The Firestorm – Personal Blogging and Photography

“The Firestorm” was done for Blogger CMS and serves as a good platform for personal writings and photographs. Layout fits any screen resolution, written in HTML5 and has several well-styled native Blogger widgets + variety of custom features.


Template includes sliding photo background, static photo background, sliding panels, HTML5 music player, custom search, custom archive page, working contact form and many more features. All elements are resizable (images, embedded video, contact form, post boxes etc). For complete list of features visit this page.

Tested on: latest (right to the moment) versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera on iMac + Chrome Windows + IE9 +IE8 + iphone 4S.

Downloadable folder includes:

  • xml file (main template file)
  • html files for post formatting, static pages and widgets markup
  • css files
  • js files
  • placeholders and graphic elements

Things to note:

  • From mobiles please browse the site using native Blogger mobile mode (although template resizes and can be viewed on mobiles as well, Blogger native mobile mode offers better experience.
  • IE8 does not support many features so do not expect same browsing experience like you get it on Chrome.
  • Google web fonts are rendered by Windows pretty poorly, if you are not satisfied with how fonts look on Windows replace them with web-safe fonts.

Thank you!