only Slide URL appears in it. Do have an idea ? My website works on localhost. Thanks

Just want to say thank you!

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First of all, great theme. Thank you very much for providing such a clean and comprehensive theme. I do, however, have a few problems which I hope you can help fix.

I have made a “Contact” page in the Pages section, and set the template to ‘Contact.’ When I load the page, it loads as just a header with no contact form, and no sidebar widgets like in the Live Preview (Widgets are my next problem). I have read previous posts about the PHP 5 .2 and JSON , however I have contacted my server and have been notified that both are active and running fine. I initially thought this could be my problem, however after hearing this news I am even more confused.

My second problem is my Widgets pages. When I go to Appearance > Widgets, No Side Bar menus appear that I can drag any widgets to. Again, thought this could be a PHP problem but am not so sure now.

Any help or fixes would be greatly appreciated as I am so far in love with this theme!

Thanks in Advance, Anthony


I have just updated to version 1.2 and am having issues with the new drop down menu. Image below

I have tested this on chrome, safari and IE. They all have the same issue

I have uploaded the updated files via ftp and also tried uploading the entire theme again, without any success

Any help would be most appreciated

Am in the same boat as nicgranleese. I’ve even tried a full reinstall on another domain and it just isn’t working for me and I am coming under time pressure.

Maybe a silly question but did all the correct/updated files make it into the release package?


I will check that and correct the situation if needed. Keep in touch.


Please forgive the bump on this but my deadlines aren’t getting any prettier. What’s the problem with the dropdowns and when can we look forward to a fix?


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Hello, i recently purchase the theme, first congrats for the beautiful work. Now the questions:

1) How can i put the button “read more” in home page box? Expertise and Studio for example.

2) How can add the contact form? Is a plugin?


Beautiful work as always Simon…good to see you back on TF

any chance of a preview for the dark version – even if it’s just a screenshot.

Hey Simon,

Thanks for your response. Can you please tell me which files I need to edit, when I go into functions.php, I get a list of flies that are included. I was actually able to see that it might be the post thumbnail size on the functions.php file in frontpage directory within the includes file. Is it? Or would it be the timthumb.php file? Is there another one?

I do have an issue though that when I upload the images in a project, they don’t show up. What am I doing wrong there?

I’ve set up the theme and got an error message on the project page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_project_video()


Also is it possible to set up two projects in navigation or have sub-categories?

Thanks!! Nathalie


Re-download the updated package and upload/overwrite the PHP file “single-projects.php”.

Hello LayeredPixels

Could the “News & Press” style page be used as the home page for a more blog based site, instead of the current portfolio style home page?



Just set your blog page as a static home page in Settings->Reading.


Thanks! Purchased…


Is there anything that needs to be done to activate the dropdown menu?

Thanks Nathalie


No, just overwrite the files and create your sub-pages, it should work.

Love it! Does it support video yet?

Hey Simon,

Thanks for your response.

I do have an issue though that when I upload the images in a project, they don’t show up. What am I doing wrong there?


Did you fix this issue, if not send me an email with WP URL along with admin access. Thanks!