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csberry1 Purchased

Hi Guys

Love your work, im another one who has uploaded the content(without editing) to the directory and just get the loading screen.

can you help.




Hi csberry1,
thanks for purchasing the template. Can you send us your url so we can check.
Thanks :)

Hi there.

I’d like to know how to translate the lines of the forms for my language. I didn’t find on the index these lines. Can you help me?

<input type="text" id="subject"/>

It says “text” but i want to change…


Hi man,
All you need to do to modify your recipient address is to edit config.php

Hi, the facebook counter seams to work fine but the twitter counter is still on 0. Any idea what might be the issue here? Best, Teddy

Hi, the facebook counter seams to work fine but the twitter counter is still on 0. Any idea what might be the issue here? Best, Teddy


Hi teddy,
thanks for purchasing the template.
Can you give us your site URL so we can check?
You can start a new discussion to our support forum www.support.drythemes.com as well.

epsteida Purchased

Love the template! I was wondering how I can edit the message box that comes up. Currently, the form needs Name, Email, Subject, and Message to be able to send. But I only want Email and Message. How do I do this? I was planning on photoshopping the image, but what do I need to change in the code to make this work? Thanks! And once again, Big Bang is awesome.


Hi epsteida,
It’s doable, but not so easy. I already talked with our developer and he will help you out. Please “Start a New Discussion” via our support forum www.support.drythemes.com

Hi, twitter & Facebook counter seems to work fine in all other browsers except internet explorer, there FB counter is still on 0. Any idea what might be the issue here?

Also subscriber & contact form button are taking 30-40 secs before displaying confimation message and even after that i get no email in my inbox about them. I have edited config.php with my email ids.


Thanks for purchasing the template cheetasingh and for supporting us,
I saw your topic via our support forum (www.support.drythemes.com) and our developer will help you out there :)

Longmanx Purchased


I have just started coding your template but my tweet url still forwards to your page. Have I missed something as I thought I had changed it.

This is my URL


Thanks Pete

Longmanx Purchased

Dont worry. Sorted it out :)


Oh, sorry for the delay. I already send the ticket to our developer. It’s faster if you use our support forum (support.drythemes.com)
And thanks for purchasing the template Longmax. Enjoy :)

I downloaded the file but it wont upload to wordpress themes…what shuld I do?


Hi mekaseymour,
this is NOT wordpress theme. Just a simple html/css

Hi, I need the contact form to be Name, Email, PHONE , Message…

How do I change the “subject” line to “phone”?

I started a discussion on your support page…


Hi blindeyecreative and thanks for purchasing. Our developer will help you via our support forum today.


Great thanks. I’ll check the forum for a response then

Hi, I just bought and downloaded this template.

I must be doing something wrong??(this is weird) – but I can’t even load it up working onto my own browser.

All I see is the (ajax-document-loader.gif) spinning on screen and that is it, nothing else loads. I’ve tried on both firefox and chrome (windows).

The site looked and worked fine on the live demo, so I bought it.

Do I need to load it up on my website first? (doesnt sound right). I was hoping to edit and review while it was still on my harddrive??

help – thanks.


Greetings, our theme is not translate ready, so it means that does not support multiple languages.
To run that website you need to have apache server installed on your computer.
If you just try to run your site on your local machine as any html file you are getting just a loader because php files can not be executed like that.
If you use windows you can use wamp server for that, if you use linux you can use lamp. For more details feel free to contact us on our support forum.

quosmo Purchased

i have been using this theme for a while but the twitter feed suddenly stopped working recently. then i noticed on here the ‘live preview’ the twitter feed is also broken. something wrong with the library used or something ? not sure … i dont see anything obvious :(

quosmo Purchased

i got it working. the twitter feed on this is broken, you need to update the /js/custom/tweets.js file with a working version which uses a different twitter api url, the one this comes with is broke.

it worked for a while, but then stopped so i am guessing something changed recently in twitters api services .. so its not a fault of the theme but it needs updating.

thanks for a great piece of work! i love it!


wow, that’s was fast. I looked last night and at my demo as well and didn’t find the issue. So it’s api :) Thanks buddy. I will update template a.s.a.p.

quosmo Purchased

cool no problem. just update this line in ../js/custom/tweets.js

$.getJSON(‘http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name='+twitterName+'&count=6&callback=?', function(data) {

(thats the correct api call and is working for me : i actually just pulled it from one of your other themes which was working fine …)

runtim Purchased

I’m having some issues with customizing the background images. The bg.jpg image’s color shifts when I re-save it.

I’m basically trying to remove the triangles and when I save the image, the colors no longer match.

Why is this?


Hmm… strange. Send me file via email and I’ll remove BG for you.

php or smtpmail?

Please be advised that we do not provide support for this item anymore. You can check our support forum and there’s a good chance that you will find the answer in old topics. Thanks for understanding.

Hello for some reason the twitter feed isn’t working. Any idea on what needs to be changed in the tweets.js file?