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Jwhosky1, there is no way of getting the Twitter feed to work using any of the files included with this HTML website.

However, I purchased + implemented the Social Stream PHP Script from CodeCanyon into my website and it is working perfectly fine.

Hi berber,

I removed those lines, and although it no longer asks me to enter a website, the form no longer sends…

Some adjustments need to be made on the JS. Will email you the file when it’s ready.

That will be great. Also if you could mention what was changed so I know for future reference.


Love the design, great work, will defo buy the wordpress version also if you ever do one. What font have you used on the logo?

Thanks Leehart! The font is NeoRetroFill :) Wordpress version is in progress. ;P

So, I have the psd and the HTML of this template. Still no luck of finding a justify developer. Wordpress version on progress – yeah.

Thanks for your support! Wordpress version is in progress :)

Is there any WordPress version?

Yes, working on it:)

Hi Berber,

I really love this template, awesome work and so unique! Can’t wait to see future templates from you! :)

It seems pretty easy to edit and work with so far, which was surprising for me given the unique design. Even editing the PSDs was a breeze because they are so well organized.

What I am trying to do now is to center this area in the browser: <div id="main"> <div id="content" role="main"> <div class="entry-content"> <div id="page_our"> So...basically I am talking about the 4 picture boxes in the 'About' page. Even in the live preview and in the original un-edited page, the 4th one hangs off on the lower left (not centered) in IE8, but it was centered perfectly in Firefox and other more modern browsers so I wasn't too concerned. But, instead of having 4 of these picture boxes with name and email details below it, I need to have 6 in total. So, I wanted three on top (centered) and three on bottom. I did that in the HTML code and created a CLEAR div class to put in between them, but everything just floats off to the left.... even when the float tags are removed via the CSS. it possible to customize this area to include more or less than 4 employees? Can't figure out how to make it happen thus far :( Other than that an AWESOME TEMPLATE</div></div></div></div>

Any Idea how much more time it’ll be before that wordpress version is done?

Hello I don’t know how to get in touch with Beber directly, but I have been tasked by another client to convert this template into a wordpress theme, I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks, Beber I would greatly appreciate your input on this, if you have one in the pipeline I’m happy to hold off and wait, but if you’re struggling to get the wordpress version developed please let me know and hopefully it’s something we can collaborate on?



Hi Guys, I love this theme I have been looking for a hand drawn type theme for ages.

I do however need it as a Wordpress theme, any idea when you will have it ready?

Hi, the wordpress version will be ready very soon, sorry it’s taken a little longer than expected.

Hi Berber, I bought your template. I love it. The site works beautifully. I’d like to purchase the wordpress version. When will it be available?


So interesting! Great compilation with some hand-drawn items on GR!

You obviously mentioned some time ago that you had a wordpress in development, in fact 6 months ago you said it was very very close, any chance this has been released and I just can’t find it? I love the theme but I make too many changes on too regular a basis to operate from HTML….

We are so sorry for the delay, there have been some problems with the development work and we are now at the final stage which is the preparation of the documentation. Hopefully we will be able to upload it very soon. Will definitely keep you posted! Thank you for your support!

It has now been another month since this post….I love the theme but need the flexibility that wordpress allows for!! Can you give a firm date of release or I will have to make do with another theme and you will lose the sale….Surely if it is just documentation this is a matter of a couple of days at best, I would maybe suggest that you are actually still developing the site and you are a way off?


Can i insert Vimeo video in portafolio?


Any update on the wordpress theme? I’ve been waiting for a year now :P

For anyone looking for the wordpress theme, just get this theme, for the css file and images, then download the free toolbox theme from wordpress. The css file will work with all the elements! You’ll need to make some minor changes here and there, but it works!

I would buy this template only it doesn’t appear to be responsive?

Good work Like it!;