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Where’s the PREVIW ?

you need a live preview cannot judge it from the tiny screenshot

Unlikely sales will follow without a preview.

Hold on people, maybe it’s being uploaded or something, have some patience. From the screenshot looks really cool, can’t wait to see the live preview.


Thank you for your support friend :)

5 hours to post a preview? me thinks not.

The admins should not allow any posts to go active without a preview.

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay with the preview, I didn’t realize that Envato isn’t hosting live previews, my mistake. Preview will be available soon.

Thank you for your time :)

You’re building up anticipation …

Thought I’d share a little tip: until the update is accepted (which may be no earlier than next year), you can put a direct link to the preview on the item details page.

Seems solid

there are no screenshots -> there is no preview -> how is it possible???

Still no preview over a day later and no sales.. They are related

No preview =’s no sales


Live preview IS active. I’m using Firefox and I see two buttons, Live preview and Screenshots. In addition while the Live Preview wasn’t working I made a FullHD video of me going through the theme, link to the video is in the first sentence of the item description.

Not sure why you can’t see the preview, I tested it on few different workstations and it is working :)

Love your style Sandra. Sweet stuff, you have a very lovely and creative touch dudette. Hats off :-)


Very nice of you to say so Frozt :-)

Thank you very much :-)

Hi, Is there anyway a blog page (recent blogs, not archives) can be added to this beautiful one page template?


Hi, sorry for a slow respond.

Yes, is possible if you know how to code. Some of my costumers have added various features to the existing design.

All the best :-)

Jaooooo bre koliko komentara :) Stvarno super stvar :) Sve najbolje s prodajama :)


Hvala ti puno brate :) I ja tebi zelim sve najbolje sa prodajama :)

Gracias mi armano :)

Hello and congratulations for your great theme! However, I have a problem with the slideshow (with IE9). The slideshow stops in the second image. The third image does not slip and does not appear in IE9. No problem with Firefox. Can you help me with a patch fix? Thank you for your help and response.


Check your mail :)

Hello and thank you for your answer. The theme hosted on your own website has the same problem in my browser IE9. I found the solution. You need to download “jquery.cycle.all.js” on the website Jquery. I replaced the one that you provide. Everything works perfectly now. Good evening and happy holiday season!


I’m glad you solved the problem, but I still don’t have that problem in IE9 :)

Happy holidays to you as well :)

Regards :)

Hello, can the background be changed to other colors or maybe a photo? thanks! nice work

...another question :) , instead of images can i put videos? thanks