The7 — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme



Really great theme! Using it here >> My GTMetrix score is A ( 98% ) and YSlow Grade is A ( 90% ) Lots of flexibility with this theme. Cross browser testing was perfect every time. Would recommend this theme to anyone! 5 Stars!!!

by kperrow

I just wished to say after buying lots of wordpress theme on Themeforest i have realized their is no theme which can outperform The 7 when it comes to easy customization with least knowledge of wordpress. You guys rock.

by Kleverk

... You can say that this is a very successful project since it was done 100% by me. A designer with absolutely no knowledge about development. So this proves your theme works like a charm and it is very user friendly.

by lanu39

I just bought my 4th license of the7. This is the world’s top WP theme, ever. And I’ve bought hundreds. This is a ‘category killer’, the last WP theme anyone ever needs to buy. I’m a 15-year internet marketing veteran. I’d buy a dev multi-site license if there was such a thing available.

THANKS for making the world’s top WP theme. It’s all I’ll need, for years, and I’ll keep buying new ones for my new sites. You guys rock. Thank you. I’m a very skeptical hard-a$@ to sell to since I’ve seen it all. I’ve used the7 for 2 in-production sites already and working on 2 more. A+ Finally. a WP theme that leads the entire theme industry.

I compare this to others, nothing matches or beats it.

If I could buy you a beer, I would. Well use this as testimonial if you want, I’m a world’s top-buyer of rf content and this is helping me make a living and launch new sites to help customers. Rock on.

to profits, -ken

by graphic4444

I use all the different “top” templates for clients like X & U-Theme, but The7 is form a different planet… No doubt, this is for me “by far” the best WP theme I have see and purchased. So many customization, options, detailed manual, easy to use configuration etc… Beautiful coded an slick design, I’m gone stop because I don’t want you to think I’m on the payroll form the author! Purchase this template, its the best investment ever!

by dimoda

I have tried many WordPress themes and this is simply the best out there, period.

by prophocie

My biggest mistake was spending a week or so contemplating whether to purchase this theme or not and asking questions. I bought it yesterday, installed it, and everything (including the demo content) worked out of the box! It is very powerful and the options can be a little daunting at first but take a little time to read their instructions and you’ll have your site up and running in no time. From the design aspect within their demo I have improved my creativity by learning how things worked to showcase their cool pages. I have also found within Pingdom they have one of the highest performance grades including page speed. I will definetly be using this for other sites! Congratulations.

by ToniLaird

Amazing theme…. Best $55 I ever spent. I use to design everything from scratch in DW and it took me months to get something that looked fair. Wordpress and The 7 have truly changed my business and the way I’ll be working with sites. A dream come true. WP and the 7 have saved me hundreds of hours of time for a better result. It’s amazing that a deign like this is available for $55. 5 stars is an understatement. Thank you Dream Team.

by robertcblau

I actually rate this product not only for design quality but all the features above. I have purchased and tried most of the highest ranked themes here but never seen one so versatile, non-problematic, user friendly and well performing. I have purchased a theme from you guys for the first time but in the future, you will be the first team that I will check for new designs. The visual composer works miracles for a non seasoned customer. BRAVO

by aficionadotr

Having wasted hundreds of $$$ on Theme Forest themes, my client asked me to use this on his project. To my joy, this theme has more than delivered and it seamlessly work in harmony with Visual Composer 4 to the extent that I’ve found it pretty addictive with the number of options and control you have at your fingertips.

by webjump

I purchased this theme months ago and although I am in the development phase, I can attest that this theme is the most plugin receptive of the majority of themes available. I have about 60 active plugins and I rarely have javascript issues. This theme has it all but you can make it even better with other plugins for web design. Per the above comment, there will be a few conflicts but this theme shoots straight as an arrow.

Mark, Miami, FL

by superdoc

Just the best theme I’ve worked up to this day. Excelent amount of features availabe. The Visual Composer combined with the template feature makes you work just FAST like light speed. The design and the other components you have to consider when buying a theme are just insanely good. If you are wondering about buy this theme, just do it. Buy it TODAY! =) Great job Dream-Theme. Cheers Richard Silva

by godatalabs

This is fantastic, flexible theme. It’s a pleasure to work with. The authors frequently update the theme, adding features, streamlining and fixing. When issues arise, they are responsive and get iterative patches out quickly.

by artemesia66

I have played around with this theme with every option I could think of… the quality of the design and the well put-together administration features have helped me design a very attractive website (just the way I wanted!). Every single time, just when I thought I reached an obstacle… the support behind this theme is invaluable (effective and caring). I got what I wanted :) – My personal opinion: Get this theme, you won’t regret it!.

by busy

Wonderful theme with so much possibilities and features. I purchased it 5 times and fore sure I will purchase it furthermore for other projects. Really good work and very friendly and good support.

by michi2009

So far it’s the most flexible theme with “looking forward” design. All the questions I had were answered (by myself) by searching through the comments. Good job!

by gesman

Very well designed theme with a lot of customizable options. Holds up well and doesn’t interfere with most plugins I have used.

by Anderson89

Very flexible and customizable which give you so many variation many theme can only dream of. which makes this a great all in one theme. plus the plugin they added are very relevant and compliment the great design. Well done guys…

by EliteSocialMedia

I’m not one to give a rave view but I feel compelled to do so because of the absolutely stellar experience I’ve had with The7 and the dream team. In the past 4 months I’ve spent over $600 buying various premium themes or theme subscriptions from reputable companies. They’ve all been, for the most part, “okay” or “good” - but there was always something that wasn’t quite right about each of them – something they didn’t support or couldn’t achieve without a lot of custom coding. Then I found The7. The 7 is hands down the best theme I have ever used. Every aspect of its design is fully customizable - you won’t believe how many menus of detailed options are available in the Dashboard! On the few occasions where I couldn’t quite get it to do exactly what I wanted, I submitted a trouble ticket. Every time – within hours – I’d get a detailed response that included specific instructions on how to achieve what I wanted. So far I haven’t run in to a single situation where I can’t do EXACTLY what I want. These guys have created a very flexible, highly customizable theme and provide amazing support for it. What more could you ask for?

by jhage

Easier to work with than Avada in my opinion.

by moltencreative

This is an excellent theme with tons of features. I did my new corporate website on it and it got rave reviews from our offices around the world. Please keep up the great work making superb themes that can be used for businesses. Janette Dywasuk

by jdywasuk

This is a great theme. You can build any web site you want very different from each other and with great design standards. Even when clients asks for ugly designs, through this theme you can at least hold some sense and proportion.

by ViaMarket

Honestly there’s not so much wordpress template on themeforest which is simply awesome… And this one is the one of my dream. You simply not need much than only The7. Builtin with some of the best plugins available on CodeCanyon (you save extra bucks there !) With this theme, all projects can take life! Just ask support for this because there’s a lot of includiong things in this theme and you should have some conflicts. But for me that’s the BEST i have seen for a long time ago. And it’s regularly updates.

by williamwild

This Theme frickin’ ROCK$! Very straightforward to customize, awesome variety of design options, looks amazing even on mobile… thnks for being Amazing Dream-Theme!! Looking forward to the next theme already plz! ha

by sterlingwilliam

Great theme, very versatile, very friendly to use, incredible possibilities, many features. That’s 5 ways to say what is to say about this theme: it’s perfect.

by NastySax

I have purchased many, many Wordpress themes in my career for both myself and my clients. I always customize themes I buy, since neither my clients nor I want our websites to look like everyone else’s. In the past, this has been a bit of a chore, due to limited options, oftentimes resulting in completely editing css/code, building my own page templates etc., to achieve the desired/required look. THIS theme is both beautiful and functional, as well as being very easy to use. I feel like a kid in a candy store! Thank you for all of your hard work.

by candidhams

Hi , I’m making this post because today my site that uses this theme was selected to compose the winning WeLoveWP list. Here’s a link :

Below is the full text of the email team WeLoveWP

[...] we approve only about 1 out of 10 submissions we receive que , que means this is quite an achievement and yet another reason for you to be proud of your work . Congratulations! Now , if you would like to share the love and show others your website que is a favorite of , we recommend you que link to this URL :

by samsdm

My two year search is over! I have tried over 30 themes from Themeforest, many of them occupying the top 10, but The7 is by far the best I have used. That’s not to say the other themes are poor, it’s just that The7 is the fastest, easiest to make a site look professional (I have no idea about coding html etc) and the demo material is second to none. I can’t believe these guys charge $55; well it’s definitely the best $55 dollars I’ve ever spent on a product. Thank you so much Dream-Theme; this site so much deserves to be number 1.

by lordlucan101

This theme, is without doubt, one of, if not THE best theme I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The support/updates are excellent. So easy to use and work with. If you are ‘thinking’ of purchasing this theme, think no more and hit the buy button!. After my previous purchase from another developer turned into a lemon, this theme and the development team have restored my faith. Thank You guys!

by CypherUK

I just wanted you to know that I spend a lot of time on this site previewing and looking at all the different themes. And I always come back to YOUR design, YOUR templates and YOUR customer service. I appreciate your ability to marriage DESIGN with functionality…as you do not skimp on either. I will ALWAYS buy your themes and I cannot wait till the next one comes out. This theme rocks!!!

by klvo

after 2 years of use themeforest templates, never seen anything like this template very very very good quality-made template, with huge opportunities at the moment Support at the height (within a few hours of getting answers to your questions) Highly recommend to all!

by imbaFXOpenmax

I have never ever experienced such great WordPress theme. I would pay even triple price for this masterpiece and definitely will suggest this one also to my clients. HUGE thanks to author(s) of this killer piece of stuff.

by neophonic

Thanks for the last round of updates! You nailed a few things I was looking for! I hope you sell a crapload of these because this is one of the best and most flexible themes I have ever used.

by stevejwin

The 7 is an AMAZING theme! I’ve purchased countless themes over the past years, and this has got to be one of the most versitile and time saving ones I’ve ever come across

by 1website4me (via our support portal)

This theme is great. Highly customizable. Dream-Theme have spent the time and attention to design, feature set and integration with other plugins. Updates include more features and are regular. Support is timely and on point. Thanks a ton.

by AFroggatt

In the hundreds of Wordpress themes that I had to use, it is the most accomplished. No doubt about it. So many possibilities and flexibility. Bravo.

by Babahed

The7 works like a charm! 5 stars theme and 5 stars support. Thanks!?[...] looking forward for your next update(s). Anyway, even if no update will be available (ever) for this theme, consider my 5 stars rating final and more than well deserved! By far the best theme I’ve purchased!

by dantatic

[...] Note to anyone considering this theme: Whether you’re experienced with WordPress, HTML/CSS or are new and just getting started, the way this is packaged should be the gold standard in WordPress template deployment, and I encourage you to commit and buy this theme. [...]

by FastNOC

No brainer giving this theme 5 stars. Thanks for your quick reply on my pre sales questions. This is by far the most impressive theme I have used & have several clients that have purchased themes from TF. keep up the good work. if I could give this a 10 star rating I would. Thank you!

by TheShadows

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The7 – everything you need to build an awesome website!

The7 is perfectly scalable, performance and SEO optimized, responsive, retina ready multipurpose WordPress theme. It will fit every site – big or small. From huge corporate portals to studio or personal sites – The7 will become a great foundation for your next project!

Compatible with WordPress 4.0!

Responsive. Fluid. Retina-Ready.
Your site will always look sharp and utilize 100% of screen estate on every device. There are no jerky “responsiveness points”. Plus The7 features adaptive navigation menu on smaller screen sizes.

Customize Everything!
No theme around offers such a vide range of customization options. The7 allows you to customize almost every aspect of its appearance via handy theme options panel.

Create any layout with Visual Layout Builder!
The7 comes with Visual Layout Builder. Create almost any layout you can imagine in only couple of clicks!
Watch the screencast.

(New!) 2 styles: iOS7 and Minimalist
Now you can switch from iOS7 to Minimalist style to get even cleaner and more universal look.

12 Ready-Made Skins.
We’ve included 12 ready-made skins in different color schemes for different purposes. They can be a great starting point for your unique custom design.

Exclusive Slideshows.
The7 features two slideshows developed exclusively for it: Porthole and 3D. Layer Slider, Metro (based on Swiper) and Revolution slider were heavily customized to fit theme perfectly.

Multiple Header Options. Fancy Headers.
Make your pages, posts and projects stand out with individual headers. Choose one of 5 exclusive slideshows or a fancy header (3 layouts available).

New! UNIQUE page template: Microsite. May be used for landing pages, one-page-sites, blank pages,.. even sterling sites-in-site! Features:
Select custom menu.
Enable / disable top bar, header, floating menu, bottom bar.
Use custom logos, logo links and favicon.
Enable / disable beautiful page loading.
Choose wide or boxed layout.
Custom CSS field.
All regular options like header, slideshow, sidebars etc. settings are also available.

New! We supercharged WP Custom Menus (now it’s Mega Menu)!
Icons (custom images or icon-font).
Multiple menu rows / columns.
Theme Options > Header options:
Enable / disable frames & backgrounds in main menu.
Enable / disable arrow level indicators for main menu and drop down menus.
Icon size settings.

Themes valid HTML5 code meets best SEO practices. Theme is 100% compatible with industry-leading SEO plugins like “All on One SEO Pack” and “SEO by Yoast”.

Coolest and most trendy design features:
Fancy headers, fullscreen slideshows, Revolution Slider, boxed and wide layouts, striped content backgrounds, parallax stripes, floating menu, and more… much more!

Plenty of Blog, Portfolio & Galleries Layouts.
You can choose:
masonry, grid or list view;
justified grid layout for portfolio, albums and galleries;
(only for portfolio and gallery) “infinite scroll / lazy loading” option;
1, 2, 3 or 4 columns;
plus enable or disable sidebar.

Supports WordPress post formats
The7 supports and has individual styling for these post formats:

Slideshows in projects / posts previews

Plethora of Shortcodes and Widgets.
Build any layout you can imagine with wide range of shortcodes: Accordion, Toggles, Tabs, Banners, Teasers, Call to action, Benefits, Blog, Buttons, Clients, Contact form, Map, Photos, Pricing tables (via plugin), Progress bars, Portfolio, Slideshow, Social icons, Stripes, Testimonials, Team, etc.

WooCommerce Support Out of the Box.
That’s right – no need to mess with WooCommerce styling to fit your site perfectly. The7 will apply all required styles based on your design automatically!

Translation and Multilingual ready.
The7 is 100% translation ready and fully compatible with WPML.

Tested for compatibility with most popular plugins:
Contact form 7, WPML, All in One Calendar, Events manager Pro, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, SEO by Yoast, All in One Seo Pack, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, JetPack, Luv Comments, Disqus, Geo Post, Ultimate Maintenance Mode, Jooseok Oh, NextGEN Gallery, etc.

Premium-class support for free!
Faced a problem? No worries – we have knowledge-base, interactive troubleshooter and our premium-class customer support service is always ready to help you.

Innumerable usage possibilities!


Extended Features List

  • Fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices + convenient mobile menu (iOS 5, 6 & 7 and Android 4.2 & 4.3).
  • Retina displays ready (and extensively tested on RMBP).
  • Powerful theme customization tools: customize everything via simple and intuitive interface in your admin panel.
  • 2 styles: iOS 7 and Minimalist
  • 12 amazing skins for different purposes included.
  • Visual Layout Builder based on modified Visual Composer.
  • 5 awesome sliders: Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, Porthole, Metro, 3D.
  • New! UNIQUE page template: Microsite. May be used for landing pages, one-page-sites, blank pages,.. even sterling sites-in-site! Features:
    Select custom menu.
    Enable / disable top bar, header, floating menu, bottom bar.
    Use custom logos, logo links and favicon.
    Enable / disable beautiful page loading.
    Choose wide or boxed layout.
    Custom CSS field.
    All regular options like header, slideshow, sidebars etc. settings are also available.
  • New! We supercharged WP Custom Menus (now it’s Mega Menu)!
    Icons (custom images or icon-font).
    Multiple menu rows / columns.
    Theme Options > Header options:
    Enable / disable frames & backgrounds in main menu.
    Enable / disable arrow level indicators for main menu and drop down menus.
    Icon size settings.
  • Striped backgrounds; Parallax and Video Stripes.
  • Create pages for different types of content in 3 clicks: create page, select template and hit “publish”. Boom, your page is already there! No additional setup required.
  • Custom post types to store different types of your content: slideshows; photo albums; portfolio; team; testimonials; partners, clients, etc.
  • Plenty of Blog, Portfolio & Galleries layouts. You can choose:
    masonry, grid or list view;
    (new!) justified grid layout for portfolio, albums and galleries;
    1, 2, 3 or 4 columns;
    plus enable or disable sidebar.
  • 12+1 page templates:
    Default Template (for general pages);
    Blog – list;
    Blog – masonry;
    Albums (photos & videos; 2-level gallery) – masonry & grid;
    New! Albums – justified grid;
    Gallery (photos & videos; 1-level gallery) – masonry & grid;
    New! Gallery – justified grid;
    Portfolio – list;
    Portfolio – masonry & grid;
    New! Portfolio – justified grid;
  • Multiple header options for pages, posts and projects. Choose from 5 Slideshows or 3 Fancy Headers layouts.
  • Password protected posts in Blog, Photo Albums, Portfolio, Media.
  • Unlimited widget areas.
  • Tested for compatibility with most popular plugins: Contact form 7, WPML, All in One Calendar, Events manager Pro, WooCommerce, SEO by Yoast, All in One Seo Pack, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, JetPack, Luv Comments, Disqus, Geo Post, Ultimate Maintenance Mode, Jooseok Oh, NextGEN Gallery, etc.
  • Plethora of custom shortcodes with wide range of settings.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Lots of social icons.
  • Like buttons in blog, portfolio and media.
  • Option to disable responsiveness.
  • Integrated Google Fonts.
  • ... and more, much more!

Attention! Photos on the preview are not included and can be purchased from


Need some help?

Support Portal Knowledgebase Support Policy

Faced a problem? No worries – our premium class customer support service is always ready to help you.

Support requests are being processed on business days from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT 0.0) [normally] within 24-48h in the order they were received.

Please note that the fastest way to obtain support is to submit a request via our online Help Desk: Requests received via ThemeForest comments and personal messages, email, Twitter or FaceBook will take much longer time to process or can be not addressed at all!


Theme Evolution

v.4.4.5 (Nov 7, 2014):
Slider Revolution and Layer Slider updated to newest versions.

v.4.4.4 (Sep 11, 2014):

1. Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.2.
2. Visual Composer updated to newest version: 4.3.4.

v.4.4.31 (Sep 6, 2014):

1. Visual Composer updated to newest version.
2. Full, Business and Creative demos slightly changed to reflect improvements in VC.
3. Minor changes to reflect improvements in WP 4.0.
4. Tweaks to responsiveness mechanisms.
5. Improved spinners in Slider Revolution.
6. Fixed: issue with scroller always expanding to full page width. 

v.4.4.2 (Aug 28, 2014):

Slider Revolution and Layer Slider updated to newest versions. 

v.4.4.1 (Aug 12, 2014):

This version contains tiny improvements:
- js/main.min.js file added;
- improved WPML compatibility for child themes;
- tiny tweaks for better plugins compatibility.

v.4.4.0 (Aug 08, 2014):

1. New version of Visual Composer integrated (v.4.3). It's internals have been changed significantly. You may notice (and want to correct) some weird spacings (especially after "banner" and "teaser" elements).
2. New individual settings for responsiveness of columns added. 
3. Plugins bundled with theme updated to their newest versions. 

v. (Jul 18, 2014):

Tweaked smooth scroll sensitivity. 

v.4.3.0 (Jul 17, 2014):

1. New "Infinite scroll / lazy loading" feature for galleries and portfolio.
2. Visual Composer updater to newest version.
3. New version of Slider Revolution included to theme repository.
4. Beta: New smooth scroll engine, which works in all browsers except Safari (prev. version worked in Chrome only).
5. Fixed: "Design" settings for VC do not work for an inner row.
6. Other minor improvements and fixes. 

v. (Jul 3, 2014):

Fixed: problems with elements animation and FontAwesome rendering. 

v.4.2.3 (Jul 2, 2014):

1. Fixed: issue with photos/portfolio scroller in Safari.
2. Fixed: Porthole slider thumbnails disappeared.
3. "nav_menu_link_attributes" filter added.

v.4.2.2 (Jun 18, 2014):

1. Fixed: "Single Image" VC element: lightbox does npt work - it open an image as a file.
2. Fixed: various Google Webmaster-Tools errors.
3. Disabling Google Fonts for Chinese is easier now (you still need to contact our support for it though).
4. Fixed: WPML can't translate "General" -> "Advanced" -> "Portfolio slug".
5. Fixed: Post featured images: "alt" attribute duplicates "image title" instead of displaying real content of "Alt" field.
6. Fixed: Album lightbox: slightly visible arrows are mispositioned.
7. Fixed:  Google Map in a full-width row + Sidebar = map is shifted to the left.

v.4.2.1 (Jun 03, 2014):

Fixed: "Fatal error" in "Theme Options > Top Bar" 

v.4.2.0 (Jun 03, 2014):

1. Visual Composer updated to Newest version. Front-end editor is finally enabled :) (beta).
2. Font Awesome updated. Correct/complete loading of Font Awesome icons.
3. Redundant LESS variables are removed.
4. Fixed: Portfolio Scroller -> image lightbox: even though "Hide image title" is on, title shows up.
5. Disable JetPack Photon - it breaks image resizing.
6. Fixed: Gallery ajax mode, description of a featured image is not displaying when there is only one image in album.
7. Fixed: issue with Separator (deprecated).
8. Fixed: Microsite + Sidebar navigation to an anchor: smooth scroll does not work anymore.
9. Enable WPML string translation for Bottom Bar text.
10. Fixed: Problem with floating menu logo height and wrong microsite navigation.
11. Fixed. Portfolio Scroller: target="_blank" does not work if only "link" icon is enabled.
12. Fixed: Double "play" icon on mobiles (default WP player).

v.4.1.4 (May 19, 2014):

Minor improvements & bugfixes:
1. Setting disappeared: Stripe + Fullwidth content -> "padding-left" and "padding-right" - fixed.
2. Portfolio "Hide last row if there's not enough images to fill it" - added notice that it works only for Standard mode, not AJAX.
3. "Portfolio Archives: Categories Business" instead of "Portfolio Archives: Business".
4. Portfolio, target="_blank" does not work if only "link" icon is enabled - fixed.
5. Asc/desc ordering setting on some pages is brocken - fixed.
6. Google Maps shortcode says: "Enter map height ...or leave it empty to make map responsive." But maps does not show up if the field is empty - fixed.
7. "Select or Upload Images" cannot be translated - fixed.
8. Minor improvements to navigation on touch devices.
9. "Parallax speed" setting for stripes dissapeared- fixed.
10. Related Projects: when click on the "external link" icon, it links to a project itself - fixed.
11. Weird portfolio paddings if all hover meta info is off - fixed.
12. Fixed issue with some active main menu items not indicating properly.
13. If Buttons style is 3D, gallery lightbox looks weird - fixed.
14. WooCommerce, Number of Related products: it had been 4 before. Now it is 2 - changed back to 4.
15. "Grayscale with color hovers" + “Gallery” template: colour hovers do not work - fixed.
16. Error in Media: class-wp-posts-list-table.php - fixed.
17. Visual Composer & Slider Revolution updated to newest version.

v.4.1.3 (Apr 26, 2014):

1. Solved issue with not clickable submenu items in mobile menu.
2. Remover spare border from "map" element.
3. Solved issue with multiple buttons highlighted in the menu.
4. "Message textarea height" setting for contact form is back.
5. Solved issue with spare margin-bottom: 35px; in columns on mobile layout.

v.4.1.2 (Apr 23, 2014):

1. New "7 minimal" skin added.
2. Visual Composer updated to newest version: this fixed issue with “Button 2” and other minor stuff.
3. Fixed issue with AJAX-powered stuff: filtering, sorting, load more, etc.
4. Fixed issues with main navigation: “back” link in mobile menu and inadequate highlighting of active menu items.
5. Improved appearance of related products in WooCommerce.
6. Improved 3D slider performance on mobile devices.
7. Other minor fixes and improvements. 

v.4.1.1 (Apr 19, 2014):

Minor bugs fixed, brand new introduced :)

v.4.1.0 (Apr 17, 2014):

1. 100% compatible with WordPress 3.9.
2. New “Cobalt” skin.
3. bbPress is now officially supported and styled to match the theme.
4. “Contact form sends emails to:” setting was added to Theme Options > General > Advanced.
5. “Slug” setting for portfolio was added (Theme Options > General > Advanced).
6. No more need to save option after theme major update - theme will do it automatically.
7. Fixed issue with absent width and height attributes for images in teaser. Also we enhanced this shortcode interface with ability to pick up image directly from library. If you will like it - we’re going to add this capability to other similar shortcodes. 
8. Link to changelog in theme update notifier. 
9. Added smooth scroll when you are linking to stripe on Microsite from “outside” URLs.
10. Now you can add a link to certain stripe of Microsite to button or link (in code editing mode add class=“anchor-link” attribute for that).
11. Minor Slider Revolution appearance refinements.
12. Fixed issue with FB button not picking correct page URL.
13. Various improvements in WooCommerce:
    - related products responsiveness;
    - filter widget appearance.
14. Fixed issue with buttons and dividers not being painted properly after update to v.4.0.x.
15. Fixed issue in WPML not displaying “mini blog” and “portfolio scroller” featured images. 
16. Removed “max-width: 270px” attribute from “.wpcf7-form textarea” selector.
17. Other minor improvements and fixes.
18. New settings in VC allows you to decorate images and text blocks (check out and
19. Bundled premium plugins updated to newest versions: Slider Revolution, Visual Composer.

v.4.0.1 & 4.0.2 (Apr 4, 2014):

1. Added support for Font Awesome Icons in top and bottom bars.
2. Fancy Titles shortcode added.
3. Fancy Separator shortcode added.
4. Menu in sidebar appearance improved.
5. Fixed bug with invisible text on some buttons (Contact form 7, etc.). 
6. Fixed issue with drop down list in WooCommerce.
7. Minor appearance refinements.
8. Minor appearance improvements on hand-held devices.
9. “Go Pricing Tables”, “Slider Revolution” & “Layer Slider” updated to newest versions.
10. Dummy content for full (main) demo updated.

v.4.0.0 (Mar 28, 2014) According to our project tracker this update contains more than 140 changes and improvements: from smaller to bigger ones. Therefore here we are posting only most notable of them:

1. “Style” setting was added. Now you can choose from iOS and Minimalist styles. Changing style effects appearance of header, footer, stripes, widgets, sidebar, paginator, categorization, social icons and everything in content area. In fact you’re getting The7 + completely new theme design + power to mix an match both!
2. 3 menu hover styles: framed, none, underline. Option to change distance between menu items was added.
3. 3 sidebar background styles. 
4. 3 button styles: iOS7, flat & 3D.
5. Theme Options structure and usability improvements:
    - “General” was divided into 3 tabs: Appearance, Custom CSS and advanced;
    - All branding settings were gathered under “Branding” menu item;
    - New “Blog & Portfolio” menu item contains settings that were previously clustered in “General”.
6. 4 new skins:
    - Minimal;
    - Aquamarine;
    - Spring;
    - Purple Peak.
7. 6 existing skins were significantly refreshed.
8. Theme Options > Branding. 5 additional field for favicons on high-DPI and handheld devices were added. 
9. Settings for custom border radius and color of backgrounds in Benefits.
10. New settings for top bar:
    - center content;
    - slide up/down on narrow screens.
11. Better styling for WooCommerce.
12. Responsiveness improvements.
13. Appearance with disabled responsiveness improvements.
14. Various design tweaks and refinements. 
15. Performance optimization.
16. Visual Composer updated to newest version.
17. Bundled premium plugins (Layer Slide, Slider Revolution, Go Pricing Tables) were updated to newest versions.
18. Now demos for various site theme usage: 
    - Landing Page;
    - Corporate / Business;
    - One-page-site;
    - Blog News Site;
    - Creative / Portfolio (good for agencies). 
Dummy content of all new demos is available in theme package (images are not included).

View full changelog here:

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