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In the latest update the file woocommerce/order/tracking.php seems to be missing? Is this correct?

Thanks Chris

Hi I have submitted a support request , but guys i need some help ASAP, after updating to WP 4.0 and updating all all my plugins there is nothing but the menu showing up on my site and the store page…. what is going on?


Hi I have this message in my Woocomerce Systemstatus.

1.6.4 is a old Version.

theretailer/woocommerce/order/form-tracking.php, theretailer/woocommerce/order/order-details.php,

theretailer/woocommerce/order/tracking.php version 1.6.4 ist veraltet. Die Version von WooCommerce Core ist 2.2.0,

theretailer/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/external.php, theretailer/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php, theretailer/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php,

Kind regards

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Hi, How can i turn off that loading bar ?

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i need disable pinterest button from product page…

can you help me?

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Just updated the theme (2.2.1) and woocommerce update (2.2.3) and now my shop pages no longer function correctly.


advise please – thanks!

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I also see the below warning when checking the woocommerce system status:

theretailer/woocommerce/order/tracking.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.2.0,

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Solved – re-uploaded the theme – all works now


can I change color easily ? Also same question for Mr. Tailor theme.

Thanks. :)

hi, great looking theme. Does the wishlist save woocommerce composite products (and their configurations)?

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Hi, Monday I send a request (#5953) to your support staff, and I still haven’t heard from them. WOULD YOU PLEASE GET BACK TO ME WITH SOME HELP!!!

Hi When I Import The Dummy Content No Pages Are Installed, It Only Shows A Sample Page

Anybody Help?

Hello, I have bought The Retailer item for my equestrian online shop. I have facing several issues which I believe requires your technical advise.

1. In product page, I’ve realized that the quantity/purchasing button does not displays numbers. it’s blank. 2. In Category/product page, the link “back” sends me to a 404 page. But within the main category. 3. The site will be in Portuguese, but I can’t seem to change the “Choose an option” in product page and the text that is displayed in Wishlist (when it gets empty).


How do I get “Magic Zoom” Plugin to work ?. I have the plugin activated but the product images do not zoom. Please help ?


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Perhaps a future request, more for SEO:

Would be awesome if a taxonomy description is shown on the shop page. I know this doesn’t work (I guess due to Wordpress/WooCommerce restrictions) when you filter all the way down from the shop page; but linking directly to a taxonomy puts the taxonomy’s name in the H1 – but doesn’t show this taxonomy’s description (which can be added with Yoast’s SEO plugin).

Cheers, Simon

The RevSlider plugin has disappeared from my website. On the front end the slider is gone. One the backend (admin) the menu item is gone.


So finally i have updated the theme together with woocommerce and I must say everything works as should, thank you guys.


I use revolution slider only for one slide so no need for navigatin.

To the person who thinks everything works – does navigation on Revolution slider work on any touch device ?

Hi, is the latest version of The Retailer (2.1.1) compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.4?

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I have a problem, when I go to http://theretailer.getbowtied.com/demo/my-account/ it goes to http://theretailer.getbowtied.com/demo/blog/

How can I repair that?