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Hi, how can I remove a category name as shown on the picture

Hello @StarsTasma,

When editing the shop page you’re being able to choose to hide the page title. The shop as well as category pages will have the titles hidden if you go that way.

Please reach out to the support team if you need any help further with it. The comments board here is for pre-sale questions only and it’s not suitable for technical support.

Cheers! Adrian.

Any way to have the header sticky on mobile?


lionelf23 Purchased

Hello, is there a way to make the product images less blurry?

Hello @lionelf23,

Images can get to be blurry for more than one reason, we would have to check your setup to be able to tell you more. If you’re not planning to reach out to the support team maybe this can help:

Cheers! Adrian.


maskme Purchased

after updating the WP Visual Bakery, the slider in Retailer has stopped working, please can you give a fix for it.

Hello there,

That doesn’t seem to be happening at this end, so please reach out to the support team and provide a link to your site and a bit more info about the device / browser you’re using when experiencing this issue.

Cheers! Adrian.

I sent a support ticket on the 19 April and had a reply the next day “I am quickly checking in with you to let you know we have to assign this to one of the developers to to look at it and hopefully be able to point you further in this matter. Cheers! Adrian.”

I have not had a reply since and I have replied to the ticket asking for an update.

Thanks Nick

hi rtl support?

Hello @arash0039,

We’re not aware about any issues and we’ve seen customers using it in RTL successfully so I’d say yes to that.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hi, Is it possible to update from 2.1.2 to the latest version? I do not see the option to update. I am currently having this error

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .ui-tabs-nav [href=#tab-1403698689490-2-2]

Not sure is it because of the update. This error cause my composer unable to show all the tabs and the content. But with Classic view, it is still possible.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

If you’re using an older version that doesn’t have the built-in updater, you should do it using the Envato Toolkit plugin. Here’s how to do that:

Cheers! Adrian.


timway Purchased


Is it possible to use Adobe TypeKit with this theme?

Many thanks


Hi Tim,

No, Adobe Typekit is not available with this one.

Cheers! Adrian.

“I absolutely adore this theme. This is my third theme purchase from Themeforest, and this is my absolute favorite. The developers have struck a PERFECT balance of usability and function, in my opinion. I had no trouble setting up my site and finding different settings. The interface was SO easy to understand and use, I love the visuals included with each setting so that I know what I’m changing! My site is clean and functions beautifully. It’s not loaded down, so it runs quickly, and looks great on mobile. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this purchase and only wish I had found it sooner.”

5 star rating from Erinniehenke for Design Quality.


sutli78 Purchased

Hello inwant to add widgetized sidebar to a page but dont knownhow tonsetuo please help

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

We’re taking a short break for Easter to be with our families, so we’ll be out of office Friday to Monday inclusive. We’ll still try to reply to support tickets in between decorating Easter eggs, but please keep in mind that response time will be significantly slower. For any general questions, don’t hesitate to go through the Theme Documentation and Common Issues and FAQ.

Loowoo Purchased

Trying to have the Theme fixed for about a month now! After an update the whole front page layout is messed up. And this is not the first time this happened after updating… Support department isn’t reacting to our mails anymore. We set up an complete working staging site for testing purpose but nothing seems to happen…..

Please provide support….


bsmerz Purchased

Hello how do you change the container size for the slider? I have space around the slider.


isasimo Purchased

There is a bug with the Sticky Header and the shopping bag. When there are several products in the shopping bag, so many that we need to scroll to look for the buttons “see cart” and “buy now” the scroll doesn’t work for the shopping bag list. So users can’t arrive to the buttons.

It works good when the header is not sticky. I did a gif here that you can understand better the bug:

Please can we use this theme as product catalogue (remove add cart option) and is it support RTL and support Arabic language

FontAwesome no longer showing icons on my site. Purchased the theme, have everything updated, have tried the htaccess fixes for MaxCDN, nothing works. Icons were showing up until a week ago. AND I cannot log into BowTied support.

I received a note in the backup to upgrade, I clicked and upgraded and now no one can buy, it says: “Please choose product options”, even if a product option is selected. How can I fix this?