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“Please don’t steal live preview code – it’s a bad karma, and my guiding spirits will make sure you will be killed, smashed and thrown into abyss” haha, anyway theme is nice and simple(st).

This template doesn’t fit properly on a 1024×768 resolution. :(

true, the sidebar goes down

Will purchase soon, nice template.

nice clean layout, also have the right column dropping down to bottom of screen

Any chance of getting the PSD ?

Any chance of getting the PSD ?


Nope, but thanks to you I’ve added explanation to most of my themes, the ones that explanation apply:

For all those who would like to get their hands on PSD . No PSD file is available for this theme, as a result of January HDD crash, in which all design folder has been lost, sorry.

How about making it fit within a 1024w screen without the right sidebar dropping down??

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

Technically, the theme should be used if you’re coding your own application. Otherwise, if you’re using some kind of CMS , you have too look around the web for some tutorials, or read the documentation of the app you’re using and just learn about creating admin themes for it.

In the simplest situation, you will just have to plug some functions and scripts into the theme.

Nice looking template: Right sidebar is nudged to bottom of the page in FF3 1024×800 resolution.


What we got when purchasing and donwloading the template? A psd file or the html/css cutting of it?

It’s a html/css template :).