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hi there this theme just Looks awesome!!! some short questions:

is there a catalogue mode available (without add to cart Button, without Prices, without the Shopping cart and so on)

is a mega menu available?

sticky Header/menu possible?

are the Bestsellers / featured products carousels fully customizable: which products to Display, Display another caption instead of “Bestsellers” for example, make as much product carousels/scrollers as I want?

or create as many scrollers/sliders for swiping through like on your homepage-v8 demo?

best regards

best regards

In Homepage V2 you have at the top 3 images (shop sales, newly added and read the blog) that when hovered have a zoom effect. I really like these but instead of long images wanted more square size. Is it possible to change the sizes, if so how.


The size of those banners is determined by the content inside. Longer text would mean longer banners. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Adrian.

Great theme! I must say, however, battling for months with css trying to customise a simple thing like blog font size without having other pages jUMp AlL Over the PlACe. May I ask to please review the 11,621 lines of style.css and make it optimised and professional, something that you guys will be proud of, that will work quicker and that will make it easier to customise? I know it is a big ask, but I am sure that will earn your many karma points :-)

Short-term ask: Allow to change blog text font without affecting other pages. Long-term ask: optimise css. Deal – no deal? :)


R0 Purchased

4 month check point – no deal so far it seems

Pre-sales question. Great theme. Just wondering if it comes with dark background in header and white menu option? Thanks.

Good afternoon a few hours ago to make a technical support inquiry is very urgent can help me

Why wont the copyright spot in the footer allow for html or links?


The theme was updated hours ago, Version 1.8.6 is available and we’ve fixed this issue. I thought I should let you know. Here’s how to update:

Cheers, Adrian.

I am using this theme to build a online clothing store. The problem I am having is with the product variation. When I bring up the product, example: sweatshirt that comes in three color in product variation, black, gray and white, black is default. When I choose gray or white the product picture changes to the right product picture but when I click on it to enlarge the default color black picture appears as the enlarged for all colors. What am I doing wrong?

Hi. On every product page every time i press ==> I have Page 404. Why?

Do you have sign out account button or page when client finish order?

ah ah … I see .. Thank :)

Hello, I have one pre-sale question. Can I replace the Shop Cart with some Wishlist modul with Inquiry Product form instead Checkout process? Because currently I’m not going provide payment receiving online. Thank you.

I have pre sale question, i want add my menu item in my account page sidebar, is this possible??

After 5 days and 3 support ticket requests I have gotten no response to help me out. Not good support on this theme! My client is waiting for me to make a few simple changes that is not explained in the documentation.

Hi! How do I make the layers on the revolution slider appear on a mobile phone? Only the image is appearing and not the layers.

Hey guys,

Is there anyway I can add a email subscribe bar to the hompage besides sending them to the contact page?

There’s no built-in email subscription feature, you would have to use a plugin for that.

Cheers, Adrian.

Just a suggestion, how about adding a New badge too?

You’re not the first one asking for it. I will +1 it on the developer’s list. Thank you for your feedback.

Cheers, Adrian.

Thanks Adrian


I just bought this theme. When I installed the theme, I have a problem with the revolution slider. It is “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class UniteFunctionsRev in /home/phir3312/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/functions.class.php on line 3”

Could you help me why I cant installed the plugin that included in the package/theme?


In case you haven’t figure it out yet, please submit a support request here: Just make sure you include a link to your site and the admin username and password so we can check it.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi – Is it possible to post a testimonial without a picture? Thanks!


The testimonial shortcode was built with and image in mind, if you don’t use one, a small blank square will remain on page. Maybe you can use a dummy instead for similar scenarios.

Cheers, Adrian.

Why does my site always fail to load properly, its always stuck on load and saying things at the bottom of the browser, waiting for or waiting for or something like that and you have to refresh it. I don’t even have anything youtube on my site.

A webpage test on should tell you more about what is your site loading and where is that coming from. The actual theme shouldn’t slow down your site.

For anything else, please use the support request submission form here:

Cheers, Adrian.

hello, how can I create a mega menu?

If I can`t do that, I am thinking about integrating ubermenu in this theme. Will it create conflicts or errors with the theme?

There’s no built-in mega menu option in the current version. We haven’t tested with the latest version but uber menu should work with The Retailer.

Cheers, Adrian.

There is a problem with a translation 2 fields:

Category, Categories

Tag, tags

I am using codestyling-localization and no luck. Changed the fields in theme and in woo but they stay the same. It seems they are not connected with the PO files ? Check here

Edit: and how to do

[one_half] ? Like in the example

Trying without ”” “[one_half] 1/2 [/one_half] ” “[one_half] 2/2 [/one_half]”

Not working :/


Please submit a support ticket here: and included a link to your site and the admin username and password. We’ll check the page you were working on and get back to you as soon as we figure out what’s the issue there.

Cheers, Adrian.