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Is there a Wordpress version of this theme?


It is, on our website. Can’t share a link here tough because of ThemeForest’s terms and conditions. Get in contact with us on hello@themefuse.com and we’ll pick it up from there.

jpceja Purchased

It’s VERY misleading of you to put “Wordpress Theme” in the header of this HTML theme. We bought this for WP and now we find it’s just a pure HTML site.

I may file a complaint.


the WP version is available on our website, and the logo used there was not repalced for this HTML version i’m afraid. But no worries, you can get the WP theme from our site, with discount that will cover the money spent on this, paying just the difference. Just let us know.

Also, the word HTML is really resent everywhere you look in the theme’s details page here, so i wouldnt call it very misleading, but we will replace the logo in the Live preview.

Nice, clean HTML template. The css was a little on the advanced side, but I got through it and made the changes I needed. All the questions I had were already asked and answered in the support forum, which has a section dedicated to this template. The custom.css function is nice, and makes it easy to keep up with changes. Don’t be turned off by negative comments… they were just made by stupid people who didn’t read what they were buying. For the price, this is 5 stars all the way!

Great work on this template!! I was wondering what were the copyrights on the pictures you used. If possible, I would like to use them for my website. Thanks and good job once again.


You are not allowed to use the images I’m afraid, you’ll have to change them with your own.


Would buying the rights be an option?

Hi! Simple question: I want to use multiple forms on one page, but it doesn’t work. I tried to change “ajax_form” class, input id’s and so on, but it still not working. Can you explain me, how to change or duplicate sendform.php and custom.js, to make my forms working?


Please post on our dedicated Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) where our team will help you out in no time. Here, on comments, is very difficult to track and foolow the back-and-forth replies.

wa666ou Purchased

I bought this html and WP package also some time ago. Now, it looks like html package doesn’t work responsive way at smaller resolutions. See this: http://cl.ly/image/3m1w1r2j2f0A

WP version is ok: http://cl.ly/image/0D1I3p44401L

So will there be an update for HTML package or is it updated already? I wonder why my html shows that way…


The HTML is also responsive. Please re-download the theme if you have modified the CSS and it no longer functions correctly. Look at the Live preview right here, it adjust to the window being shrinked (needs refresh of the page because this would be like loading it on a mobile device)

wa666ou Purchased

Refresh works.

Great work …. but Twitter widget does not work in Chrome … Thanks


it works for us, i just tested in Chrome (26.0) and it works fine. Are you saying that you dont see in this page: http://themefuse.com/demo/html/ThePractice/index.html the middle Twitter widget area work?

123gas Purchased

it’s not a wordpress theme i want my money back


of course is not WordPress, it says in the title. Unfortunately we can’t control refunds here on ThemeForest but we can figure something out over email. Send us an email on hello@themefuse.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

dcj Purchased

This theme isn’t working for me of course. I don’t know code and i don’t have time to figure it out I just need help or a refund.


Please be so kind and post your question on our dedicated Support Forum, where our support team will help you out in no time. We don’t offer support here on the comments because it gets tricky pretty fast to follow the conversation and it’s also hard to be seen by others who might encounter the same issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

is it possible to change the primary color from red to another color? if so, how?


You need some CSS/HTML skills to do that. Is not that hard, you need to open the CSS file search for the color code and replace it with your own. Our guys on the dedicated support forum can point you in the right direction if you decide to purchase the theme.


Thank you for your direction. I appreciate your quick response.

Is there a way to disable the contact form on the contact template?

How do I get the Rev slider to spread across the entire home page?

I currently have the “Home Builder” set to one column and that column is set to page content. This column doesn’t display the slideshow across the entire page.

Reference: http://oklalegal.themoderninfluence.com

bluehour Purchased


I just want to tell anyone reading this and considering buying, go to the top of this page and hit “Purchase”. This is beautiful work, extensive documentation although I just opened it for the first time because I didn’t need it. One of the best I’ve seen.


thanks for the kind words Bluehour! Cheers!

I just purchased this theme not realizing that it was just HTML site because it said WP theme. Is there a Wordpress version of this? Can I get a refund to purchase the WP version?


Sorry that happened, I tried to make it as clear as possible on the product details page: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0de1xevo29.

Unfortunately we can’t control the refunds here, but we can offer you a discount for the WP that is sold on our website for the moment. We’ll add the theme here as well but it will take a while as the reviews are taking a bit long and we add the themes one by one. Send us an email from our profile page here and we’ll take it from there.

Hi, this is a very nice looking theme, I just purchased it but noticed that there’s no working php contact form, is there any way this could be added via an update or email? I know there’s not much code needed for a form of that complexity, but it’s a bit beyond my skills to do that myself


The Contact form IS working, the php files are all there.

Just wondering, except contact form and twitter integration, is there any php coding on theme?

I will purchase it, if all the items of theme will work with html, js and css only.


e.g. shortcodes… do they need any php or something else to work properly?


Shortcodes were designed specifically for the WordPress version, so they won’t work in this HTML version


So we need to use html tags instead of shortcodes. Got it. Thnks.

nurdit Purchased

I bought the HTML version and I want to know how can I speed up the slider speed on the home page?


nurdit Purchased

sorry, iv managed to do it. thanks


Sorry for late response.

Find this code in html page where you use the slider (by default index.html):
        play: 7000,
        pause: 7000,
        hoverPause: true,
        generateNextPrev: true,
        effect: 'slide',
        fadeSpeed: 250,
        slideSpeed: 700,
        slideEasing: 'easeInOutExpo',
        preloadImage: 'images/loading.gif'

and change the <strongq>play</strongq>, pause, fadeSpeed, slideSpeed vlaue to configure the slider like you need.

For more support questions and faster response, contact us on our forum: http://themefuse.com/forum/


Hello, It’s misleading of you to put this theme in “Wordpress Theme” and finally propose an HTML theme. We bought this theme thinking bought an WP and now we find it’s just a pure HTML site.

I may file a complaint. Would it be possible to change ?


Sorry you didn’t purchase what you think you did, but I’d say there is nothing misleading here and I’m pretty sure most of the people would agree: http://joxi.ru/BEVOUxjKTJBlQga_2Pk (what do you think?)

About the change, it can’t be done I’m afraid because the WP version is more expensive then the HTML one. What I can do is give you a voucher for the cash you already paid on the HTML theme and you can use it to purchase the WP version. Let me know on hello@themefuse.com and we’ll pick it up from there.