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Is ANYBODY getting any responses from “Epicera”? My issue is about a month old with no resolution. C’mon Epicera, what’s up???

I just want to make my blog posts full width, and Epicera’s method that he describes in another response does, but breaks everything below the post, which all either goes to the right side, disappears, or just looks plain odd. I need help! Anybody? Hehe

The Social Media links to the top right of the template are not functioning properly. Can you advise what could be the conflict, maybe with one of the few plugins we added… The following plugins are installed and active: AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget Contact Form 7 Facebook Fan Box Jetpack by outbrain Really Simple CAPTCHA YD Recent Posts with thumbnails The following plugins are installed but inactive: Akismet WordPress Importer ALSO , how can we make these links open in a new window/tab and not have the user leave our web site? Thanks

Still no resolution for ongoing issue. After many many support requests over the 6 months I have been using this template, I’ve only gotten “get back to you soon” responses.

What a waste.

Guess I have to rebuild the site with a new template and let all my clients know to steer clear of these designs?


I couldn’t find anything in the comments already about removing the “About the author” section at the end of every post. How can I do that? If nothing else how do you add a picture/text, edit that information?

Thanks, Niles G.

Wow, I really thought I had settled on a theme but after reading these comments on lack of support it looks like I have to keep looking for something else.

Hi, is it easy to replace the homepage blog posts with content? I would like to keep the slider, but have static content below.

Thanks Brandon,

How do you add footer pages to the footer menu? In the themeolegy admin panel it only allows me to select one, unless I hold shift and select an additional page, but then it also selects everything in between. Am I doing something wrong in the admin panel or is something messed up?

Hey Brandon,

I only have 1 option for the sidebar… isn’t there an option to choose for which page? I thought this was included in the theme…


Hi Stray – I’d recommend checking out the Sidebar Generator plugin ( or one of the other free ones out there. I’m not a huge fan of including plugins that extensive in the theme because, if some day you choose to change themes, you’re screwed… which isn’t really cool of me to do as an author. If you use the free plugins outside of the theme, you’ll be A-OK when you want to use a new theme :) Hope that makes sense – I used to include some of the extra features inside the theme, but nowadays it really makes more sense to keep that kind of functionality limited to plugins.

I just want to know if I could use the font Helvetica Neue. or if there’s one similar to it.. thank you


I like this theme (Themeology) and I want to buy it. But I want be sure this theme will work correctly. Can I use this theme with WP 3 .2.1?


Love this template! I’m using it for

But there is an issue with the template in internet explorer, it doesn’t center. What can I do?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best Kasper Andreassen

I have already purchased this theme. How do I upgrade to version 1.2?


I am loving this theme.

I have one slight problem which I hope can be resolved.

I am trying to set up a portfolio page with just the posts I designate for the portfolio. However all the posts are showing in my portfolio page.

I have set up a custom field ‘project_gallery_category’ and added the category name ‘Portfolio’ and in one post I have added it into the category of ‘Portfolio’ however it is still showing all the posts on the Portfolio page.

My site is at

can you help with this, I am sure it is something simple :)

is there a way to get rid of the sidebar for the post pages. it’s easy to figure it out for the actual pages. but what about posts?

Why is there so many broken images? Even in the documentation? wishing i hadn’t paid for this… You say read the product documentation… I read that in the SUPPORT GUIDE ! WTF is the support guide then?!? Where is the documentation? I have installed and modified about 10 themes so far and this is by far the most confusing one I have used… I can’t even figure out something as simple as adding images for the slideshow…. complete waste of my time and money

Can you please help me with my problem? I asked over a month ago.


This theme is beautiful. I’ve been looking at how other people have been using it and it is highly compatible.

One problem I am running into is getting the slider to work. I have made a category for the slider to pull from and have been uploading all kinds of different picture into my posts to try to get it to work. Any thoughts? I would really appreciate the help.

I cannot get this slider to work for the life of me. I have made a featured category for the slider to pull posts from, but its not working. I even messed with the custom fields to try and make it work. I have also been reading countless forums and cannot seem to find anything. Can anyone help? I’m on a deadline and I really just want to make this work. Any useful information is appreciated!