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Nagem thank you for your response I have tried that but all the items still appear in just one single column. I would like to have 3 or 4 columns of products.

nagema Purchased

cd99ukes I see those column numbers to select in page editor 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 depending on how much columns you want to see you can select 1/3 or 1/4.

nagema Purchased

I’m having problems to change menu, when I change it shows updated ok but doesn’t show the menu or the changes on the web, It doesn’ change neither the color of the top bar of the web. Anyone have this problem?

nagema Purchased

I tried with other theme and the changes are visible, why not with this theme?.

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Is there a way to convert automatically uploaded JPEGs to PNGs and keep the original? In other words, let the user upload a JPG, but show in wordpress (thumbnails and medium) the PNG version and only show the original and large uploaded JPG when Wordpress request the full image.

Awesome Theme! But are there any more possibilities to display the blog? You mentioned something in a comment 5 month ago. This would be very important for us.

Hi Adrian. First, thank you for your support to my enquiry on your support forum.

Just another quick one, when viewing items that are in the ‘wish-list’ is it possible to have a print button displayed with the other ‘share on’ icons?

cheers John

Does this theme support custom menus? Also, I’m considering creating multiple blogs for my site. Will that work with the theme (as well as WPML)? Thanks.

Hello, if I buy this template I could edit all text and convert it to Spanish without problem. Thanks you

Hello, its possible to move the Header Navigation to the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Pre-sales Question. I really like the look of this theme, but I don’t care for the way it uses the native scroller on the iPhone, rather than a menu that is more in keeping with the look of the theme. Is there anyway to avoid that? If I install Ubermenu, will the theme use ubermenu’s mobile menus?

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hi iv downloaded the retailer but it is not showing up in my themes on my wsite backend what am i doing wrong ive bought it twice, it said my email confirmation has expired but I don’t know how to get it onto my themes on my website dashboard please help Cat I know I totally sound dumb

TERRIBLE!!!! I have had all sorts of problems with my template and submitted for more than once tickets has recommended! No one answered! Don’t recommend to anyone!

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hi i’d like to display user info in top bar text, like Welcome User… can i add php code in theme options /’Top Bar’ Text ? thanks

Amazing theme and functionality for the most part but absolutely terrible support for a premium theme and purchase. I’ve contacted the theme author multiple times related to a major theme update issue and have not received a response in over a month. My problem was passed on from the theme author to support staff that didn’t even seem to understand the issue or bother reading through the previous support requests. Previous support requests were responded to but not nearly as quickly as every other premium theme/plugin support requests from other authors I have experienced.

All I really want is someone to respond or even just acknowledge my support request but this just hasn’t happened. I would happily delete this comment in order to get a response.. I just want some support!

Hope everyone else here has more luck!

Hi there I need to insert Products-by-Category-Slider-List. The online documentation from site http://support.getbowtied.com/the-retailer/ is not available anymore. You have changed the online documentation http://support.getbowtied.com/hc/en-us/articles/201647101-Products-by-Category-Slider-List so that is impossible to know how to use it with the “old” system (shortcodes). Since I do not use Visual composer is becoming very difficult to proceed. Let us know as soon as possible.


This theme does just about everything my client wants – except he would like a section in the product page for a Youtube video. I’ve noticed though that none of the themes here support this which seems very odd.

Would this be considered for a future update?

If not – if I get a customer developer to do it, would it be stable with WordPress and theme updates.




There is a free Wordpress plugin (WooCommerce Video Product Tab) that adds a Video tab to the product page

I’m having an issue adding variations to my products. If i click the blue add variation button nothing happens. I also tried the link all variations button but the only thing that happens is that it keeps loading.

I’ve searched for more users with the same problem. Most of them said it was something with the plugins. I deactivated all the plugins except woocommerce but that still didn’t solve my problem.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

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I can’t enter to edition mode to visual composer on the site, and I’m installing the same template in two websites and I plan to use different home versions, I need visual composer working with all the options of the template. Please could you check how could I solve this to make the plugin work on all the options?

I checked all home versions and from 10 it doesn’t work with 4 that are home versions 1, 2, 5, 8. I verified also in the other website where I use the same template and is happening the same problem.

The plugin creator already answered inmediately, and said “it looks like a js conflict…One of the theme/plugin js is conflicting with the visual composer js and is giving rise to the issue…”

I’m still waiting for your answers to my previous questions.

Im trying to make a replica of the about us page for this theme. I’ve added the code from the documentation give here: http://support.getbowtied.com/hc/en-us/articles/200971051-About-V1-Company

your tutorial says after adding the code into the body of the page switch back to the Visual composer using the “Backend Editor” button. My most updated version of wordpress does not have this button. And after saving this page and code given i dont get anything near a replica of the about us page.

Can anyone help with this?

my website: http://localdentalwebsites.com/new-us-2/