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WAAAY kool! I wish it was WP tho :crying:

Thanks! Will consider a WP if response is good:)

You’re most welcome!

Hopefully if the response is good:)

Love this! Been waiting for HTML or WP version for some time!

Is the index meant to have a slider? At the moment it’s a static image, but I can see in the html that the div is set for a slider. I’d like to enable that please.

Hi Berber, that’s great, thank you. Could you reply here when it’s been approved and uploaded?

Hi Pixelgrease, the files approved and uploaded:)


The recent tweets works with a script from tweet api? in the example is a static content.

Nice theme. Different. Your Services menu item is broken (secrives => services) in your demo.

Thanks for pointing out rjacks! Corrected in the demo. Will upload the updated files too.

960 grid plus wordpress and I would defo buy, at a higher cost.

I really love the design, have bought the HTML version but am a little confused on how exactly I get the customised PSD files to show and operate within the HTML setup….any advice on this would be most appreciated. I have customised many a Wordpress site and would readily buy the WP version of this site for ease but for the meantime I will try and work out the HTML way ideally with some input from yourself

Thanks Philmacdonald, pls email me at, will try to help:)

If you release WP I ’ll deff buy :D

Thanks in advance!

I notice that the Twitter feed isn’t working. Is that being worked on?

Hi kenthompson, will check on this and post an update soonest. Thanks.

Great creative theme with nice typography!

Purchasing now to support a future WP version.

Well done mate.


Bro, if you would devolop a stationary package (letterhead, business card, etc) that matches the website, I would be the first to buy. Need it for true branding.

berber is there any way I could make the client carousel slide automatically (and loop)?

Also, is fhere a way to make the portfolio filters work?

I love this theme! But really would love it in WP. Great work!

The services page is broken. Services is misspelled. How do I set my twitter into it? How do I update the blog?

I’d love this in WP

Hi berber,

I have a couple of queries:

1. How do I make the ‘Website’ field in the contact form not a required field??

2. How do I make the Twitter feed work?

Also, please answer my last question I posted above a couple of days ago.


Sorry Samuel, what you see in the live preview is what you will be getting. The twitter is just a demo. So sorry.

I will talk to the programmer see if it’s possible to make some additional changes on the twitter.

Hi B,

Thanks for that. I just found some Twitter related .js files so thought there might be a chance the feed works.

One more thing, how do I make the ‘Website’ field in the contact form not required??

No problem. However, could you please try and get back to me as soon as possible as this website needs to go live.

Thank you.

Pls go to contact.html, and remove these tags in line 92 and line 93: This is not a valid website. This field is required.

Remove the error and empty class span:

span class=”error”>This is not a valid website. span class=”empty”>This field is required.</span

Question: For the twitter function to update automatically on this theme are there php files included for that function already, or is that something that will have to configured separately? Thanks

Hi, sorry you will have to configure that separately. Thanks.