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Hi, I purchased this template just a couple of weeks ago. Cool work by d way…we are almost ready to launch the site.I however don’t know if it was a mistake to purchase just because I saw an earlier post about a future WordPress release. I reeeeeally need the wordpress to help make it easier for my client to manage the content. Is there any luck on the work on that?

Hey, thanks for purchasing first of all.

Recently i am trying to finish fixes ask by TF. So i am not sure when it will be approved. And theme will be basic, not like other multipurpose.

I want to set list view as default view in vacations list page. How can I do that.

Hey, here how you can do it;

1. open vacation-list.html then find <span class="gridLayout active">Grid layout</span> this line and remove active class, then add it to this, like; <span class="listLayout active">List layout</span>

2. open assets/styles/layout.css and find .offersList {display:none;} line, and remove it and then add these lines .offersList {display:block;} .offersGrid {display:none;}


Any idea when the Wordpress version will be available ?

Thanks !

Thanks for the warning. I’ve contacted with the hosting firm, and hope they will fix the problem soon.

Now demo works…

Great…Thanks buddy

Hello! Can I install this template on my wordpress website?

Hi, this is just a html template, not a wordpress theme. So you can not install it.

Hello! I already bought this template and it is very nice, but I do not understand how to fix search form (flight, hotels, cars..), i did not get any results after search. Could you please help me? I want to connect result page to the search button.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, for search you need back-end development, or custom cms. Or you have to integrate it into wordpress. Search form can’t work in html.

hello Brum, I purchased this template yesterday through a different account, great design and all but i realized there aren’t php files for contact and booking pages ? and you could make it better by modifying the styles of the headers. cuz right now h1 is just plain text !!

Thank you for purchase.

Yes, there aren’t php files for contact or booking only for rating feature has. And never written it has contact or booking php. No need for it. It’s just a html template.

For h1, i can add it for next update.

you should add php files at least for contact. I know it’s an html template but it needs php with smtp configuration to deliver messages.


When the Wordpress version will be available ?

Thanks !

HI, your project do you have admin panel ?


Hi, I purchased this template just a couple of 1 day ago. I buy this theme for wordpress website theme why when uploading a file not found? why and how the solution?

Hello, this is NOT a wordpress theme! It is just a HTML template. You have integrate it if you want to use it in wordpress.

so, what should i do? in order to be able to use it on my website, and what can I cancel this purchase?

It’s your decision, you can do what you want.

Hi there! I’d like to see the live preview, but the pages don’t exist. Can you help me please?

Hello, it’s online now, you can check it.

Hello! :) I have purchased your html template, and was wondering how to make everything static when the user is resizing the explorer window… im not so interested in mobile users, please let me know.

Thank you Sir, One last question, I noticed the Star Picker on the filter panel. Please can you give me an example of how to pick up its value onChange. Its a really neat tool and im almost complete with my dev but this is stopping me for now.

Thanks for this, can you let me know how to collect value of the star picker when it is changed im not sure if it works like an <input field.. and if it has an onChange Method. This tool I found on the filter panel.

Hey there, rating plugins is this: You can look for some option or method to get the value i think.

Installation guide? anyone have an idea of how to install?


What do you mean to install? It’s an HTML template!, so doesn’t need to install it!

I downloaded all 3 folders through my ftp, when i access the domain on the browser I get error code 403 forbidden. Is there something am missing?

Contact with your hosting company.

hi! how much pages have this template?


hello, i want the wordpress version of this theme. do u have or can you develop it

Please, contact with the designer

Hi.. Any idea how much is additional charge for customize this template ?, such as booking function, form etc…


brum Author

Hi. Do you mean back-end customize?