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elyase Purchased

Hi, the theme looks great. there is a problem though, in mobile you have to tap twice in order to display the popups. Could you please fix this?


Fixed, new update is released :)

merlo11 Purchased

Hi, I buy your work, is so good!! i like it, well done (5stars)!! i have just 1 question if is possible: if i visit the webpage on mobile(iphone-ipad-samsung-ecc) i must clik 2 time the icon, 1st to select(and change color) 2nd for show it. in your opinion Is possible to do just 1 clik on “mobile” browser ? ty so much for your work. Carlo


great, ty so much! 1 question: must I re-update all file or just update javasript-jquery or somthing else htlm page?

I just downloaded the update and now when i click any of the links that link to a page like home/portfolio nothing happens. the social buttons work fine. but none of the actual site pages work now


Hey, thank you for your purchase and I am sorry that you are experiencing this. Can you please provide me with a link to page where The Compass is hosted? I will be glad to debug it for you.


Love your theme, I wanted almost exactly this kind of layout so I’m very happy to have bumped into this..

Some questions: I don’t want to use the icons from the repo so I made my own png’s and instead of the tags for the icons I just used an tag. Only problem now is that they are rotated :) How do I fix this?

Another thing, I tried to make the buttons bigger, which worked and I repositioned them, but the ‘circle’ they’re around also needs to get bigger. (the icons get bigger and stay above the .main .circle).

Couldn’t find that css line …


I’ve downloaded this template and I’m experiencing problems. I’ve opened it. Once I open index and try navigate to the pages it does not work, unless I try open the external links such as twitter, so basically the portfolio, resume and about pages do not load. Also when I navigate to the page section in pages, the information isn’t styled. It seems the pages aren’t linked and they have no styling. What do I do?

If anyone is reading this and knows how to resolve any issues with this template as from my previous comment it is not working, please email jdavey1996@gmail.com. It seems the developer will not respond as of yet and the website itself hasn’t done also. I’m not overly impressed as the money has gone out of my account and i’m left with a template that is barely functional.


This theme is really great. I’ve purchased for a very small and simple project I have. Anyway, I’ve set it all up, and tested it on popular browsers (Chrome, FF, IE). However, I notice that the animations and the homepage text isn’t displayed on IE.

Now we all know that IE is crap, and I don’t really mind the animations not working, however, the homepage text not working is an issue for me.

If you want to check, the URL is http://theinfamousbiker.com




Sorry for the delayed response. I just checked out your site, looks awesome!!

As far as IE goes, yes animations do not work on IE do to lack of CSS3 support. I made sure that IE at least shows the minimum, without all the sexiness. However, I do not understand the issue with the “homepage text” can you please elaborate or email me with the screenshot? my email is hi@sonnyt.com



Hey, this should be fixed now!


Hey Sonny,

I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of help with the theme please? I’m not sure if this is covered under the scope of the support in place with the theme, so if it isn’t, I totally understand.

What I’m looking to do is change the background of the site to an image, rather than a colour. So I’ve gone into the color directory under assets, and had a look at the CSS. However, it’s not clear which line I need to change in order to set a static image as the background.

Could you assist please?




Hey Kev,

Yes of course, open the css file of the color you’re planing on using. Edit the line 5. Replace the `background: #363f48;` with `background: url(IMG URL HERE);`

This should be it, Let me know if this helps.



Ah ha!

That’s where the problem was, I was using background:url (‘image.jpg’);

Had the syntax slightly wrong. Thanks Sonny, that worked great.


awesome, glad to help :)

Hey, loved your work and would love to use it but i have one question, how is the blog working, do i link it to my personal blog or is there a backend cms?



With this version you can only link to an external blog. However you can download the Wordpress version of this theme at http://themeforest.net/item/the-wp-compass-modern-blog-vcard-portfolio/6790904 to have fully featured blog and everything.


How do I use one of the triggers as a phone number.

  • it doesnt work. what am I missing here…. thanks…



    I am sorry for the delayed response, I just wanted to let you know that we are looking into this issue and will release an update as soon as we figure out a best way to solve this problem.

    Best Regards,


    It’s been four months. Do you have any idea how to solve this issue – Thanks

    Let be more specific. I am trying to use one of the list trigger items as a button with a phone icon that can be clicked or touched and have the user be able to ring my phone.

    <li class="trigger-item"> <a href="tel:18008882365" data-type="link" data-title="Call Now" data-url="tel:18008882365" target="_new"><i class="icon-phone" /></a> </li>

    I am scratching my head right now….


    Very nice theme, but have a few issues i hope you can resolve: 1: In IE and Firefox the icons don’t appear. In Chrome they do, but react a bit strange (if you mouseover about for example everything on the page moves a bit and back). 2: If your browser window height is less than 500px it’s impossible to close an opened item, because the X for closing is outside the visible area and there isn’t a scroll option available. (This is an issue if you don’t have the browser full screen or when using browser plugins that occupy the upper area.)

    Nice Theme. But the triggers are “wobbely” on Chrome for Mac! Would be Awesome if you could fix that.

    Nice and simplistic! Good work!;

    damo_w15 Purchased

    Hey! Loving the theme. Just a quick question, in Safari the text which appears inside the photo circle is practically unreadable.

    Here’s my site if you want to take a look http://djw.net.au/

    Cheers! :)

    what options do I have social networks: facebook, instagram, ???


    It uses Font Awesome, so you can basically link to anything :)