The Curator: Premier WP Timeline Theme for Artists

The Curator: Premier WP Timeline Theme for Artists - Art Creative

The Curator is a premier timeline theme for WordPress. This theme was built for artists and/or museums that want to display their work with a chronological focus. Even if you’re not an artist and just want to show historical content in a timeline, this theme is for you.

What buyers are saying:

[five stars]
“This is an awesome theme.”
- hankisaac (purchased 100-500 items)

[five stars]
“Customer service and flexibility has been awesome.”
- tatiana (purchased 10-49 items)

[five stars]
“Brilliant theme. Very simple and clean. “
- Doomedlover

[five stars]
“Really nice.”
- toasterbec

[five stars]
“An A+, five stars, and hip, hip, hooray from this very satisfied customer.”
- mpsCurator

[five stars]
“Dude, just like all of theMOLITOR themes, this theme is dope!!”
- kaledonder

[five stars]
“This may literally be one of the coolest things that I’ve seen on ThemeForest.”

[five stars]
“Perfect theme for artists! The tutorials are very practical and the hotline is very responsive and really helps to use the theme.”
- emgerard

[five stars]
”...This is a great theme. Highly recommended. The timeline is one of the best implementations of a timeline I have seen and so easy to manage.”
- robinlayfield (purchased 10-49 items)


  • NEW! Touch gesture support (left/right swipe)
  • NEW! Theme options via WP Theme Customizer
  • NEW! Overflow text scroll effect for long timeline titles
  • Translation ready
  • .POT file included
  • Full color control of text, background and accent colors
  • Semi-responsive layout
  • WordPress custom background support
  • Control how the timeline is broken up (i.e. by year, decade, century or millenium)
  • Parallax background effect
  • Display as many widgets as you want in the “info panel”
  • Super easy post slider
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Super easy admin panel
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system (no TimThumb)
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects
  • Looks pretty on an iPad :-)
  • FREE support and updates.


= v 1.4.3 - 02/07/2014 =
* Code improvements and optimizations. 

= v 1.4.2 - 12/10/2013 =
* Fixed minor issue with lightbox script.

= v 1.4.1 - 15/11/2013 =
* Fixed loading animation bug in Chrome.

= v1.4.0 - 09.20.2013 =
* UPDATED: theme customizer panel sections layout
* ADDED: email input field CSS styling
* ADDED: option to turn post title year on/off
* ADDED: option to link to post page instead of image
* ADDED: timeline order option
* ADDED: touch gesture support (left/right swipe)
* ADDED: additional category timeline options
* ADDED: overflow text scroll effect for timeline titles

= v1.3.0 - 09.12.2013 =
* Added WP Theme Customizer support (replaces OptionTree theme options panel).

= v1.2.4 - 02.20.2013 =
* Added localization support.

= v1.2.3 - 02.12.2013 =
* Updated theme options panel.

= v1.2.2 - 12.16.2012 =
* Updated: jQuery UI
* Fixed: WP 3.5 issue with home page category control.

= v1.2.1 - 11.26.2012 =
* Updated: theme options panel appearance and updated/added support tab.

= v1.2.0 - 08.09.2012 =
* Added: Built-in theme options. Plugin no longer required.

= v1.0.1 - 07.25.2012 =
* Fixed: Issue with left/right arrows not showing when divider is set to "none".

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