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HELP !!!

Love this theme, had worked great in the past for my clients, but I am currently trying to build the site and running into a few issues.

Is the link to my site. I can’t get the slider images to appear, I feel like I’m doing everything correctly but still can’t get them to show.

I also have no idea where it’s pulling in the Home under the homepage slider, or why there is that white box around it.

Thanks so much for you help and your time, really appreciate it.


Hi, can I use one of my own designs as a background?

We need some help with this theme.

Our site keeps running into errors and it is affecting our community that depends on the site for information. I just received this on the homepage (with nothing else):

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 5 “

Our site is

Thank you for the support.

Heya AJ – This sounds like it’s most likely just a corrupted theme file – try re-downloading/re-uploading it :) B


I am really loving this theme, but I just have to comment on something. I’m trying to use Disqus for my site instead of the WordPress commenting system, but when I do, the sidebar ends up below the comments field. This doesn’t happen with the default WordPress commenting system. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Having the same issue with no slider images showing…

I am on the very latest version of the theme and also wordpress as well..any help would be greatly appreciated…


This theme is sick, one of my clients is using it

However some of the Social buttons in the menu aren’t displaying any more, namely the Facebook and Twitter icons. I can change the information in the dashboard but the update never affects the frontend of the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My client really wants those buttons back.


Has anyone tried this with the latest Wordpress 3.5.1? I am still running 3.3 and want to upgrade but am afraid of breaking things that I won’t know how to fix!

Are the tutorial videos for this theme still around? Can you send me a link if they are?

it does not work in wordpress 3.6.1! and the autors dont reply to any questions about the theme :(

cant understand! dont buy