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I love your theme, but I have a problem. ;)

On my blog when I click on “More Articles” at the bottom of the page, I am redirected to a wrong page: http://danstongeek.fr/a% 20propos whereas it should be http://danstongeek.fr/page/2/.

I’m lost there: /

THX for u Help!

(excuse my english I’m french ;) )

Hi there.

Is there a way of having a full-width blog post? It’s kind of critical to my new website as I need super-sized images.

Thank you!


Has anyone figured out how to remove “About the Author” and Tags from all posts so content flows right into comments?... Anyone?...



MDNW Author

Add this to the Custom CSS or any of the stylesheets:

.author{display: none;} Cheers! B


But it didn’t work. Tried adding it to CUSTOM CSS … and style sheets…didn’t work… dang

MDNW Author

Heya Jimmy! Got a link that I can check out? Perhaps I just need to write a little customized version for ya :) B

that’d be cool! It’s teamjimmyjoe.com

MDNW Author

Try this variation:

#page .author {display: none !important;}


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First of all: Thanks for the great theme!!!

I´ve got one question. Where are the “custom fields” in the blog section? I can´t see it. Especially the “featured_slide_img” for the slider…

Thanks for your help!!!!


MDNW Author

You can turn them on from your screen options inside the page editor (top right of the screen, turn on custom fields). :) B

Happy New Year!

I love this theme!

Got a question though.

Is there a way to have more than one different blog list or grid? So there won’t be a default one that pulls up all the posts under the Blog “Category”, but there can be other categories that can pull up only certain posts to make a different blog list? For Example I’m trying to make “Latest News” a category and a page that I would like only the posts that I tag “latest news” in the category section of posts to show up on.

Thank you for your help!!! :)

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Epicera, please help! I’ve got two problems. I absolutely love your theme, but these issues definitely could use fixing, hehe.

My blog can be found at http://mhoganphoto.com/blog/

The first problem, is that the title text doesn’t show up in Internet Explorer. I’ve changed my posts to be full width, which is when the problem first arose.

Secondly, when you click on “more posts” at the bottom of the home page, it goes to a 404 error page, versus going to the next page, or the full list of articles. Clicking on “articles” works correctly, however.

Thanks for your time, and help, as it is much appreciated!

hi !!

i have downloaded the theme today I have the 2.0.1 but no button and pics appear. it link to ( http://support.makedesignnotwar.com/ ) what can i do to make pics appear ???

thank you !

I’m having issues with text not wrapping around my images. I set them to alight left and add a margin around the image, yet text does not wrap. Also, images don’t center either. Can you help me fixt this issue? I’ve been using Word Press for a few years now and have never seen this happen. Andy FYI , everything looks fine when I preview it in the editor, but live preview or actual live page I don’t see it correctly.

Still waiting on an answer from my previous post? Please help. It’s driving me crazy that text won’t wrap my photos, and even the align “center” attribute doesn’t work.


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I just purchased this theme and the “Custom Fields” section that is shown in the instructional demo for Slider posts doesn’t show up on my dashboard when I’m inside a slider post. Is it a separate plug-in or something that I have to download?

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nevermind, figured it out!

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Really diggin the theme!

Wondering how to add more custom cufon fonts to the Themeology setting panel. Would appreciate some help.

Regards, gs.

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I sent an email on this, but haven’t heard back, so I’m trying the forum.

I looked through all of the posts and googled, but I cannot seem to find an answer on how to use my own background image on the blog. I like the DarkWood theme, but it’s too dark for my logo image to pop. I have a different background that I would like to use instead.

I saw a comment on your other theme saying that you can use a custom background and that you just had to update 3 files. However, I cannot find any instructions on which 3 files require updating.

Can you please help?

Thanks again, J

Hi! I purchased themeology yesterday and I am loving it… thanks! I’m wondering how can I can make the body font larger. I have a lot of copy on the home page and it’s hard to read with the default font size in the serif and sans serif. Any customization I can do to make it larger?

Thanks for your assistance!

I cannot get the menu to display – Please advise.

Just purchaced the theme I have Wordpress 3.4.1 and i am not able to see the the custom menus in the post therefore i can’t place slider pics. Suggestions???


Does this theme support wordpress 3.4.1???

Having issues just as others have stated above… Theme doesn’t seem to support VERSION 3 .4.1 – OTHER BUYERS PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS -