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JosephDJV Purchased

Hi, I requested support several days ago. Can you help me? I need to resize font size of main menu in sticky menu. See shop.combistyl.it .

Thank you in advance for your kind reply



I just got back to your support request with a custom solution, hope it will fit your needs.

Cheers! Adrian.

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Full Article: “Tips for Getting Started with WooCommerce”.

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My client has several product images that are different sizes. When we upload them the prices are not alligned and when we add the hard crop they are aligned but the products images are cropped which is not what we want.

Is there an easy fix to show show the entire image and still have all the prices aligned? Hope you can help! Thanks in advance :)


Hi there,

I understand what you mean. If the images on your client’s site are different sizes and they must stay that way, you should go for the non-cropping version, if you feel like the image being cropped too much, the only way to go is to add more white space around the actual object in the image before uploading/cropping it. That would mean to edit all the images, it may sound discouraging if there are many. That’s somehow related to the logic of preparing, sizing and cropping images rather that some featured we could include to help you with it.

Feel free to open up a support request is there’s anything else we can help you with.

Cheers! Adrian.

sanderkah Purchased


I have a problem with the accordion title’s on our FAQ and services pages, only the first word of the title is displayed. I think this problem occurred when I updated to the latest version of this theme. You can see the problem over here: http://sanwinbeachwear.com/faqs/

I’ve already sent in a support token but didn’t get any response on that.




Hey Sander,

I checked and It looks like Alexandra got back to you. She will help you further in this matter.

Cheers! Adrian.

FNFWeb Purchased


We are having the same problem as sanderkah, but we haven’t updated to the newest version of the theme, just the newest version of Wordpress.





Hi there,

I haven’t heard back from the team yet, I’m not sure if that’s an issue related to the latest version of WordPress or not. We would be happy to check your site as well, please just submit a support request and include a temporary admin username and password so we can investigate.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hello, I requested support some days ago (Request #8858). Can you help me, please?

Thank you! j


Before I buy, would it be possible to use an image in the header? Like this site http://www.efvaattling.se (or many other sites)?

Thank you!

/ T

breeke Purchased

For your attention please, it’s being a week already

Is this site is secure?


An is it work in polish payments?

Hi I can’t change the font sizes, globally, without editing the css, is this just not possible in this theme? I’ve sent a support ticket but this is now urgent. Frustrated. Thanks.


I created a “blog” page, where I display recent posts.

How can I make the featured images to be links to the posts? Currently only the titles are clickables.

bax2020 Purchased

The 4.01 WP release creates problems for shortcode that does not comply with the WP Shortcode API. Where I’m using the accordion shortcode I only get the first word for the title. To fix the issue I pasted the following code into the functions.php (anywhere is okay, just place it at the bottom):

add_filter( ‘no_texturize_shortcodes’, ‘shortcodes_to_exempt_from_wptexturize’ );
function shortcodes_to_exempt_from_wptexturize($shortcodes){
$shortcodes[] = ‘accordion’;
return $shortcodes;

Source: http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/no_texturize_shortcodes * Thanks to the post by Jeff Chandler on wptavern.com for explaining the issue and pointing to the solution.
jinsley8 Purchased

Any way to show the product thumbnail in search results?

Right now it just shows page / product title, author, and publish date. Need to have a better search solution.

Hi there,

I’ve been waiting on a support request for over three months. I love your theme and in the past you have been helpful but this is crazy. Not only can I not update but parts of old pages that have been working for ages now seem to be breaking because they were not originally built with the visual editor. I don’t want to hate on your theme. It’s great. I don’t want to hate on your support. It used to be good. I just need some help!

Please please please take the two minutes to just look at my support request.