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Amazing Good Luck

Thanks a lot LioIt.

Congrats friends, wish you the very best ! :)

Thanks mate! Regards, Kevin & Sebastian

Great job! I wish you good sales! :)

He Janio, Thanks a lot appreciate it! :)

Hee Steve , thank you sir :) Sebastian & Kevin

The VIMEO video demo on the demo page. When it shows the iPhone is the email shown in the iPhone email browser, or is it in the Safari web browser? My experience with responsive emails is that in the mail program on the iPhone, the font shows very tiny it does not scale up to be readable and I am wondering if this is the case with this email.

Also when I use html based email I edit in Dreamweaver then open the email in a web browser and highlight all, copy and paste directly into my mail program on the Mac, then send. Does this require a third party mail like Mail Chimp or does it come with the html code that is editable in Dreamweaver?

Thank you, this looks really nice.

He bluemoonstudioFor,

Thanks for your comment, everything works fine on every e-mail client, also when it is responsive. Just give us your email address and we will send you a test mail if thats ok with you.

You don’t need to have a third party mail for Dreamweaver, just copy your code and paste it in the html folder of Dreamweaver. Our developer just ran it through Dreamweaver and everything works smooth.



Any chance the buttons could be text based? I could certainly adopt it with something like this:

This makes them a lot easier to change, but I’d be interested in knowing if there are pitfalls that made you decide to use images instead?

Hi there,

Very interesting article. We managed to create our own coded buttons.

Although it may be easier for clients to edit in some situations, we came to notice Outlook 2007 wont render it properly. It deletes all the padding no matter what.

I wish we could say “screw you Outlook 2007, no one cares about you”. But that’s simply not the mentality we have here at StampReady. And that said, proper buttons are key in E-mail. Without them, you wont be able to get so many click throughs.

Here’s a screenshot:

We wish e-mail would be easier.



Just what I have been looking for! Will be making my purchase once I have my product ready to market. Good luck!

Glad to hear! Thanks. :)


Quick question before I purchase – Can this template support an image header and custom background color or texture?


Hello onefive, the Task can support an image in the header and proivides the feature to change the background color.

Thank you. The template worked perfectly.

I would love to update my website so that both the site and emails have the same look and feel. Are you planning on releasing a website template for this theme in the future?

We currently have plans on creating Wordpress Themes. But E-mail related work is our zone and we might step away from it easily.

Thanks for the purchase!


Hi StampReady Support,

I’ve three main problems with this template:

1. Image replacements (alt tags) are virtually non-existent. When any email client blocks images (and they mostly do that by default) and even if I put proper ALT text to images, they don’t show at all. (I mean, even the standard text is not readable as a replacement…

2. They offer MailChimp and CampaignMonitor versions, but there’s NO plain HTML version. When I copy-paste the HTML to any other email service, the MC or CM tags get sent to my subscribers. (Potential problem for spam filters.) Please offer plain-HTML versions – at your EARLIEST convenience.

3. They’ve used “Aweber” as one of the tags to promote this email template (and that’s how this template came to my attention, and that’s why I purchased it); however Aweber puts automatic Unsubscribe links to the end of every email, which ruins the responsiveness of this template. (This is a problem from Aweber’s side.) But I came across to your template with the hopes of full Aweber support – which is not available in reality.

Looking forward to a solution on all three issues…

Hello buraktuyan,

1. The easiest fix would be to delete the ‘line-height: 1px’, although this may break the image padding reset in some browsers. You will be able to view alt text.

2. Working on it. As it requires time, it may not be updated just today.

3. I’m afraid we cannot eliminate the unsubscribe issue unless there’s a hack or way to do so. If Aweber controls the code, we cannot eliminate it.

If we’ll be able to detect the class name of the Unsubscribe link, we’ll add a fix.

Could you send us your current mail from Aweber?



Still waiting a solution for #1 and #2.

You’ve released three new email templates since then; but no proper updates to your existing items?

1. Your quick solution for #1 breaks the compatibility in many different scenarios, thus making it useless.

2. Plain-HTML version is still NOT there.

Hello Buraktuyan,

We released an update for The Task. Please, redownload the package. :)



Does this work with Constant Contact?

It does work with constant contact, however, it wont get responsive. Apparently Constant Contact doesn’t want you to import @media queries, which is bizarre for these times. I’m sure they’re heading for an update.

Great looking email template. Does it work with Benchmark email as a responsive design? Is there a plain HTML version as well?


If Benchmark doesn’t strip @media queries than it will work as a responsive design. A plain HTML version is available as well. :0




This a ver y good theme, thanks. What are the modifications Task 2.0 vs Task 1.0 ?

Best regards

With the new update, it’s possible to generate a unlimited amount of structures including colours. Re-download the package and experience it yourself. :)



Ok. Thanks

No problem. Let us know if you encounter any issues.



Hi StampReadyTemplates! Thanks for great layout!

I have small problem with gmail. My whole mail is quoted every time and I don’t know why. I added screenshot and mail source:

Strange, it seems like that is how Apple Mail is rendering HTML emails.

How did you sent this email?



I can’t generate my own E-mail. It write -

Warning: file_get_contents(\”\”) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/typea/domains/ on line 30

Hi eBosh,

We are busy with a update at the moment. It will launch really soon.


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