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eeuu2012 Purchased

I can not be used, this is a scam to please return my money.

Thank you.

user eeuu2012


It is not a scam euu2012. You only need to read before you buy ;)

eeuu2012 Purchased

This message gives me:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


That’s because you are trying to upload a HTML theme into WordPress and this is not a WordPress theme, it even says so in the title (:

You cheat me, your information is not clear.

I had to create a user with New cuent eeuu2013, because previous eeuu2012, curiously blockade.

I need my money back.

Its staff does not help me, I buy it thinking it was for wordprees.

I make my complaint to Paypal, to claim my money scam.

I’m not interested in doing business with you.

Only my money back.

We will take legal action against you.

Sincerely, representative Cosewa USA LLC


eeuu2013, I’m sorry you feel that way. We feel it is more that clear that this project is a HTML theme. No scam here mate. You only need to read before you buy something, that’s all.

Here is where it says that this project is a HTML theme.

I’d say it’s more then clear, don’t you?

just looking for excuses for not returning my money. You have no ethics!

photos of the html template, are damaged, so do not serve me well.

I need the wp template or return my money. Have some decency and dignity.


the images included are not damaged, they are blured because we have no rights on distributing them. The Wordpress version is available on our website, so if you’d like to updgrade to it just write us an email at hello@themefuse.com and we’ll give you a discount for the money spent on this HTML version.

You should be able to tell that all WordPress themes here on Themeforest are pricier than HTML ones, so you couldn’t actually expect to get a Wordpress theme for the price of HTML version. One is ~$14 and the Wordpress is ~$35. You can upgrade to the WorrdPress version if you’d like, by only paying the difference.

I made the same mistake, do you have a wordpress version.


yes, the Wordpress version is available on our website (can’t post link here due to restrictions). Also, you can email us at hello at themefuse dot com for a discount.

hi, how do i get link for the wordpress version? i cannot find it on your site.



this is not our site, and we are not allowed to post the actual URL in here because the WordPress version is not sold within Themeforest marketplace. Just google The Practice Wordpress theme.

flow77 Purchased

hello!! first of all: good work! i love it!!!

but i need to ask you something.

index.html is working with ö ü ä but not contacs.html or cases.html

how do i change this?? rest is perfect!!!!

please help :)

ok i found a way with ö and so on! but would be nice to know why it works on index.html and not on contacs.html :)


we’re investigating this, it’s probably a simple fix by using the same charset. We’ll update the theme asap.

flow77 Purchased

once again well done!!! i love it! everyone loves it !!!! still one question: how do i change colours of the page from RED to ORANGE at the NON wordpress template? cant find it in the style.css file


please post your questions on our dedicated Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) where our guys will help you out in no time. Doing it this way is easier to follow and faster, plus it gives access to other users that might encounter the same issue as you.

is this theme just for wordpress or i can use it also by myself just for html?


This is a HTML theme. The WordPress version is sold exclusively on our website.

Cuando trato de utilizar el archivo custom.css, el Responsive Web Design para de funcionar.

Además, La versión para 980px en Safari tiene errores en las imagenes.

Necesito soporte puntual para esto. Gracias.


For support, please go to our Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) where our guys will help you out in no time. Also, the RWD works like a charm now, after the last update.

RubyLu Purchased

I just sent you a direct e-mail, I need some assistance gettin the Twitter widget working – mainly, with the CURL extension. Thanks! :)


Ruby, you’ll need to go through the proper channels to receive support and that is posting on our dedicated support forum. We are not offering support here as it is impossible to follow by other that might encounter the same issue or have the same question.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and patience.

Hi, What do I need if I wanna use the blog , in order for the blog to look same like in this html template and work? Thank you


You need the WordPress version, that is available on our website. Can’t post the link here though. Hope this helps.

Lawyer, Legal Offices HTML Theme… No problems and it works perfectly. Good job ThemeFuse. I love the detail.


Cool, that was the idea :), thanks for the kind words.

RubyLu Purchased

I just realized that the dropdown menu images are sprites from this URL in the file general.js: http://yumistudio.com/CloudHost/images/dropdown_sprite.png

This is confusing to me, can you explain the reason for this? I don’t want to link-out to a site I’m unfamiliar with, I would prefer that all the images or image sprites needed for the theme to work be included in the theme, rather than on someone else’s website. Is this there so that purchasers link-back to your site? I don’t understand this, please fix in the next update.

I just bought the wordpress theme for “The Practice – Lawyer, Legal Offices HTML Theme”, I can not install it, the message says file corrupt wordpress template missing. I urgently need to install the theme as I do?


it’s not the WordPress version – it’s the HTML theme (as it’s title, promo image and description suggest). That’s a big difference. The WordPress version is available exclusively on our own website (can’t post link unfortunately)

How easy is it to change the padding/margins on the sides so the content area can go closer to the edges of the website frame.


If you know a bit of HTML /CSS I think is not that hard.

Hello TFuse – love this design – its the HTML I want ( not the WORDPRESS ) don’t see why most of the comments here ‘confuse’ the WP version and the HTML version – you only have to read ! ANYWAYS : my question pre-sales is as folows: (1) IS TWITTER CODE IMPLEMENTED NOW ? (2) THERE ARE REFERENCES TO WP ON THE HTML SITE – are these just there as you built WP from this template ( maybe thats why people get confused ) ? (3) PRICING PAGE IS A ‘HOSTING SITE ’ FORMAT – WHY IS THAT ? (4) ARE THERE ANY PENDING UPDATES SOON OR ARE YOU LEAVING ‘AS IS’ NOW – A FINISHED PRODUCT as it were ? (5) PHOTO SLIDER – THE PHOTOS CAN BE CHANGED OF COURSE BUT IS THERE A DEFINED SIZE OR DOES THE HTML RESIZE THE PHOTOS ON IT OWN – IE, FOR THE RESPONSIVE ELEMENTS .

best wishes MONJU

Does anybody respond on this site or do we just get ignored – what a load of BS!! YOU WANT OUR $$$$ though right ?


If you want support you’ll need to come to the dedicated support forum like everyone else. We’d love to help you there. We don’t give support here because it is imposible to track by other that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions.

The Practice Support forum

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Monju Purchased

Hello TFuse – my questions were PRE -SALES not SUPPORT if you read my comments ( as you keep telling other purchasers to do when they get very confused over all the WP references in your HTML version on this site ) – I thought this site would be the appropriate forum for pre-sales questions since you use this site to SELL your product. You clearly didn’t read my first message – I write two messages see the postings.

The Practice Support forum is for POST -SALES questions and support isn’t it ? If not, why are you not selling your HTML version on your own site, like you do for WP version ? That would make sense.

I am confused I have to say with your logic – anyways I purchased your HTML template so now I can go to The Practice Support forum and ask my PRE -SALES questions, right ?



you can ask any question you like on the FOrum as well as onour email address hello at themefuse dot com. We do not like to use this medium as it gets very difficult to follow very soon. Also, we don’t sell the HTML versions on our site because we sell them exclusively here, and the WP ones exclusively on our website.

Monju Purchased

Duly noted.

Thanks for explaining.

Obrigado, Atenciosamente Monju Networks Inc


No problem.