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Please answer these questions that were asked several days ago.

1. Is it possible to have a bigger image slider on each property detail page? And can it be automatic?

2. Is it possible to have big slider on the home page

3. Can we change all colors (background, fonts, boxes) and font (sizes and font-type) in the theme options

4. Can we remove the area slider from the search filter bar (or any other non relevant elements)?

5. Can the header be changed, height and background gradient? (so it doesn’t look like the apple menu bar)

6. Can we remove or add any “property details” on the specific property page?

7. Can we remove the “contact the owner” widget on the specific property page?

8. Can we set a minimum amount of days for booking (ex. 6 nights minimum), so the person cannot put shorter stays when clicking on the dates

9. Do you have a demo where we can test the plugin? It would greatly help.

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But you choose to ignore, I and many others worry when authors do not answer questions that could lead to sales, if they can’t be bothered then they probably answer less once a purchase is made.


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Do you plan in the future to make it compatible with:



Funny you should ask! We were actually working on a new rental theme with this plugin in mind. It however doesn’t support half-day bookings. It only counts days, not nights. A booking from monday till friday ends up as a 5 day booking instead of 4 nights. This is why we picked another plugin to work with WooCommerce for our new theme.

My advise is that if you’re looking at apartment rentals, this plugin is not yet ready. They’re working on the feature though, so maybe in the future it will be the perfect plugin to use :)


Can each property owner create an individual account and have access to edit the calender relative to their property?


Each agent can indeed have it’s own login. The bookings are listed for all properties, but can be filtered per property :)

Hope this helps!

Is it posible to put payment with credit card?


Paypal has the build-in option to use credit cards as well. That way you have serveral options available to you out of the box :)



Is it possible for the user to sign up and to add their own property?


Is it possible to Introduce many apartments quickly? Because I have to introduce 550 properties. thanks!

Hello , is your theme suitable for just one unique house renting ?