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Sexy theme…as always! Glad to see you back with a bang! Congrats Epicera!

Thanks Trix! It’s great to be back :)

Damn, you are really rocking it again. Keep up the excellent work. Bookmarked :)


Thanks Crozer :) Much appreciated!

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ! Bookmarked twice.

Thanks bud!

Oh loving it man.. surely buying it sooner or later :)

Thanks so much Mass :) Great to hear that kind of praise coming from you!

Wow! Stunning work as always. I am so impressed with your attention to detail. :)

Thanks Cosmive :)

Great Theme, I also bought Pacifica. Is there HTML files with this one?

Not yet, but I’ll be adding them as a “free bonus package” in the next week or two when I launch the HTML version; You’ll be able to come back and download the HTML bonus files for free as soon as it’s out :)

Sexy theme! Love it! Would love to use this for my portfolio website in a near future! :) Keep up the good work!

Thanks RZ – greatly appreciated!

Great theme Brandon! Looks sweet! :)

Thanks so much Philo! Can’t wait to start working with you on some new stuff too ;)

Damn…. love it….

Question. Not knowing too much about WP how hard would it be for an average web designer to swap out the rotating banner on the home page with a single still image, or 2 side by side still images?

Thanks and I love this theme!

Good question:

It’d be super easy to just have one image – all you’d have to do is just enter one slider (as opposed to using 3, 4, 5, etc.)

As for having 2 images side by side – this would be tricky if you want to do it with a custom slider, but you could theoretically just setup the two images side by side on a single big image (and fake the space in between) as a quick and dirty solution :)

Cheers! Brandon

Looking good Brandon – welcome back :)

Thanks Jonathan! It’s great to finally be getting back into theming :)

One additional question. By placing a single image with this get rid of the slider? I would like to make it one static image with no slider if possible.

Thanks! Anton

Well, by the nature of having just 1 image, the “slider” would no longer slide, it’d just stick on the one image and never rotate – making it a static presentation as opposed to a rotating one. Is that what you’re looking for?

Nice work Epicera!

Thanks Matt!

That is more what I had in mind. Just the minimal image. No tabs or anything.

Thank you for your patience! Best A

Oh! Well – what you could do is simply use that full width template as the homepage – it’s all interchangeable so you can set it up any way you like :) B

Thats what I wanted to know! Awesome! Anton

Anytime :) Just holler if you need any assistance. Brandon

Beautiful. I will be buying this shortly. Love it!

Thanks Scott! Holler if you have any questions :) Brandon

Nice gallery images Brandon! And a great theme to go along with them :)

Thanks media – glad you like it :)

Awesome. My next customer will get your template!!!

Thanks a bunch! Just let me know if you have any questions - Brandon

nice work, bookmarked to buy ;)

Thanks Chris!

Look good but im wondering how many time you will take the Atlantica theme and change it just enough to make money with it again.

Someone with talent like you can do much better than redo the same thing over and over again.

Actually, this theme has purposefully combined many of the design elements from my last year’s themes into one “master” theme using backend coding that is completely brand new – The backend panel has been rebuilt 100% from the ground up to work with WP 3 .0 (which the old Atlantica themes don’t fully support). Menus, thumbnails, and a whole bunch of other stuff has been included, and the entire theme is 1000x better than the old stuff. I’ve even included the Dark versions for free with with one thanks to a more organized way of dealing with the styling.

Everything from the page templates to galleries, widgets, shortcodes, typography, slider management, post management, custom fields, and more have been completely overhauled.

So, long story short – yes, it’s very similar to Atlantica and it’s supposed to; I considered releasing it as Atlantica 2.0, but as it includes lots of new features that users have been requesting for a while (along with new design/typographic features from my newer work), it makes a lot more sense to give it a new name and releasing it. I’m certainly not trying to hide the fact that it copies my older work, but the older themes ain’t got nothing on the backend panel on this theme.

Think of this as a way for me to say goodbye to last year and bring in the new ;)

Thanks for the comments Dany! I encourage the feedback and I appreciate the opportunity to clarify :)

Oh! And you’ll be glad to hear that the new line of products is one it’s way.

Cheers! Brandon

Awesome, really nice reply to my comments, it explain a lot of thing.

It just that I’m always curious to see your “next” work and it’s kind of a disapointment to see something that look a lot like what you did but if it’s improved, it’s awesome :)

Thanks for hearing me out Dany :) I’m just as excited as anyone to start kicking out the brand new stuff; my plan was to first release updates for all of my previous themes (which I did last week), then release Themeology for old Atlantica users, and and then release the new stuff. A lot of the delay over the past month has involved me doing a LOT of code research and upping my game in that area. You and the other top authors here have really raised the bar for quality, so I wanted to make sure that I could keep up with you guys as far as coding goes!

I also have a couple other projects (non theme related) on the way, so it should be a busy couple of months for me. Thanks again for letting me explain. I seriously consider the respect of the community with every move that I make, so the last thing I want to do is for people to think I’m just recycling old stuff. This theme is 100% new from a code perspective, and you can expect to see the new designs out soon too ;)

Cheers bud! B

It’s smells like war, not design here :)

The theme is beautiful, even though DDStudios remark has a bit of truth in it (the resemblance with Atlantica).

Read my reply to DD :) In short though, while the design elements are composed of bits and pieces from nearly ALL of my previous pieces (kinda like my own personal Frankentheme), the backend has been 100% built from the ground up to showcase all new features and tricks that make things infinitely easier for buyers than my first round of themes 12 months ago. Just take a quick look past the “scallopped” header and footer and peek at the rest of the stuff that’s included.

Thanks for the comment costin :)

Cheers! Brandon