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Hello, my client purchased your theme. It’s really great. Also, as I’m working with django, it was a very nice surprise to see that you’re using a similar templating engine. Now to my question : I browsed the documentation but as I’m not entirely familiar with node/npm/bower/grunt, I was wondering how I could build my own theme out of the components that you provide. Say, I want to use the maps from the real-estate theme, combined with the social-2 user profile, and social-1 sidebar… and add my own components (say, frontend custom components with special brand colors). Is there a way I could create a directory, then simply add the sass components which I actually require. The doc explains how to build the themes that you provided. Not sure if this makes sense… Thanks!

If i run
npm install
I get the following message in the output:
npm WARN optional dep failed, continuing fsevents@0.3.5
What does it mean and what are implications of it?
If I start from empty dist folder and then run:
npm install
bower install
and then:
grunt build:d --theme social-1
or even:
grunt build:dm --theme social-1
I get the output message, that everything went just fine:
Done, without errors.
If I then try to open index.html or even blank.html, I get the following result in picture:

The resulting dist folder actually lacks of a lot of files. Please explain in details, how do one exactly builds working social-1 dist theme from dev sources and provide such information in the docs in future.


Is this happening on a fresh downloaded copy or have you modified anything?

The grunt commands you’re using are correct, so I’m not sure what happened.

Are you sure there are no errors in the grunt output?


It happens on a fresh downloaded copy. Build does not complete minification for example – that’s why there is no vendor.min.css file and 404 error. You could try to download a fresh copy and check it by yourself.

How to globalize/internationalize/localize?

can i apply the fixed layout in the music theme? really interested in buying this stuff. thanks!

UI table not responsive how to fiexd it.

Hi there,

I bought your themekit not long ago and I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to strip down the admin-angular theme, so that I can implement it into my app.

Can you give me some advice on generating a bare-bones version of the admin-angular theme?

For example, I’d to generate a version of admin-angular that only contains the essential UI items, as well as the default layout, basic views/routes, without all the extras (charts, etc, etc).

Is there a combination of grunt commands that I could use?

Overall, I’m looking for a way to create a base to work from.

Also, is there a recommended workflow for themekit? What are the steps that I should take to go from generating an initial theme, to customising it to implementing it?

Are there any best practices?


Also, when I generate a theme. It seems that absolute paths are set within the theme-core.js file. Is this intended?

Basically getting paths set to for example ”/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/staging/themekit-3.6.3/dev/app/js/themes/admin-angular/angular/config.router.js” and ”/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/staging/themekit-3.6.3/dev/app/js/themes/admin-angular/angular/main.js”

How to make input spinner with vertical to be an inline element?

Hi there,

I followed the instructions here: http://www.mosaicpro.biz/blog/coral-how-to-change-the-skin-12.html, but I can’t manage to get the skin changed … :(

Can someone please help me?

Thank you for your time and consideration.




PS: Has someone integrated this with Laravel?

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I notice that people keep asking about changing the colors of the theme over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. You either point them to a link to an instruction for a completely different them with a different file structure that does not yield results, or point them towards the default.less file some where over the rainbow.

Further, whenever anybody asks a good, specific question, nailing down the exact things one would need to comprehensively understand how this works, instead of publishing the information publicly, you invite the individual to email you privately and keep the information off the boards. I have spent quite a bit of time reading through the comments “support” on here and duly note that you will take the time to explain something esoteric, but when it comes to the basic documentation that one would normally expect with a theme of this magnitude, “maƱana” seems to be the answer and you are busy working on “improvements” and “upgrades” rather than taking care of the obvious and clear lack of documentation.

That you are willing to spend hours privately emailing people the same information over and over again, where we never see the exchange, or if a satifactory resolution was achieved, is of concern at this point.

I spent days trying to get the SASS working on my own rather than “bothering” you, assuming the problem must be on my end, only to discover that there is a known unresolved SASS problem with no warning in bright flashing lights to anybody who buys the theme.

It may be an inexpensive theme, but it stopped being inexpensive at around the 25 hours into it mark without any of the results I can easily achieve with other themes. 1500 sales * $23 is a cool $34,000 in sales so far. I have to wonder how many people actually got the thing up and running and how many people gave up and walked away and chalked up their $23 loss to their lack of skills rather than your consistent refusal to provide accurate, reliable, complete documentation beyond a supposed way to maybe change the primary color, if you are lucky.

I think you should stop all improvements and fix your glaring documentation problem and stop providing “private” support in situations where it is clear the same question is being asked over and over and over and over and over and over again.

And no, I’m not going to tell you what my problem is and email you privately hoping for some help.

I would like public help with exactly where to change all customizable elements of this theme, from fonts to background colors to font colors and beyond. You have it structured so that stuff is all over the place, almost obfuscated.

With all the time you spend responding privately to people, you could have properly documented this 10 times. So what is going on here?

:impatient: :impatient: :impatient:

Hi Am thinking about a news portal. But so in my search Coral looks nice. but the same time i found Themekit too. So Im not getting an idea to choose which for the purpose.

So for that purpose which theme will work the best..

Also honestly I didnt udnerstand the major difference between these two themes

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Hello ,

I purchased your ThemeKit template , whereas I only wanted the Real estate Template it was only later on I discovered that you have a dedicated template for Real Estate . Now Should I separately purchase Real estate template of this pack contains all the features and functionalists of Real Estate . Please suggest

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Hi i have the same problem, can help me?

Hello there I am trying to set up the theme using the documentation. I have installed virtualbox, and vagrant .. configured the social.yaml file to point to the root (therefore the folder that points to contains dev,dlist,docs,vagrant,Vagrantfile) .. and I have tried to run vagrant up, followed by vagrant ssh.

What would be the next step in order to access the page and why does the ip does not load any page? Also how can I access the app files once the server is loaded (to view the pages from app directory?

I am not sure I understand how this work, if there is any documentation that you could provide me I would greatly appreciate it