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yummy! This should come with a napkin! :)

Really sleek man! I love this

thanks guys!

how easy would it be to change the green to blue? Wondering if the lighting was used with a white brush or a green


The brush used for the lighting was a white one set to overlay, so it would be incredibly easy to change the background color to blue, or whatever else you wish.

I think you should consider getting this one coded…

awesome, and you should definitely get this coded as reidknorr said. Gonna buy this soon :)

@reidknorr and alexwind

I’m definitely planning on coding this one, but not in the near future as I don’t have time on my hands. But one day it will be, i promise.

Wow—reminds me of the new envato design…http://envato.com

reminds me even more of my own Plush template design…..... very very similar …..


and enhancedmedia

I’m not going to say that my concept is not like the examples that you guys have pointed out. But, what I must add is that the concept is one that has become almost generic to web applications, or any other software for that matter. I’d like you guys to read this article to see what I am talking about, Don’t Follow Trends: Set Them!.

By no means was I trying to steal your design, enhancedmedia, or imitate the envato design, vrob. I respect your accomplishments too much to do that. I was simply following the current trends in web designing for software and web applications, and even the corporate world. Yet, with designs such as these it is important to set your self apart, aesthetically and in functionality. I believe that I have done that and that is what makes my design different from the other examples you guys have given.

Hi what is the Actual Size of the Template ?? 1024×786 ? this seems very small .. please advice.



The canvas size of the PSD file is 1000×732. I would advise centering the main content and allowing the banner/header/footer to run to the left and right. The template is easily editable if you’d like to make it larger.

I would definitely buy this theme if it was ported to wordpress.

Great job.

Tintin81 Purchased

Hi Arun,

I find it very hard to build a website from it because of the many gradients and shades you are using (they look great, don’t get me wrong here!). I would like to turn the edge of the banner image into a 1-pixel sliver which I can then use as a repeating background image that stretches over the entire screen (from left to right). This is almost impossible, however, due to the many gradients and brushes. And I don’t want to turn them off!! Because they look so great!

Could you possibly change the left edge of the banner so it becomes equal to the right edge? That would make your design just perfect and me a very happy man!

Possible? Please let me know…


I have already contacted you about this situation and it has been taken care of. The gradients have now been adjusted for easier coding but the aesthetic appeal is no less than the previous version. TF has just informed me that the changes have been updated and you may now redownload the file.

Hey arunkurian92,

Nice template! I bought it for myself to check it out and i am impressed!

I do have a question about the featured area underneath the header, out of all the jquery sliders and etc, what would you suggest i use to implement that area?

Apart from that, it has been a real pleasure coding the file as the PSD is organized very nicely.

A common jQuery slider would be jFlow but in my opinion, the kinetics of the slider are not really suited for a professional template.

Something that I would probably end up using would be either a simple Javascript slider, or something like Step Carousel Viewer because it is very simple.

Has anyone coded up this template in xHTML/CSS direct from the template?

If so, Please email me via my Den page.