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Very, very nice :-) ! Good luck !


Thanks mate :)

Great template. One question, can I add more than 15 pictures in portfolio section? Thanks


Yes you can add more than 15 pictures in portfolio, even 30 pictures because it is flexible.

omg, this is awesome!

any wordpress for this would be greatly appreciated and supported!


hello blurry, Thanks! and glad u like it :) Yes wordpress is coming soon, I will let you know as soon as the wordpress version is available.

Not good on a 17 inch monitor plus I get an error on page message in IE 7 : Line 1 Char 1 Error: Object expected Code: 0

Style 2 is definitely the most striking, the themeforest style is kind of bland :)

Once I saw Style 2 I decided to buy though, great work


Thanks for buying this template ;)

I too would like to know when the wordpress template is available. I would buy it!


I will let you know as soon as the wordpress version is available. :)

would definitly buy it if it would take 960px, now your template needs 1340px without horizontal scrollbar. is this possible? customer is waiting :-)


You mean you need the template the width of 1340px and without horizontal scrollbar?

Template should have 960px width without horizontal scrollbar. Thank you.

hello, I feel great and very practical, consult you on the job when you select a category such as “iPhone”and you click one of the images the lightbox gallery where there will be that one can manage at home with images one wishes? I can customize each lightbox “Work Image” to separate the images you want?

And purchase and down, I guess it will be as successful. Such designs need to manage image galleries. It is practical and easy to access, websites are so few. Thanks. Any questions you consult.

be possible to add a part where twitter also appear in the home?


First of all thanks for the purchase! Yes it is possible to add twitter tweets in the home.

Hi, I’m loading the gallery and I found this work, I want that when you click on the image of a “work name” I read only the ImageBase you put in a specific folder and when you click to another picture of me in open other specific folder PrettyPhoto gallery, as I can do that? Thanks

I found this picture “new” ribbon “can be put in the new category that load? for example in the picture “web design” bring back some with the image of “new” ribbon ”. Is it possible?

Good template! But I found some errors on the orginal html file! :(

1) Testing on IE 7 and 8, both have ” Line 1 Char 1 Error: Object expected Code: 0”

2) Testing on IE 7 and 8, both have ” ‘Parent().attr(...)’ is null or not an object” custom.js Line 117

Is it possible to solve of these errors? Urgent! Thank you!!

seems the author not reply the above problems at all !!! very disappointed! We have emailed him directly or post the error messages in this forum also havent got any reply! At least he need to provide some feedback or ideas to the users who brought it.


How well is the back end handle new content? What I’m trying to say is there a CMS built into this theme, I have a client who’s interested in using this theme but whats to make adjustments later on her own. Very novice user, thanks.

Hi, Where can I see other styles? Links seem to be broken…?


Hi bizior,

Thanks for your comment.

I’ve already edited the link of the other styles, you can check them now.

Best Regards, Joefrey

I’m new to the themeforest world. I love this theme, if I purchase it will I be able to replace the little nerdy logo with my business’ branding?


Yes you can change the logo with your own. :)