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Hello, where can i change the quotes in the footer?

I can not found it Thanks

I’ve got to say something. If you can’t up men items like social like icons and the filter boxes in the find a property area below, it tells viewers not to bother scrolling beyond that point.


Actually, looking back at support requests, it looks like this is a largely unsupported theme.



I’m not quite sure what you mean by “can’t up men items”. The checkboxes are there and social like buttons can be installed using a plugin.

We provide support via our support forum which is why we try to redirect buyers there as much as possible :)

Let me know if you have any questions!


Yes, looks like my keyboard wasn’t keeping up. The phrase intended was ‘line up’ menu items.

My point about no support, responded to with “Let me know if you have any questions!” was that lots of people had unanswered questions. Dissuades people from buying.

Please answer these questions that were asked several days ago.

1. Is it possible to have a bigger image slider on each property detail page? And can it be automatic?

2. Is it possible to have big slider on the home page

3. Can we change all colors (background, fonts, boxes) and font (sizes and font-type) in the theme options

4. Can we remove the area slider from the search filter bar (or any other non relevant elements)?

5. Can the header be changed, height and background gradient? (so it doesn’t look like the apple menu bar)

6. Can we remove or add any “property details” on the specific property page?

7. Can we remove the “contact the owner” widget on the specific property page?

8. Can we set a minimum amount of days for booking (ex. 6 nights minimum), so the person cannot put shorter stays when clicking on the dates

9. Do you have a demo where we can test the plugin? It would greatly help.


Actually months ago.

Hi, is possible that visitors can register and post their own appartament or house to rent ?



WordPress has a multi-user system by default. You could allow visitors to login and let them post properties. You might have to play around with permissions, but it is possible :)



Im interested in buying this theme however i have some pre sale questions,

Does your theme support:

- custom fields for properties (like: Airconditioned, Pets allowed, Swimming pool and so on) - custom search (filtering on properties) - live search / filter

Kind regards,

Hakan Aydin


Hi Hakan,

Yes our theme does indeed support custom field properties. They can be added, changed and deleted as much as you want. As you can see on our property filter page you can also filter through properties with your custom fields. Is this what you’re looking for?

Cheers :)

Good afternoon, We want to buy your template for the development of a web rental apartments but we several doubts arise about features we need and if your template’s true:

1. In describing the characteristics of the apartment can incorporate different icons

2. We need an online booking system with paypal payment gateway., Operating in real time and automatically update apartment availability once the payment.

3. We need to know if the booking form may contain the following, all the same information that appears on the administrator reserves:

a. Customer Data. b. Contact. c. Reserve. d. Arrival and departure dates. e. Number of people. f. Check. g. If you collect the keys at the meeting point or hand delivery request. h. Additional Services. i. Include before payment, different clauses that the user must accept that the system will allow booking.

4. Finally, we would like to know whether the reserve manager could filter by client and flat; and the ability to block shape also dates manually to the calendar, if the property requires your home to any specific date.

Good morning,

Can you tell me if the doubts raised of last Friday are possible?


I was wondering if you can use this theme as a rental site for just one property? Like – get rid of the first page with search functionality and all that. I have a client who has a cabin she wants to rent…would this work for that?



Yes you could indeed use it for just one property :) Actually, that is what this theme was intended for when it first came out. Due to the requests we made it fitting for more properties. However you can still just display one property if you want.

Hope this helps!

How cool to come across some fellow-Dutchmen … keep rocking guys and if you’re near Purmerend, come say hi :)


Haha will do! Always nice to hang out with like-minded people ;)


Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme however i have some pre sale question, Can I install other payment method?

Hi guys,

I need to make an adjustment in the date format of the seasonal prices. At this moment it’s just mm-dd . I need to have dd-mm-yy. Would you tell me in which file I can make the adjustments.?

I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible because I really need to finish this project on time.

Thanks in advance

Regards, Svet


I’ve installed the theme and I don’t find the “Apartment” menu item as I saw in the video instructions. How can I create a new apartment? Another question that where can I set the multilingual?

Hi, i wrote you email, onfacebook….. you never answer.(its a support like this after bought your products?) - i suggest you to add in search menu the “dates’ from…till because for a rental i think its the more important. usually people rent when they have vacations, with their dates vacation….

Hi, im very interested in purchasing this theme, but i would just like to find out if the Currency can be changed for $ to something else? And i would also be very interested in having an availability search function.


In Property filter as I can do pagination property because I have over 100 and page takes to load more than 30 seconds . Or another method . Thank You

Mave1919 Purchased

Hi there, i have bought your theme but i m actually writing to you because i want to know if you do costum work. Im looking for a good wordpress developer to do some extra customizations to a wp theme that i have bought here on themeforest and would like to know if you can do it? If yes could you provide an email to send the details? Thanks