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Sonsof Purchased

Hi Tomm, I already bought murble of your theme and I must say I really like them all! In this theme(The Architect)is possible to put into a project a gallery of images + gallery video + gallery pdf? Thanks so much

Hey there,

No, sorry, you may wish to check some of my newer themes like Pivot, Zonya or Loom which are all more capable of this.



Sonsof Purchased

With Pivot i can put all(gallery photo + gallery video + gallery pdf) into a single project?

Yes, you can add a gallery of images, individual videos and .pdf links in the same project.


Hi, well like this theme and would like to use it for my next project. One question that i want to ask before buying it, is that my client want to add a career page where he can collect CVs from interested people. How can i achieve this with the theme. ... Can you please help me in this regards. Thanks


You would need to further develop the theme to extend it for this function.


Can you please provide me some sort of link to understand I can develop it further for my needs…. And is it possible if i could use career plugins for WordPress already available on net ?

Hi there guys, i’m using Sabai Directory plugin but the footer is overlaping on the plugin content, how can i avoid this.? The rest of pages are working fine when i use the builder.

Pic Related:

PS. Also overlaps when I insert a wordpress gallery.

Thanks in advance !

Hey there,

Sorry, we cannot provide support for 3rd party plugins, however I will look into that WP Gallery point and hopefully that will also fix your directory issue.

Whereabouts are you entering the WP Gallery and getting this issue?


Hi, about the WP gallery, i just add a new wp gallery as is, and when published the content appears behind the footer (as the same with plugin), so that’s why i thought the footer isn’t getting fixed at the bottom, regarding the height of the content div; i’ll try to make some hacks hoping to resolve that, because neither the ajax (effect) isn’t working when i click on the menu and doesn’t animate the new content (what could be causing it?).As suggestion to the demo content, it just imports the post and portfolio content, but not menus, images or theme config, it would be nice to have a FULL demo. Thanks in advace.

Hey there,

The demo data does indeed install all required elements (apart from widgets) you just need to configure it by following through the instructions in the theme documentation.

Looking into the wp gallery.



How can I change the color of the placeholder text in the contact form ?

Thank you

Thanks ! Works.


Alunawp Purchased

Please excuse my English … I bought this theme because it is interesting and beautiful. Support from the author (Danny) is a great, fast. Danny is willing to address all issues. Good work, thank you!


Thanks so much! :)

Hello, congratulations for the theme, your theme is very good but i have a problem where can I get the div to change?i would like to delete the div to and move up the div b.Thanks for support

Hey there,

You’ll need to modify /ebor_framework/page-builder/blocks/aq-portfolio-block.php for this.


Thanks for support but the correct file to edit is aq-team-block.php, but i have new problem: I added in each file in /ebor_framework/page-builder/blocks/ this: and in theme_options.php this but not show my custoum filter in page builder

Have you a idea for my problem?

Hi Tom,

I’ve purchased this theme but am having trouble installing it.

During the install I get this error message: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/a3430054/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 216

Sometimes the error comes up as being on line 190.

The file I’m trying to install is the ‘installable Wordpress file only’ zip

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, Robin

Hey Robin,

Sounds like your web hosting isn’t too fantastic, the above error directly points to a timeout within the WP Core, this is linked to your server settings. The best thing to do is contact your web host with the above.



maayan1 Purchased

Hello!!! the theme don’t read style.css. on click home/portfolio is link to url of theme not enables to Update wordpress Please waiting for an answer sos!

Hey there,

1. Please visit the theme options and change each away from it’s default value, save, and set back to default as mentioned by the theme and theme documentation.

2. Please adjust the imported menus in the demo data as mentioned in the documentation.


Dear tommusrhodus,

I mailed you on 09 February regarding this theme via your author contact form, as I’m interested in purchasing but have a few lengthy pre-sales queries that for brevity purposes I chose to deliver over mail instead. However and sadly, I haven’t received a reply from you, which leads me to believe that contact form isn’t working.

Please do you have an email address that I can use instead? This theme, along with a few others, are high on my interest list so I would be very grateful for your feedback on my queries in order that I can make a better-informed purchasing decision.

Thank you for your help.

Pre-purchase question: Background Color for Menu Navigation

Wondering if the background in top menu navigation, where it’s currently white in the demo, can be changed. Thanks!

Yes, cheers.

AWESOME! Okay…definitely gonna purchase then :) Thanks for the fast response!


jm14jm Purchased

Hello. Sorry for my English. In theArchitect page builder, when I click on the drop down menu “Place this Block under which section?”, It is empty. And in the page section, the “page builder template” model does not appear. I only have “Default Template”, “Page model with filter navigation” and “Page model with Navigation stadard” What to do?

Hey there,

For all support, please use a ticket: