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Hello! I want to change my header background with a full width image, what code should I use on the css syle sheet ? Thanks!


We just figured out that the menu-card is not responsive, is there an update for this soon?

Hi, i want to purchased this theme but i need to following feature: page that divided the delivery section to cities, and when you enter the name of the city that you are located – its show you the city name, times of arriving for distribution and the next distribution, and some notes. can we do that?

Hi, I’m using the theme on this website: Though suddenly, everything except for the background seems to have disappeared. Can this have anything to do with an upgrade to Wordpress 4.2.2. perhaps? I’ve already disabled all plugins and it has nothing to do with that.

Thanks for your help

I don’t see where you can re-order the sub categories of a menu. So if I have lunch and included in lunch is salads, pizza and dessert – Dessert is showing up first because it is in alphabetical order – it needs to be ordered differently and so far not in this documentation or in the menu page itself does sub-menu categories even show up to order. Please help and thank you.


How do I change font of the MENU (the website-menu). Which file? :-)


Hello, the slider is not responsive , if you say theme responsive you can’t giveme a slider not responsive!

Hello, how can I order the items in the menu card. For instance if I have a sandwiches category how can I order the items in it.

This theme works with the 4.2.2 version of Wprdpress ?


I have updated the wordpress to version 3.4.1 recently, and don’t see theme settings visible in the wordpress. They were visible before upgrading …..... Is your theme not compatible with the latest version of wordpress. Any solution to tackle this issue …....?

- I’m also experiencing these problems. You’re giving us a way around which is a real drag. Please fix this issue.

I have installed the theme to my site, but the theme is killing the processes on the server. the process is /web/cgi-bin/php5_3. looks to be an issue within something of the theme like a cron job i think? can you advise if you had any issues like this? thanks

Will there be a woocommerce version too?

Hi there, I’ll add this to the list of feature suggestions and pass on to the Dev team. However, at the current time there are no immediate plans to add support for Woo.

I have two different menus I want to show on my site. Does this theme support that?

Hi there, you can create two different menu cards with different content in each.

Theme not usable anymore. Theme Settings showing empty tabs, no tab is clickable. Any solution?

Fixed. Uploaded the update, which was NOT shown in my backend…. Would be nice to be informed when an update is available.

Hi there, I’m glad you’ve got everything working again. I’ll pass the information over to the Dev team regarding the update notifications. Updates are currently posted on the support forum and via the changelog.