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sfcooper Purchased

My home page does not display correct in IE, nor do drop down menus work.

Other pages are ok in IE, and the whole site is fine in FF, Chrome & Safari.

Not sure even where to begin looking to solve it.




Can you share your solution, I haven’t heard back from Brandon on this?


Mez Media.


I’m considering this theme but it looks like it’s lacking support of the latest versions and addressing issues takes a really long time. Does it work with the latest version of Wordpress..?

Cheers, S.K.

MDNW Author

Yep – the demo is running on 3.1.1 and it’s stable with the latest version of WP :)

I just purchased this theme (notice my comment earlier) and my navigation bar can’t seem to get cufonized no matter what I do…?

3rd attempt to get resolution here, Epicera, what’s the deal? You are responding to others and ignoring me, please help…..

Mez Media.


why not slider showing any image that i used as Banner on themology? but it was OK 2 days ago…

what should I do now?

and also, how to update themology 1.2 from themology 1.0 ?

thank you M

epicera, I hope you will answer this one.

NO matter what I do, I can’t add borders to images! editing the css is futile, I went as far as adding:

”.div.entry.single img {border: 1px solid #C8C8C8; padding: 2px;}”

to each one of the css files (reset.css, style.css, core.css, quick-styles.css) but NOTHING changes.

I can change already existing border settings for “avatar” but that CSS property is supposed to float.

Please help me epicera, my blog is about to launch and I’ve been trying to do this for more than 5 hours!!

if you need to contact me – please email me on gmail: insfiredmail

ok, Epicera, this is ridiculous! No response whatsover, I am contacting Themeforest about this….I have been a client on Themeforest for a long time and have bought many themes on many of their sites. It’s a shame that designers like you cannot support simple issues like this, I am going to tell everyone I know to stay away from your work.

Designing a good theme is just half of it, you need to support it too when there are bugs and issues!

Not happy! Mez Media, Inc.

I was going to buy, but the comments changed my mind.

You lost some business there, job well done.

Epicera, I am the one who purchased themeology. Mezmedia2011 (has been unsuccessful in reaching you) is my webmaster. We can no longer find the slider controls after upgrading to Wordpress 3.1.1. Why is this? Please contact us with a fix. Thank you.

MDNW Author

Looking into it right now for you guys Joe – it’s possible that there’s a jQuery conflict, but since it’s working on the demo (which is running the latest version of WP), I’ll have to double check what might be happening on your server.



Epicera, Do you have any news for us regarding this issue?

tcremer Purchased


is it possible to show just one post with comments under the slider on the frontpage?


MDNW Author

Heya T – Yep – you’d essentially just assign the post it’s own unique category, then add your comments ;)

tcremer Purchased

hey thanks for the quick reply :) Basically what I want to do is show the slider, then full post content, and then the full list of comments (not just the comment number). I think that’s a better explanation of what I want to do.

aahuja28 Purchased

Hi Epicera, I just purchased your theme, and I love it!! I’m just having one small issue with the slider. The ‘custom fields’ section which is supposed to be on the Slider1 page is not showing up. I can’t use any of those custom fields cause they just aren’t showing up.

Any thoughts why this might be happening?

aahuja28 Purchased

One more question! On this link:


How do I change the text at the very top where it says: “Complete with configurable contact forms – Setup is a breeze”


Epicera, I am still waiting to hear back from you regarding my post below . . .

Epicera, I am the one who purchased themeology. Mezmedia2011 (has been unsuccessful in reaching you) is my webmaster. We can no longer find the slider controls after upgrading to Wordpress 3.1.1. Why is this? Please contact us with a fix. Thank you.

isvent Purchased

The Social Media links to the top right of the template are not functioning properly. Can you advise what could be the conflict, maybe with one of the few plugins we added…


The following plugins are installed and active:

AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget

Contact Form 7

Facebook Fan Box

Jetpack by WordPress.com


Really Simple CAPTCHA

YD Recent Posts with thumbnails

The following plugins are installed but inactive:


WordPress Importer

ALSO , how can we make these links open in a new window/tab and not have the user leave our web site?


rynleigh Purchased

my images are not appearing in the slider. i am pretty sure i followed the instructions with the custom field in the post, but no luck. advice?


I LOVE your layout!! Very creative and sharp!! I am debating on buying your theme. I am trying to create a cool BLOG ; I had a few quickie questions to see if your theme was the right fit for what I’m looking for…

1) Am I able to insert a full-grapic header to the top that will stretch to both sides with the blog name, etc. on it?

2) Could I have the blog without the photo boxes (so it looks like a more common blog)? Will it extend to the left fully without the photo?

3) The blog are set up to be a short length and then have a “read more” button. Is there a way to set it up so that it will automatically display the full article instead?

4) Can I control how many blog entries can go on the main page?

Thank you so much! Allen

Brandon, seriously, please do something with it:

the ‘slider’ posts show on the homepage, it really doesn’t look good

as far as I remember they didn’t show up before the update.

When do you plan next update?

Cheers, Chris

Hello, for the life of me, I cannot get the horizontal menu under Header/Logo Picture (the one where the search bar is located).

It used to just load the all the pages but I can’t figure out how to get it to show up!


How can I add a link in the footer?

check my website: http://aglamslam.com/ and go at the bottom of the page, you’ll see:

© A Glam Slam. 2010-2011. Creation & Designed by Emaze Design

The link ” Emaze design” is broken, here’s the code that I put on the backend in the footer:

© A Glam Slam. 2010-2011. Creation & Designed by Emaze Design

and it’s not working.

Please, i need help.