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I made a post before asking you a couple questions but I figured them all out myself which was good for me. This would be my last question before my site goes live on Feb 1.

How do you add a Facebook like button on the header next to the social icons?


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Hi Brandon i have some question about Cufon Menu with Asian font (Thai) i will send you an email for screenshot detail since i’m working on it offline for now and thank you for your support

I’m having issues with the page templates. I want my Photoblog landing page (listed below) to have the Full Width Project Gallery template, which it does, but when you click on a project, I want to apply the Full Width Classic Gallery where the thumbnails open in prettyPhoto. Help please! I’ve been banging my head against the wall for 2+ weeks now…


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Are there any instructions for upgrading to version 1.2 without losing any edits made to my initial install files?

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Can not get the sidebars to replace the Default Sidebar. Any ideas as to why this would not be working properly?

Am I missing something, or is the logo text not editable within the PSD ?

A few more questions, now that I’m digging into installing the theme:

1) Is there an easy way to remove the post thumbnails from each page where they are used (such as the main blog page, search results, archives, etc.)?

2) Is there an easy way to make the blog posts show in full on the main blog page, instead of just an excerpt being used?

3) In the footer, I’d prefer no menu to be shown. I tried selecting “none” in that portion of the theme settings, but there are still links being shown. How do I correct this without just removing the call for the menu from the code in the footer file?

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I apologize for my lack of knowledge about something I believe is fairly simple…I am just wondering what I need to do to adjust the space at the top of the template. I don’t wish to have my logo up there and would just like the navigation to display closer to the top of the browser window.

Thanks for your help and great theme!!!


I have been trying for 3 days to get prettyPhoto to work. I am a designer, not a developer but I have managed to get all the other pages working… I have read forums and posts about it…Still not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Here is the message I keep getting: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

Here is the page I am working on: http://brittaniharrison.com/?page_id=912&preview=true

Here is the code for the image: \\

Help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Brittani

I figured it out!!!!! the file name CAN NOT have any CAPITAL letters in it. Numbers are ok, but NO capital letters!!!

You can also adjust code but I wasnt that daring, so I renamed all my files… All 200 of them!

Should you want to adjust the code here it is:

line 132 should be: setItem = $(this).attr(‘href’); line 671 should be commented out or removed.

@Epicera Great theme ! Question : is it possible to create a full width template without galleries ? Thanks in advance Olivier

@Epicera Sorry for my question , because I just saw the sub sub menu : Feature > Page Template > Full width template Yeah

Thanks by the way.

@Epicera Hi, just added your theme

Is it possible to put personnalized background (upload image) by page (or by article ?), or how can I do this ?

Really thanks in advance



Is there a way, to add text or image or html code in the section on home page that says “More Articles”, I saw the php file in main index and was able to change what it reads but would like to fill up that dead area on the home page,




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WP says the theme is broken- missing stylesheet ?

I called my host support line and had them check as this is my second Themeforest WP install. I had the same problem; I missed a folder.. The support guy found it. The support guy said all is well on their end this time so here I am.

Help please :)


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Can the slider on the homepage link to a particular post when it is clicked?

Hi, I was just wondering if there would be a shortcode for a slider for images? Or is that possible to add. I just like sliders for portfolios better than the lightboxes. Just wondering as I really like the feel of your theme and would love to customize it for my personal blog.

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I have just updated WordPress to version 3.1 and it seems to have resulted in the removal of the custom fields from the Posts and Pages, so I now have no way of adding slider images. Any ideas!?

MDNW Author

Checking into it for you today IndyTim – thanks for the note!

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Any help with my above post? I really want to build my site.

I really want to purchase this theme but I really want to be able to have a slideshow gallery instead of a lightbox – is that possible to do when an image is clicked on the project gallery?

Please let me know – it’s the only thing that’s really keeping me.

Also, just wondering if how many widgets can we put in the footer area?

Please respond as soon as possible.