theGrid – Retina Ready One-Page Wordpress Theme

theGrid – Retina Ready One-Page Wordpress Theme

What my buyers say
Very good documentation! Thank you
Aline44 – HC WP Theme
I just rated it 5 stars for the great support (and of course its an awesome theme!)
Zalmyk, 360Complete Theme
A+++ for support!!! This is by far the best purchase I have made on TF! Keep up the excellent work! Easy 5 Stars!
Adamevans4, 360Complete Theme
Great! Thank you for the quick support. As adamevans4 said: A+++ :)
8mt, 360complete Theme
I’m just happy, thank you! Have given a 5 star because this theme and your support is SO worth it! :)
M1chaela, 360Complete Theme


  • Fully responsive
  • Wordpress 4.0+ Ready
  • Create your page using my drag and drop page-builder See it in action
  • Uses the built in Wordpress Customiser for secure, fast theme customisations. Customiser Screenshot
  • Wordpress Post Format Support
  • Selective Homepage option, only show selected blocks when the theme first loads – Please read documentation before using this
  • Customisable Filter Names
  • Alternate Header by with 1-click
  • Self Hosted Video
  • Self Hosted Audio
  • Youtube, Vimeo & SoundCloud embed support
  • Cross browser compatible – tested in IE 8,9; Firefox; Safari; Chrome and Opera.
  • Working Ajax Contact Form with Validation and working PHP Mailer Script
  • Extensive documentation
  • HTML Version Included
  • PSD included
  • 5 Star Rated Theme Support
  • Automatic theme updates straight to your WP dashboard, just like twenty-twelve
  • Unlimited Colour Schemes using 1-click colour changers. See a Light Version created in seconds here!
  • Social Icons in Footer, Header, or both! See icons in the header here.

  • Video Documentation Underway
  • Installing the theme and demo data tutorial
  • Using the filters and navigation tutorial
  • Using the page builder tutorial
  • Everything you need included

    There’s loads included in the download file;
    • Demo Data .xml file for fast theme-setup
    • Great Documentation
    • theGrid Wordpress Theme
    • theGrid HTML theme
    • Homepage .PSD included with main theme features & elements
    • FREE Auto-Updates straight from the WP dashboard whenever the theme is updated
    • .po files included for full localization support


    September 2013 – v2.2.5

    • Bugfix – Blog block can now be properly added to homepage
    • Bugfix – Border removed form 1/2 image block
    • Contact form added to .po
    • Very basic Contact Form 7 styles added
    • Added – New Slider Block
    • Affected files: style.css, styles.php, aq-blog-block.php, aq-page-builder.php, added – aq-slider-block.php

    June 2013 – v2.2.4

    • User Request – Theme option to disable title on team members added
    • Bugfix – Navigation colours now applied to mobile nav
    • Bugfix – View More icon now displays correctly on retina devices
    • User Request – Class can now be added to image block link – useful for plugin integration
    • Bugfix – H3 tags now display properly within text blocks

    June 2013 – v2.2.3

    • User Request – Links can be added to clients logos
    • User Request – Option to turn the map between colour and black and white
    • User Request – Spam detection now on contact form
    • WordPress Version 3.6 Supported

    May 2013 – v2.2.0 – Large Update

    • User Request – Selective Homepage option now available – please read the update within the updated documentation regarding this when the update goes live on theme forest (within 24 hours of reading this 1st May)
    • User Request – Contact Form Success Text Colour Control
    • User Request – Logo Colour Control
    • User Request – Entire site can now be restricted down from 4 column to 3 columns
    • Various CSS Fixes
    • Various .js fixes

    April 2013 – v2.1.1 – Large Update

    • User Request – Right/Left header option added
    • User Request – Added 404 page
    • User Request – Gallery Image amount upped to 15
    • Alternate Header Bug fixes
    • Contact form & translations bug fix
    • User Request – new block, double width image block
    • User Request – Quick links for template selection in the page builder
    • Fixed a small CSS issue with the Google Map
    • User Request – Preloader background colour now customisable
    • Added new CSS based Preloader animation

    April 2013 – v2.1.0 – Large Update

    • User Request – LinkedIn added to social profiles
    • User Request – Xing, Pinterest & Instagram added to social profiles
    • Added an optional javascript pre-loader to improve the appearance of the loading page
    • User Request – Filter names can now be changed & 3 custom un-set filter names are now ready to use
    • Various CSS tweaks and fixes
    • User Request – main navigation colour controls
    • Fixes for various alternate header issues
    • It’s now possible to code links into the list block type

    April 2013 – v2.0.0 – Major Update, Manual Update Required

    • Page Builder Updates
    • User Request, Auto-Paragraph on/off button in page-builder blocks
    • User Request, Team Members now have usable single-pages for extra content
    • User Request, Portfolio posts now have variable width main content between 2, 3 & 4 columns.
    • User Request, you are now able to disable the view more & open in lightbox buttons for portfolio items
    • User Request, Social Icons can now be in the header, footer, or header & footer
    • Retina Featured Images now enabled
    • Video Post Format Bug fix
    • Full-Width Text Block is now auto height, add as much content as you need.
    • Blurry Featured Image issue solved
    • Documentation Updated
    • New XML Data

    March 2013 – v1.0.3

    • Page Builder Updates

    March 2013 – v1.0.2

    • Actually Fixed Custom CSS Support
    • Various Bug Fixes
    • Full Width Text Block Added to Page Builder
    • Three Quarters Text Block Added to Page Builder
    • Updated .po

    March 2013 – v1.0.1

    • Fixed Custom CSS Support
    • Various Bug Fixes
    • Added more Colour Controls
    • Added support for all iPhone / iPad custom favicons
    • RTL Support
    • User request – Unlimited Portfolios (Requires Seperate Pages)

    March 2013 – Initial Release


    TG was originally designed & coded into beautiful html by PPandP The TG Page Builder is based upon the Aqua Page Builder by Aqua Graphite