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Hi, in this case, I encourage you to do that, because it is a essential thing about ecommerce nowday, I mean, the slide show filsl all wide of the page.

Please, advise me when it's done.

This theme was made in 2013. ;-)

Hi there, I was just wondering when your template would be available for the newest version of opencart as I am unable to run any lower on my server

Many thanks

It’s in the making, but at first I have to re-release the Zen Cart version… I guess the OpenCart 2 version will be available by the end of march.

Hello! Will there be a free update to the current version, if you buy, or we have to wait until the end of March and buy the version for OpenCart 2

Yes sure. All upgrades are and will be for free on TF.

Good afternoon! I really like your template and I want to buy it for openkart 2.0. If I buy this version now, will I be available free upgrade?

Yes sure. All upgrades are and will be for free on TF.

hi , i can’t see the menu (Category) on mobile ? pls help also , my facebook username has chinese wordings , so can’t show the likebox, thanks!

Hi, thanks for purchasing! You’ll need to enable all modules for left / right mobile menu you’d like to see in your store. If you want to see the categories on left mobile menu, you’ll need to go to modules -> Category -> edit and add a new layout. Here you can select the position „mobile menu left“ or „mobile menu right“. Same with all other modules you’d like to see in mobile menus. Regarding Chinese wordings, I guess you can just copy / paste it and it should work, hopefully…


I have a problem with my facebook page. My user doesn’t appear.

Can you help me please?


I have sent you a message on the suport page.


Can you help me please with my facebook page?

As I told you in my last email, the problem is not theme related. You’ll need to get a real Facebook fanpage name and insert it into the theme admin panel then. There is no other way to solve your issue, sorry!

I have also a problem with the responsive part. The menu doesn’t show well. Please, give me your e-mail address, so I can send you some print screens.


Please use the support form on this page and send me admin access swell as your shop url! Thanks!

I have sent you a message on the suport page.


Does this theme work with Opencart 2? If not, when will the Opencart 2 compatible theme be released?

It’s in the making and will be available by mid may.

When will this theme be compatible with Opencart 2?

Not yet ready, sorry! To much other projects on my working table… but I’ll give my best to release the update as soon as possible – hopefully by the end of next week.

Is it possible to change the color scheme of the theme? Such as the buttons, menu bar, shopping cart etc?

Yes, it’s possible.

Hi there,

I wrote you a support email 2 days ago. The theme settings are not working for me, plus the theme is not responsive. I have enabled the responsive features from the admin so it doesn’t make sense.

I’m waiting for your reply.


Hi, I’ve answered your email, please check again or drop me a line again by using the support form! Thanks!

Sorry, I had issue with my email. Yes, your advice solved the problem. For some reason the vqmod xml was rewritten or missing. After I overwrote it everything worked well. Thank you :)

My pleasure! :-) If you’d do me a favor to, please rate my item now! Thanks

hi there, just quick question before i paid this theme, is possible to change the logo default to my logo? and change the color? because i didn’t see the description about it.


Hi, yes, both possible. You can upload your own logo in Opencart admin panel and change the colors by using some css code…

Hi there, I am seeking some help on 2 things. 1. I can’t seem to get the manufacturer slider to show at the bottom of the home page. 2. When viewing on mobile, the left and right menus are blank. There are no links in it. Can you help? My store – http://www.tinysteps.co.nz PS. Sorry I did send you a couple of support emails but thought others might like to see the solution too.

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

1. This is more a general Opencart question then a theme related one… You’ll need to create a new banner collection (system -> design -> banners -> insert) with your manufactures images and links. Next you’ll need to insert a new carousel on your home layout (extensions -> modules -> carousel -> add module) and select the new banners collection there (limit 15, scroll 3, w/h 80, layout home, pos content bottom, status enabled, sort oder 4).

2. Please enable all needed modules you’d like to see in mobile menu left / right in the modules settings. For instance if you’d like to see the categories module in left mobile menu, go to extensions -> modules -> category and add new one on all layouts where the module have to be visible (home, category …) Position: Mobile menu left or mobile menu right. Status enabled, sort order your preferred, thats all.


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Traduzir do: inglês This giving error in the footer, line 8

Call to a member function get () on a non-object in /home/bmadm/public_html/catalog/view/theme/things-for-cuties/template/common/footer.tpl on line 8

I guess you’ve tried to install the template on opencart 2.x and this won’t work – it’s not (yet) compatible. Please use opencart v 1.5.6 instead or wait for the update!


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Good day! How I can switch off mobile app and show normal site on mobile device? Because me don’t like this mobile interface and I have some problem with this. Now, if I switch off “Responsive design and mobile mode” then site is very terrible on mobile device. Help, please.

Hi, thanks for purchasing! Sorry for delay, I’m on vacation currently…. Normally it should give no probs when disabling the responsive design, hm… did you modify my theme in some HTML / CSS parts?


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Yes, I did modify theme. I change css – left menu was big pading. And that is all


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