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akvaskov Purchased

Hi, I want to buy your ThemeKit in order to use it for my site. In general, I need your sources like HTML layouts and css files in order to have the same look. Could you tell me whether I will have them after purchase?

Thanks in advance!


tsycorne Purchased


I got ThemeKit with a regular license. do I have to mention the copyright at the bottom of page?

thank you

Love the theme! It’s just unfortunate it came with no functionalities… I’ve regretted I bought this, don’t buy unless you are html, bower, gulp and other node expert, it’s very complicated, just a plain html template…

And the support sucks! No replies, almost at all!

I say again: IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO WORK AND INSTALL HTML TEMPLATES (Like me, since I’m used to scripts and CMS), DON’T BUT IT… I am very disappointed, and annoyed over support…

There are not even experts studio.envato who are willing to take the job to install the theme, they say this is just the looks, and nothing more. Here are some quotes from experts I tried to hire for installation:

“The template you bought comes just with the “looks” and without any functionality. Unfortunately I do not have the time at the moment to work on adding the functionality”.

My reply: – Ok, but isn’t themekit the functionality to real estate template? (I bought both real estate and themekit), he replies:

“It is exactly it, a template, not a functional application. It is just the “view” in an “application”.

So, buy it if only you know how to install and make it active!

Here’s another experts words:


The html templates are not functional. These are just designs. So not installable. You need WordPress theme.


So, think again before you buy, and you won’t get any real support… This is the first time I get this angry and disppointed for a product and service in here…!

I am using this in 4.5. If I add the form tag to the top of the body and the close at the end before the script, the sidebar stops scrolling separately and instead scrolls with the page. I am simply adding this at the top: <form id=”form1” runat=”server” >

I am using multiple instances of “single audio player” on the same page. How do I upload several audio tracks directly from the page. thanks


parjapat Purchased


I am facing issue when i am using your theme to .Net MVC.

Do not why it is not populating data.

that is new project only your css and js we are using but still it is showing error

Just tested your theme using Google Webmaster tools, and although theme is mobile responsive, the demo suggests a fairly low SEO ranking. You might want to address the issues highlighted by Google. Feel free to contact me if you make the suggested changes.