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Hi, I’m just looking to remove all links on the portfolio scroller. I’ve hidden all of the details / link etc in the admin panel, but the image still links off to a portfolio page which I want to remove. Is this possible?

Many Thanks



Please note that we can provide technical support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com (here in comments I can only answer some general and pre-purchase question). Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hello, dear developers!

I’ve purchased your theme

tell me please

Two questions:

1) when I’m creating new photo-album and selected:

Album options – show media as- galery

How can I make that galery at front-end were loaded like here: http://the7.dream-demo.com/gallery/photos-videos/6-gallery/

partially. When user scrolls page down – new image thumbnails appears,

but not all image thumbnails loaded simultaneously, like now in my gallery here: http://vasyl-photo.com/dt_gallery/parad-nadiy-2014/

2) how to take off names of files below of big images like: DSC_7750 like here http://vasyl-photo.com/dt_gallery/parad-nadiy-2014/ and add social buttons, when big image is displayed like here http://the7.dream-demo.com/gallery/photos-videos/6-gallery/

Thank you!


from Kiev, Ukraine


PS. Question 1 seems to be solved

but question 2 – still do not know how to solve

thank you for answer

bru1987 Purchased

Hi guys,

I want to buy that template for two websites. Can I purchase one time and use it in two different websites?

Best Regards

would it be possible to add a hook to the accordion widget or api so you can open up via links form the same page? basically looking to have a menu on the left side that will open and close the appropriate accordion section basked on the menu click.


also thought i would mention this downloaded the latest update and the video player no longer plays local mp4 files. just see link text instead of the embedded player.. thanks

you know how there is the capability to have taxonomy buttons at the top of albums/gallery pages for using ajax to filter the results? Is there the same function somewhere for doing the same thing with regular post content?

thecxguy Purchased

VC Ultimate add-ons is included with this? How do we permanently dismiss the message to activate the plugin’s license?

inpq Purchased

I have problems with Import Dummy, because i check what i want and push the “Import content” button, but don’t import anything.