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Oh Crap! I’m running into the same problem as IndyTim

I just shut one site down and I’m rebuilding my main site, any help on this would be great.

Thanks, Fitz

Just so you know, I’ve rolled my site back to using version 3.0.5 of WordPress and everything that was gone has now reappeared such as the custom fields.


I just want to know how to make a page with blog posts of only one category.

    Page 1
  • - Post 1 – Category A
  • - Post 2 – Category A
  • - Post 3 – Category A
  • - Post 4 – Category A
    Page 2
  • - Post 1 – Category B
  • - Post 2 – Category B
  • - Post 3 – Category B


Is there a way to do this please?

BAM !!!! Custom fields are still alive!

Here is an article I found that helped me fix it.

Easy Peasy!


having trouble importing the placeholder xml. When i upload it, i get several of these:

Failed to import “Event Example”: Invalid post type sp_events Menu item skipped due to missing menu slug

please help

Hi, Great theme, I really love it and I’ve tried a few different themes now. I seem to be having problems with making my images appear when I click on a thumbnail in the gallery. I get the check path exists message. pasted in examples from the demo and that works fine. I’ve been reading up at the prettyPhoto site to find out what I’m doing wrong and I can’t place it Please help me. Regards, Don

Maybe I’ve missed this somewhere on the forum but can someone please tell me how to make my home page with just an image and text. I don’t want the blog posts to show up underneath the slider, or their thumbnails.

I saw a post saying that we can use the full width template as the index but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do so.

Second is it possible to have the slider on the index without posts linked to the slider, so that there is text underneath the slider welcoming viewers?

Hope this makes sense!



Is there a solution for posting images to the slider while hiding the post from the blog list on the front page?

Not at the moment but it’s on my agenda for the next big update ;)

So quick question…I love the theme so far but is there any way I can add HTML code into the posts on the homepage? It seems to be ignoring everything I put in. I just want to add simple links and
so that I can tell the text where to line break. Also I can’t add in links either…on the post title, post image or any of the text. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I actually found in the PHP code where it makes the posts link to their pages…which I deleted because I don’t want that. But now I want to add in my own HTML based links and I can’t. Arggghhh please help!

Answered below ;)

Yea you can go ahead and ignore my last question/post. I found out the solution in the PHP code. Your code is using the <?php the_excerpt(); ?> and I just changed it to <?php the_content(); ?> and boom HTML back online!

:) Excellent!

I do not have the Custom Field: featured_slide_destination on the theme I purchased. I am trying to get the images in my slider to link directly to a page. I have watched the screen cast that shows this as an option but my theme does not include this custom field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, JD

Hi JD – just add it as a new custom field ;)


I was able to add the featured_slide_destination custom field but now that I have added it to each slide it is throwing their order off. The very first time you visit the site the first slide will link to the page it is suppose to but when you return to the homepage that is when everything gets thrown off. Either the first slide image appears twice or the last image in the slide show appears first. When these images change position they don’t retain the proper page link. So for example when the first and last slide change position they link to opposite pages.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

You can find the site here:

Thanks, JD

did I hear you say “big update”? Can you give us an expected release on that?


I just purchased your theme and I can’t get any html code to work. The line breaks don’t works, center image tag doesn’t center and so forth. Can you tell me how I get this to work? I saw someone said something about editing a php file but which one??



Does anyone know how to change the color of the headers h1,h2, h3,on this template?

I have tried a ton of ways and it never changes.


Im having a serious bug in the way pages and blog grid is displayed in this template.

I create a new page called “Neoregelia” as a subpage of “Bromeliads” as a blog grid. I create a post and assign it to > bromeliads > neoregelia.

Add a menu item under > bromeliads which is the Neoregelia page.

Clicking on Neoregelia page shows all blog content, not just posts assigned to that page. Have trashed, and rebuilt 6 times to be sure I wasn’t missing something.

Once again, having issues with the basic performance of this template, though last issue I got strung along for 4 months and never got a response, so maybe it’s officially time to try a new template?

Disqus commenting system causes the sidebar to drop below the content. Is this a known problem?

I am unable to load slider images now, I updated to recent Wordpress 3.1.1, there is no custom field on bottom of exising post pages as well as new post pages, can you help?

Don’t know where to change/insert the

Select the Category of Blog Posts that you want the slider to pull images from. Keep in mind the image URLs are from the Custom Field called – featured_slide_img. Make sure you enter a valid image URL into the custom field of each post in this category.

Please help.

Mez Media.

Brandon, I have the same problem as Mez Media. I have selected the category I want to pull the images from within the themeology dashboard. However when I go to the posts the custom fields do not show up. Please help!


Nevermind.. I figured it out… :)