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Lovely theme.

I’d like pages like “About Us” to have page titles but they don’t seem to show up automatically. Is there a place to turn them on or do they have to be created manually with H1 tags?




First of all- I’m glad you like my theme :)

There is no place to turn on titles to be shown, basically you have to create them with H1 tags. If you want I can tell you how to change the code so it shows the titles.

Hey pexeto, is there a way to privately contact you! Thanks.




You can contact me via my profile page or write me a email at: pexetostudio [at] gmail.com

hello I want to translate this theme turkish. is it possible?



Yes, it is possible and it is very easy to do it from the admin panel :)

thanks. sorry i reported your comment accidently

Hi Pexeto,

Firstly, great job on this theme! We searched for a long time and yours was the one that finally convinced us.

I’d like to ask for your help regarding a couple of small customisations:

Firstly, we are using the homepage template (not blog) for the landing page. Instead of showing posts of a category (bottom left), we would very much prefer to show pages – how can we change this in the theme files?

Secondly, I would like to ask whether the image slider size can be adjusted so that it takes up less space, i.e. is less high (and maybe less wide)?

Again, thank you, hope to hear from you soon.




First of all- thank you, I’m glad you like my theme :)

The easiest way to use pages instead posts on home page is to replace this code (starting from line 53):

                'showposts' => -1, 
                'cat' => $catId,

with this one:

                'showposts' => -1, 
                'post__in' => array(3,4,5)

On the place of 3,4,5 you have to insert the IDs of the pages that you would like to be shown there.

About changing the slider size, you have to open the style.css file and change the width/height values of the sections .fadeWrapper and div.wrapper. Also if you change the width, you have to open the slider.js file (within the “script” folder) and change the value of the holderWidth variable (line 27).

Also, I would like to know how we can change the code so that page titles are shown, instead of having to create them with h1 tags (as in Bathabile’s question above).



You have to open the page.php file and just after this line (line 20):

<div id="pageContent">

you have to add this line:

<h1><?php the_title();?></h1>

He pexeto,

Awesome theme! Thanks for releasing it onto the world!

I have a couple customization questions; one is pretty easy, and I think the other is more complex. You’ll have to bear with me, as I’m pretty much a total WP n00b, though I’ve managed to do some pretty cool customizations so far…

  1. The easy one first: how can I increase the width of the menu dropdowns so that longer page titles can be displayed on one line? Right now, some of the menu options wrap around, which makes it looks like one item is actually two or more. I imagine this is in the superfish.css file, and I’ve increased the width 10em to 20em, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Thoughts?
  2. Now, the more difficult question: I am in need of creating more template files (basically, duplicates) that will allow me a greater degree of customization. I’ll also need to register new sidebar widget areas that are unique to each additional template. I think I know how to do that (in fact, I’ve already created a new homePage template to suit my needs), but what I don’t know how to do is how to make sure that one page template calls another customized one. Here’s an example…

    I’ve set up the theme so that anything I add to portfolio DOESN ’T show up in the blog (or, on my site, “news”). This obviously makes my portfolio posts “non-blog” in the eyes of your theme, and so they use the homePage template. The problem is, I’ve got widgets assigned to the homepage sidebar that I don’t want to show up in these portfolio posts. I realize I need a different template/sidebar as mentioned above, but I don’t know how to make one call another. Does this make sense?
I realize that that’s some pretty deep customization there, but I’m hoping you can shed some light on this and point me in the right direction. I’m happy to provide more information here or privately, if you prefer.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the reply, pexeto. Yes, you pretty much have it; very detailed and helpful.

To expand a bit: let’s say I have three top-level pages called Page1, Page2, and Page3, and three corresponding categories called Cat1, Cat2, and Cat3. The three pages may or may not use the same template. Posts created for each page will use the corresponding category, so for example Cat1 belongs to Page1, and so on.

Let’s also say that I created three corresponding single-post template files called Single1.php, Single2.php, and Single3.php, and they’re all set up with they’re own custom sidebars and widgets.

The $64,000 Question: How do I make the posts from each individual page/category call its corresponding single-post template? Do I need to set up different top-level page templates that are paired with specific single-post templates?

I realize this is way outside the scope of your theme, and I apologize for being so needy (!!) but this site I’m working on needs a bit more customization than I’m able to do with my meager WP skillz.

I appreciate your help and patience!


Oh. Ha. Google solved it, I think. Apparently there are a couple of ways of doing this. There are plugins available that allow you to choose a post template in much the same way that you can apply a page template. There is also a method where you can add a short piece of code to the functions.php file, and it will automatically select a corresponding single-XX.php template based on the category ID; check here for the how-to.

I’m going to play with this and see how it works… unless you have a better suggestion of how to achieve this painlessly (‘cuz I just know I’m gonna break something)!


PS: Quick clarification: which template file does the them use if a post is marked as a non-blog post? Just want to make sure I’m duplicating the correct one…


I’m glad you have found a solution :)

I think using a plugin is much better than changing the code. When changing the code it is very easy to break something and then you might need lots of time until you find the “bug”.

Both blog and non-blog posts use the single.php file. There is just a verification for the type of post and depending on the post type, it displays different content.

Great theme!!!

Under Portfolio item categories, how can i not show the portfolio category which is required as per your instructions: “1. You have to create a portfolio category (it’s name does not have to be “Portfolio”). All the posts from this category or this category subcategories will be shown on the portfolio page.”

Example: mine looks like this…

Categories: all ceremonies portfolio venues

but i just want to show:

Categories: all ceremonies venues



I’m glad you like my theme :)

On the portfolio page the categories that are shown are the child subcategories of the main category that you have set with the postCategory custom field. If the main parent category is shown, then you haven’t set the postCategory custom field correctly. If you set it correctly, the parent category shouldn’t be shown there. So please check if you have set the ID of the Portfolio category in the postCategory custom field and if so, check the way your categories are organized. If the parent category is Portfolio and all the other categories are Portfolio’s subcategories, it should all look alright and the parent category should not be shown there.

Hi There… I’m running into a few glitches with this theme as I try to customize it for the project I’m building….

One of the main ones that I don’t know how to fix is that i want to use the Lightbox plugin in the theme for images, other than the images in the portfolio section. How do I activate the lightbox plugin? Or how do I get the images that are embedded into the pages (not the photo gallery) to pop up? Basically, every time I activate the Lightbox plugin, the drop down menus go dead.





When creating/editing your posts and pages you have to click on the HTML tab and there insert this code:

<a href="big_image_url" class="single_image" rel="prettyPhoto[group]"><img src="small_image_url" alt="" /></a>

On the place of the big_image_url and small_image_url text you have to insert the full paths to your big and small images.

I’m having one more issue… The Blog page has gone wonky… The footer is at the top of the page. I have no clue why.


Please help! The blog page is definitely kind of confusing to customize / configure….. (le sigh)

meow /s


This theme requires widgets to have titles set. So you just have to insert titles to your widgets, or if you don’t want any titles, you can insert ” ” (blank space) in the title field. Your first widget does not have a title set.


You didn’t answer my actual question: the footer is at the top of the page…..? what up? of course i am still in the process of configuring the widgets….

I’m having an issue with the footer floating about 20-30 pixels above where it should be. I’ve made sure that my widgets not having titles is not the issue. Any suggestions? This isn’t an issue on my home page but it’s on all of the other pages.

Amazing theme, by the way. VERY well thought out and built.


I haven’t changed anything to the code. Take a look at what I have thus far at http://piousbook.com. The front page is fine but the other pages have the floating footer.


Any suggestions yet? Please?



I am sorry for the delay, I must have missed your comment. So, I cannot see any footer floating on your site, what browser do you use? And also can you please send me some screenshots on my email on pexetostudio[at]gmail[dot]com, so I can see it?


Thanks again for your assistance on the custom page templates and sidebars earlier; I think I’ve got things in pretty good shape now through a combination of plug-ins, custom fields, and duplicated templates. I’ve got just a couple of other styling/customization questions I hope you might be able to assist with…

  1. It seems that when using the full-width template or the portfolio template, there is a bit more whitespace between the menu bar and the beginning of the page content. The spacing looks nice on the other templates (e.g. single-post, default page, etc.), but I can’t figure out which DIV /content block needs to have the styling tweaked in order to decrease the whitespace. I’m guessing this has something to do with the lack of a sidebar. If you’d like, I can send you a link to my site for you to have a look.
  2. Thank you for including your custom plug-ins with the theme; they’re a great addition! I really like the way the “post loader” plug-in styles posts, but I’m wondering two things: is it possible to reverse the order of the post listing, so the oldest is at the top, and how can I hide the comment count and the bubble?
  3. The “portfolio loader” plug-in is great as well. Can it be made to either randomize the posts that it displays, or is there a way I can add specific post IDs in order to make display user-selected posts, instead of just the latest ones?
  4. I’m using the code and instructions you mentioned a few posts earlier in this thread about displaying pages instead of posts on the home/featured page. I’m using a customized version of this template for each of my top level pages, so that they show the child pages of that parent. The only weird thing is that I still have to use the “postCategory” custom field (though it doesn’t matter what I put in for the value) in order for it to display the subpages. It’s a little clunky, so I’m wondering if you can suggest a code tweak in order to make it so that I don’t need to use the “postCategory” field.
If you need any other information or clarifications, please let me know. Once again, I appreciate your great design and your excellent support.


Here are my answers:

1. You have to open the style.css file and in the section #portfolioCategories decrease the margin-top value. 2 and 3. Those plugins don’t support those features at this point of time, maybe you can search for some other plugins that can do this for you. 4. I’m not sure what code changes you have made so far, but I guess you have to use the custom field because a warning message is shown. If so, you can just open the homePage.php file and delete the text of the message that is shown there.

I hope this could help


Thanks for the help…

  1. Ah, I should have mentioned that I’m using the meta “categories=off” and I’ve also added a “get_content()” tag in order to display a bit of text that is typed into the portfolio page admin section. And would the #portfolioCategories class affect the full-width page template?
  2. Too bad on the plug-ins! All of the other post plug-ins I’ve tried do really ugly things with the formatting (though you can set the sort order with some of them), and I haven’t found anything remotely similar to your portfolio post loader. Oh well—consider them feature requests for v2.0!
  3. Same as above :)
  4. Yeah, it’s not really a problem; I can get the pages to show up that I want to show up. I just thought there might be a way to clean up the code and get rid of that conditional statement that looks for the “postCategory” field. No big deal.
Thanks again for the help.

Hi again,

1. Then you have to change the margin-top of the #portfolio section. You can use a negative value if needed. 2 and 3. I will bear this in mind for the next update :)

SJMC Purchased

I just wanted to comment on how incredibly helpful pexeto has been.

I’m still learning WordPress and I so appreciated the prompt help and patience shown in answering my e-mail requests for support. My site is humming now.

Thank you, pexeto.


Thank you very much for the nice words :) I’m glad I could help!

Hi Pexeto,

Something very simple is giving me a headache. I’ve sifted through the docs but just can’t work out why … No image is appearing in the header of the home page.

Created a page called Home Chose Home Page template In Papercore Image Fader settings I’ve inserted links to 2 images and checked the img’s exist at that location and Saved changes. I chose ‘Slider on posts/blog page’ =Fader. Checked the size 934×350

Still no images appear. I’m sure its user error but damned if I can see what I’m doing wrong.

Any ideas?



The ‘slider on posts/blog page’ setting is only for the index/blog page. You are using a home page template, so as described in the documentation in the section of this template you have to create a custom field called slider and in your case set the value to fader.

Me again,

I’m having a number of issues with the theme.

Using ‘Simple Sidebar Navigation’ – works fine on all my other themes but not Paper Core. I drag it into eg; Home Sidebar and when I go to add pages to the Nav, nothing happens – at all.

Also – when I add eg: the Text widget – it some how pushes my footer up to the header (yeah I know, sounds crazy huh).

This is the site in question: http://cauloniaapartments.com/


Regarding the plugin- I am not sure what might be the problem. If you want you can send me some login details via private message so I can have a look.

Regarding the footer- as stated in the documentation as a Note in red text- this theme requires widgets to have titles set (or at least insert a blank space in the title field), so please check whether all the sidebar widgets have titles set.

interesting to note that herbshirt is having the same problem w/ his website as i’m having w/ mine… footer on the top of the ‘home / blog’ page only! weird.


I have answered this question above :)

Bryan1 Purchased

I purchased this theme about a month ago. I did have a difficult time getting it started and doing the customizations. I would like to add that I did receive top notch support with timely email responses. The theme looks great and works well.

Thanks again


You are welcome :) and thank you for the nice words and support!

I’m having a weird issue with this template (I purchased it under a different username). When I view my homepage in IE8 , there’s a huge indent inserted before the “p” starts in the #postcontent div. But it looks fine in all other browsers (even IE7 ) I even tried to add an additional conditional comment for IE8 to load the IE7 css file, but that didn’t help. I’m not sure what’s causing this.

It seems to be only affecting the first post on the home page. (example: http://goo.gl/6JT2)

Once you click read more, and view the single post page, it looks fine (http://goo.gl/TIx7)

The only thing I might speculate is triggering this, is that the entry is very short??

I’d appreciate it if you could take a look and let me know what you think is causing this problem. Thanks!

Well, I added a few more lines of content to the post that was creating that issue and it seemed to resolve itself.

What can I do to remedy this in the future (other than writing longer posts—which seems to be a good temporary solution)?

Knew it would be something I was doing wrong.

re; Simple Sidebar Nav, I’ll try asking the dev of the plugin bfr I return.