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What is the best image size for the slider?

In the demo site I used 1280px x 492px sized images in the slider. I recommend using 1280px wide and less than 500px tall. Making all images the same size will keep the slider perfect.

Opening a file in TextEdit (Mac)

When opening a theme file (.html or .txt) in TextEdit you need to do one of the following:

Option 1: 1. When opening the file check the box on the bottom of the dialog window that says ‘ignore rich text commands’

Option 2: Open the app preferences first, then choose ‘Pain Text’ as the default type for opening a new file (then restart the app and open the file) ‚Äč

If all works out fine, when opening the theme, the first line you should see will start with <!doctype html>

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Misspato offers support by email to support (at) misspato.com. Please always mention the theme you are referring to.