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Hi there! Is there a way to create a top banner image (like here: http://theretailer.getbowtied.com/demo/pages/homepage-v7/) that is not a slider but simply a static imageā€”but is still full-width and responsive? The slider seems to take too long to load.




Sure, you can either user a slider with a single slide, or start a new page and set the Page Template to “100% Width”, then you set your image as a background for the first row. Assuming you’re using Visual Composer’s Back-end editor to build pages.

Feel free to ask for help with it in a support request if you’ll have questions.

Cheers, Adrian.

Good afternoon . I want to get the theme but I have a doubt. To be a store of shirts . There’s like putting colors and sizes before buying , as variables ?


Hi there,

Yes you can do that, here’s an example variable product: http://theretailer.getbowtied.com/demo/shop/accessories/classic-sneakers/

Let me know if you have any other questions about the theme.

Cheers, Adrian.

Dear Sir,

Can we translate the shop into the Dutch languages? Also, can we use the header with the colour white or black instead of grey?

Please advise.

Regards, thanks, Sem

I do not recommend this Theme. I’ve had very little problems with it, but every time, the support is just not there. I was one of the first buyer, so I’ve been through a lot of updates. Twice, it broke part of my site. First time, all the support was attending an event and did not respond for a week, after a long wait (another two weeks) they finally fixed it with a custom code. This time, the last update really messed it up. I got one response in three weeks saying I should check my pluggins. I’ve re-emailed twice, no answer. It’s not I’m always asking for support, twice in one year.

My client really likes the layout of Homepage v8, mainly the slider at the top of the page which lists products. However, instead of products here they want to list all of their top level categories. I don’t see a way to do this by default, how would you recommend customizing this to meet their needs? Thanks – really like the theme!

Is the current template version 2.1.2 compatible with WooCommerce 2.2.6? Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi there, I see that you are responding over here but not on the MR. TAILOR theme comments and/or support questions.

I used to get very good support from you guys until a couple of months, it has been really horrible, please step up your game!

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Hi there! I am about to buy this theme which seems awesome. I just have a question before: Is it possible to configurate the shipping? for exemple i would like to offer the free shipping after 15 items bought?

Cheers ;)

Hi Adrian,

please help me…..

The Cart Page problem persists!!! I update all wpml and when people add product to shopping bag, is always empty!!!!

i have many products to sell and this can not continue. Please!

Thank You.

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i have a problem with the theme, in the product page.

the image size is set to 500px height in woocommerce, but the image is displayed bigger, 699px. i have tried to edit it with CSS without success. what should i do? i have also regenerated the thumbnails twice


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@oberferdi u have to change the image size in style.css than regenerate the thumbnails

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Please add some extra info to the manual about translating strings en show us where to find what in case we need to translate it manually.

In my case I figured it out already, but still have some strings to be translated;

How can I translate buttons “view shopping bag” and ”proceed to checkout” for example.

Also need to know where to translate text of Social media Share Buttons.

I allready submitted a ticket, still no answer. I must go on…

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Thanks for your Answer by email but that did not help me. I already found a way to translate those strings

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Is it possible to change the color of the Sale Price on product page. I’d like to have it Red instead of black


Search field only search for product in the shop, can’t it search in entire website ? thanks

Hi there,

Is there a way to enable infinite scroll on the home page so that when a person scrolls down to the bottom of the page more items automatically load up?