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Hi!! I’m looking to buy your theme, but I’ve a doubt. Is it possible to put widgets on the top main bar (HEADER)? Just on the left MenĂº icon?

Thank’s in advance and good job !!


Hi Toti

I’m really sorry for such a late response. I’m afraid the header is not ‘widget ready’ however you can customize the code so that it is compatible.


Hi!! I’m looking to buy your theme too. I’ve a question, is possible show the post list in the home page (o another page) in two column and not three?

Thanks, great theme Anz

Hi iFresus

The Writer was designed as a three column layout only I’m afraid.


How Can I set Preview Text On My Header Image? Like on Your demo

Hi Mmathari

Please could you post your question in our forums so that my team can assist. http://oboxthemes.com/support


I’d like to add static pages to this theme, to turn it into the foundation for a lean and elegant writing agency.

These pages would include: About Us, Team, Services, Contact. Most importantly, I’d like to create a custom landing page which will also serve as a homepage.

Question 1: Does the theme have any page templates that can double as the above pages?

Question 2: Are there any recognized extensions that can facilitate these additions?

Question 3: Is there a way to achieve all of this WITHOUT hiring a developer?

Many thanks in advance,



The Writer was built purely for blogging and therefore does not have any custom page templates such as team etc.

Any short code plugin should do the trick :)

That depends on your skill level. I’d suggest trying with short codes first.


Looking to buy. Is it compatible with Wordpress 4.1.1?

Absolutely :)

demo shows a multipage post …

does the theme save the last page (as in kindle) so one can start viewing the post at the last page

Hi There,

This is down to WordPress’s functionality, you will have to do a Google search on the topic of “WordPress in-post pagination”.

~ Marc

there will be improvements in this template? it becomes somewhat limited with time and a few surprises in the update are much appreciate. My suggestion is to add one or two more styles in the posts. Where there is good and sober, but one or two styles would be something great

hello i was wondering if it’s possible to use your own logo somewhere instead of the text :)

Most definitely :)

Hi there I was just wondering if its possible to resize the dimensions of the photos on the home page? I know it’ll require some coding knowledge, but just wanted to ask here first. thanks!


obox Author

Hi gogortiloz

Would it be possible to post your question in our support section so that my team can assist you?


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